We will see unboxing an overview of a smart watch. This is just a smart watch, not a branded one. I got it from amazon. I’Ll give the watch uh link in the description box below. So if you’re interested, you can purchase it from amazon and this watch was pretty much uh comfortable. I mean and looks uh good and the functions are also good. Good down. Music, hey hey, so i wished uh smartwatch. I used zomi’s uh me band also, but that i didn’t feel uh this good as this watch. This watch has multiple features and it measures the heart rate as well. I mean when i was using the mi band, so it was not able to measure the heart rate due to my uh skin tone, so they this one overcomes that and it has all the time another function, so you can use it as a sport watch as Well, so, while doing for exercising running jogging anything, it comes with an app if you integrate with the app. So you can track everything from the app itself. So you will have the app from where to download from the back side of the box, and you can also integrate this with the ios health Music, app Music, hey! This watch is pretty economical as well, so you don’t need to know, spend huge amount of money. Just come for some 30 40 bucks i’ve been using for more than six months. It is perfect and the battery backup is also more than heavy, so it is pretty good for the amount they are giving.

The look wise also i like that, but the only uh this advantage, i feel, is like no, you cannot change the dial settings like you cannot change the dial setting from the one which is there. Alright, thanks for watching see in another video bye. Bye.