Today, we’re going to unbox the new dtx smartwatch in today’s video. We will see what we have from this one smartwatch. We will talk all about the specifics and we will see how it will work from the task that we will do in the next video. We will show you how to connect it with android and ios, and we will see all the options that we have in his app. So if you are interested to see all of this hit the subscribe button and stay tuned for that, so let’s begin here immediately. As you can see, we have the box in front of us very simple box, all white, just one picture of the dtx. You can see here it says dtx and black with black bands. We have the first look at 1.78 inch very good screen. We will see that later, you can see. All around is a very good material. We have 260 milliamp hour lithium battery ip68, waterproof as you can see, not rubber bands, it’s metal bands. We have the charger, and here we have the user manual in different languages, which is, as i will say, a very good thing. So everyone could read it and understand it and other than that in the box we have the clips for the bands and we will see later how they will look you can see. This is how the dtx will look like when it’s all assembled. We have pedometer calories, distant sport, mode and health care ring and the swatch press and hold the button to power it on, and now we have the first look at the dtx powered on very good screen, very good quality, good colors and very good response.

At my touch you can see we have full brightness already, which it looks pretty good for me in the toast board. We have time percentage of battery date and some shortcuts, like you, see, brightness settings etc down. We have the messages press and hold to change the faces. As you can see, we have plenty of them. This is one of my favorites in the dtx in the right. We have the data for the whole day, hard rate measurements, sleep, weather and that’s it. If you press the button, it will send you to the first page here in the left. We have the data sports. We will try all of these later and see how they will work. As you can see, we have quite a few of them. Hiking, basketball, running cycling, etc. We have sport record. You can see the style of the menu it’s, not that easy to use as you can. We have to use to get used to the images we have hard red blood pressure, blood oxygen, acg, sleep, music control down and the second page. We have alarm clock, stop watch, timer messages, fine phone, which is not connected right now, and we have the settings where we can find the language, vibration, qr code, battery menu style. As i said, the second, the first menu style that we put right now, as you can see, we can read what we have in the menu, which is a lot easier for uh, the first time when you start using this watch, because you will get used to The icons and you will know them so let’s begin with some tests.

As i said in the beginning, we will run some tests, see how this watch will work, starting from the sports. As you can see, we have the running and the first position three second countdown, and it will start immediately. We have the seconds at the top steps, calories, kilometer blood pressure and steps per minute and that’s, basically it what we have in this watch. If you swipe to the left, you will end the session, so all of these words will work the same next in the line we have the heart rate. As you can see, it starts to measure immediately. We have the result down below, as you can see, and it won’t take a lot of time to put some information here and, as i always say, all these data will be saved in the app when we show you how to connect it with android and ios. We will see all these measurements with time. When did we measured it? This is the final result, as you can see now the watch just shut down and that’ll that let us know that it’s finished with its measurements. After heart rate, we have blood pressure immediately. It begins to measuring, as you can see it says, measuring down below. We have highest and lowest blood pressure and we will. We should wait until we have some result. You can see we have here the result and after blood pressure, we have blood oxygen, as we saw in the beginning.

We have the percentage already. You can see very fast respond, and this is the final result and in the fourth position for healthcare we have the acg, which we don’t usually see in today’s, smart watches. That often you can see we have 12 seconds and we can see our hoard rate going up and down the acg, and this watch works all right. We have blood pressure as well down below and, as you can see, the seconds are just coming to an end. We will, we should have here the result and you can see we have the result in the app. So basically, this is what we have in the dtx smartwatch.