It is the dw35 pro smartwatch. Firstly, we can see the box. The box is very similar as the fk double knight, smartwatch and now let’s open the box, and the inside box is also very similar. As the fkw9 now let’s open the box. Firstly, we see a watch and inside there is the silicon strap and the menu. Then we can see a wireless charger and another nylon band and then let’s check the watch and the strap we can easily take out the watch. This watch is 44 millimeter and also can fit the 42 and 44 millimeter original apple watch jobs, and this watch has two buttons at the right side and the both buttons are functional. But this one is the power on button and here is the microphone and we can see the back. There is no lock button and also no charging interface due to this watch is wireless charging, and here is the speaker and now let’s power on the watch, and this one is the power button. We can long press for five seconds and then towards real power on and the first three. We see a language list and this round button can also rotate to make the selection. Firstly, let’s check the watch faces. We can hold the screen and also can rotate the run button. It has 33 which faces inside the watch, but it can also customize which faces through the app and now let’s check the functions of these two buttons.

We can press this round button to activate the screen and also off the screen, and we can press this run button, and this long pattern cannot activate the screen. When the screen is activated. We can press list button to go to the dialer and then let’s test. The quick actions from the top to the bottom – we can go to the dialer from the bottom to the top. We can go to the control center. We can see the motion the ringing and also flash light and the blue tools and also the battery, and here is the menu style. This watch has three menu: styles, the night, app style, 6f style or smart style, and then let’s check the three manual styles. Firstly, the six apps and then the nyab style and then the smart style and then from the right to the left. We can go to the pedometer and we can see the steps calorie and the blood pressure and then the heart rate. We can tap to measure the heart rate and the bluetooth music we can see. This function can also control the volume and the notification. Now i have put down the watch on my wrist and then now let’s test the functions. Firstly, the weather. We need to connect the watch with the phone and the exercises it has many exercises and then the heart rate we can tap to measure the heart rate and also the blood pressure and the blood oxygen and the brutus music and the calendar and the alarm clock.

We can tap to add a new alarm clock here and also the stopwatch and find the phone and also the temperature and the setting. We can see the proto setting and the link to app. This is the app code and the clock faces and also the time sync. If you want to change the time, you can turn the time sync off and then you can go inside to change the date and time and also the format and also notification right and unit password and sound volume, and also display. We can go to here to change the menu styles also adjust the brightness and also change the screen timeout, and we can see the maximum screen. Timeout is 60 second and international, and if you want to change the language you can go to here and turn the auto sync to off, then change the language and reset and about we can see the device name is dw35 pro and the message also the dialer And the phone book, all these functions need to connect the word with the phone and the call and logs bluetooth connection and the pedometer and the message, and also the heart rate and the sleep monitor. We can move from the bottom to the top to change the status and also check the history and remote capture and the century reminder you can set the time to remind you and the calculator and also international the qr code and the motion and the wake up.

Gesture this is the frequent used functions and then the voice assistant. This function also needs to connect the watch with the phone and the pulsar remote, and also the menu style and the immunity. If you want to turn on and the games it has one game, then we can see the facebook and twitter whatsapp and also the qq and the reach app. This functions are all for synchronizing, the incoming message, notifications. It is unable to reply the messages and also the power off so above its or details. Today we will connect the watch with the phone and also test the detailed functions as well as the apps.