Ive only been using samsungs offerings back from the tizen days and all the way to the new galaxy watch 4, where it is a weird hybrid between samsungs, one ui and also googles, wear os, and so that means technically the take watch pro 3 ultra gps is Aosp in a sense for the watch so lets talk about it. So we start off with the hardware, and this is where the techwatch pro 3 ultra gps shines the brightest, because there are a few design elements that i truly like, while its wrapped in this minimalist design and also retaining a very thin bezel all around the watch And yet it is also very stylish at the same time with some text printed on the rim of this bezel here to indicate time as in the seconds and hours, and it is also textured with a helical gear kind of shape. I guess and combined with those minimalist analog watch faces or those custom watch faces, that i got from time flick. It looks really amazing on this watch here and speaking of the display when i first unboxed it. I kind of realized that the display was a bit hazy, so i continued using it for a while and then i realized theres, actually two screens stacked on top of each other. So let me explain how this works, so we have a 1.4 inch, rounded amoled screen with a resolution of 454 by 454 at the bottom layer and then theres, another fstn layer display at the top.

So this implementation is kind of funky. It can also improve your battery life, while also improving readability outdoors during a sunny day, and that is because the fstn display is literally just an lcd screen at the top. That weve come to be accustomed with, like those casio watches from back in the days, and that display doesnt require that much power compared to the oled screen and it kind of acts like an aod at the same time, because it also provides quite a lot of Information on the fstn screen and the amoled screen underneath it, though, is pretty similar to what weve seen on other watches. One thing i really want to highlight is that the brightness level on this armor light screen is kind of weird. You only have a total of five different levels of brightness, and if we turn on auto brightness, we only have three different offset levels to choose from, and the brightness is either way too bright or way too dim leave it at auto with high offset all the Time, because its better, that way, that aside, this watch also has a total of two buttons one at the top here to go to the home menu and then one at the bottom here to skip directly into the workout modes available on this watch. So that is pretty standard here and we also have a set of microphone and speakers on this watch. So i can listen to calls directly with the watch which sounds stupid, but that actually became a feature that i use on a daily basis.

Right now, and then one of my favorite thing about this watch here is the strap. So this watch is using a floral rubber material as what i have stated on their website. It kind of feels like silicon, but it is much more comfortable. It doesnt stick to itself. So if i want to wear it out, uh yeah its really simple to wear and also take out at the same time. Let me just do it real quick here, and this material is also really thick with some look like like a tire treading, so it doesnt really heat up my wrist that much even if i sweat, if you still want to change the strap away, then you can Just unlatch the strap from the bottom and replace it with any other 22 millimeter straps of your liking. So how is it like to actually use the take watch pro 3 ultra gps, then well, its quite decent and its just that the software part is a little bit messy. Let me show you why to use the take watch pro 3 ultra gps. We have to install googles, wear os app from the google play store or the apple app store, and you can use this on both platforms right away. But as you can see here on both of these platforms, the app rating has a lot of one star rating and after pairing, the thick wash with the wear os app. We dont really have much options available here.

There are a few watch faces to choose from, but i ended up downloading time, flick and phaser anyway, because i, like their offerings much more and then we can also select the tiles here i mean its pretty standard house here – means that its the widgets available, if You swipe from left to right in the home screen and thats pretty much it, and then we have the notifications here. We dont really have much control here other than just these two options available. I really want something like syncing the do not disturb mode from my phone and the watch together. For example, if i set dnd on my watch, then my phone should also go into dnd mode. At the same time, just like how i should schedule dnd on my phone, so its silent and light, then the watch should also have the dnd setting too, but it doesnt happen on this watch, and i also want to highlight the vibration of this thick watch here. You see vibrations is supposed to make me feel the vibration on my wrist, so i know theres something going on, but instead this watch vibrates to the point that i can hear the vibration, but i cannot feel the vibration so yeah its just like it. Its like somethings loose inside and then we also have google assistant on this watch as well, which is really nice, but it doesnt actually run google home routines. So i cant use this watch to control my room, slides at least not completely, to the way that i want it to of rain from be midnight until tomorrow, around 9am.

And lastly, we also have something called advanced settings menu here, which honestly its nothing much that we can do here so well need to jump into the second app, which is called mob boy, formerly known as the take watch app. I would just say that the modboy app is optional, because the amount of features available here is not really necessary for you to monitor anyway. So we have a dashboard here showing all of the health activities locked on the watch, and then we also have another menu here to show some status of the watch, which i think is just not really helpful because theres nothing in this app. If we tap into settings menu, then its empty other than that downloading apps like time, flick and phaser onto this watch here is pretty straightforward and also identical to the samsung galaxy watch 4 that im using so you can either browse the google play store on the Watch, which is something new or use the play store directly on the phone to install it on your watch and the battery life of the take watch is also pretty good too. I got about one and a half days out of a single charge with all of the fancy health tracking turned on including sleep mode, heart rate, monitoring, spo2, monitoring, everything so yeah, i would say i will still need to charge it daily, but its good to know That i can wear this watch for one full day without worrying about the battery life.

However, the charger, though, is disappointing. As you can see here, this is the charger it doesnt use qi wireless charging, so you need to carry this cable with you. If you want to go travel and use this watch at the same time, because its using a two pin, two pogo pin kind of charger, so you can only use this cable to charge this watch. If you want to carry it with you. So, at the end of the day for the price of 1’99, its definitely a very good premium. Smartwatch and the fact that it can use between apple and android devices is already one big benefit that a lot of people can enjoy and its also having a beautiful high quality display. Two of them actually – and i am really liking this watch overall, its just that wear os googles part. They need to fix up some of the synchronization issues like dnd and whatnot, so yeah thats it thats. All. We have to share with you about the take watch pro 3 ultra gps.