Today we will be taking the Huawei Band 6 out of its box and examining it closely at the same time.. The Band 6 series released by Huawei in the past months was loved by users.. We can say that the size of the screen and the features it offers compared to a smart bracelet have impressed the users. I’m, taking the camera close up now and let’s take the Huawei Band 6 out of the box. Before I take it out of the box. Let me talk about the features on the back.. You can monitor your oxygen level all day long.. The screen has a 1.47 inch Amoled Long battery life.. You can monitor your heart rate on the screen for 24 hours.. There are 96 sports modes available.. You can select and use the sports mode. You want., It has fast charging feature., It has scientific sleep tracking feature.. It can accurately detect sports. If you are walking or jogging. The wristband can detect this automatically. Water resistant at 5 ATM pressure.. If I remember correctly, Bluetooth 5.0 technology is available. Now let’s, take it out of the box with you.. After opening the box, let’s take the watch out of the box.. This is our time. Friends. The bracelet actually., The screen size is 1.47 inches.. The screen size is slightly larger than other smart bracelets.. In particular. The screen size is quite large compared to the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. Those who fall between Mi Band 6 and Huawei Band 6 will choose Huawei Band 6.

In terms of screen. Size. Let’s see what else is in the box.. It comes with a magnetic charging cable.. If we open the bracelet like this., You can charge it by directly pasting it here., Because it is magnetically charged.. It starts charging as soon as you place it directly. Other than that let’s see what else comes out of the box.. We have a warranty card.. There is an information booklet on how to use the watch.. Nothing comes out of the other box. Let’s put these aside and open our watch and examine it.. When we look at the structure of the watch in general, we see one power onoff button on the side. At the bottom. There are connectors for magnetic charging and sensors here.. There are sensors to measure your oxygen heart rate and sleep.. When we look at the strap. The quality of the strap is similar to the Mi Band 6, but it is made of soft and shiny plastic than the Mi Band. 6. Let’s also remove the protective gelatin of the watch. Let’s open the clock.. When we turn it on, it will ask us to connect it to the Huawei health app.. It asks us to choose the language from here.. Let’S choose Turkish now.. We open the Huawei health app. From here. I come to the quotdevicesquot part. To show it this way.. Here we click, add device.. It asks us to open the Bluetooth, connection. Let’s open.. We also open location information.

. It automatically found the Huawei Band 6.. We call it connect.. Previously. I had Honor Band 5i. He’s, also deleting his link right now.. It asks me for confirmation to match. I approve. Pairing has been done, successfully. Let’s say download updates directly from here.. If you want to receive notifications later, you can choose from here., Since these are the applications I use the most. I make them selected. Let’s. Take a look at our clock., We did the matching.. The screen is like this. When we slide it to the side, heart rate information, stress measurement For stress measurement. You need to activate it from the Huawei Health application., Music control, app., The part where you can see the sports activities you do during the day when you move to the side. Here comes the clock screen again.. When we swipe up from the bottom, we open the top down control, panel. Let’s get into the settings. In settings. There are display settings., You can change the watch face here.. This is a nice feature.. You have the possibility to choose and customize multiple watch faces.. You can also access watch faces via the Huawei Health. App Again, there are favorites on the screen.. The brightness setting is available.. The brightness setting is up to 5 at the latest.. When you enter the advanced settings, you can set the sleep time here. You can change it for 10, 15, 20 seconds or automatically.. You can update the screen time as 5.

10. 15. 20. Minutes.. What other settings are available? There is a do not disturb mode.. There are workout settings.. If you turn on automatic detection of exercise types, the wristband will automatically detect when you walk or jog or do a different exercise, It’s also written here.. It supports walking, running elliptical and rowing.. Here are the system settings. Settings such as shutdown update.? When you click on exercise, I told you that it supports 96 sports modes, here. Suitable for outdoor running indoor, running indooroutdoor, walking, indoor, cycling, pool swimming rope, skipping etc. When you say customize. You can change these sports modes.. Let me wear it on my wrist see how the watch looks., I really like the strap structure.. Let me show it this way.. You can change the clock style of the home screen here when you click it., When you receive notifications via sms whatsapp or mail. The feature of replying on the watch is not available. That comes as a disadvantage.. It doesn’t show photos or emojis from Whatsapp.. When you press the button on the side, it opens the menu.. There are menus, such as exercise, exercise records, heart rate, oxygen activity, records, sleep stress, breathing, exercises, music notifications, weather stopwatch timer alarm flashlight find my phone and settings. Let’s measure heart rate.. It is measuring now.. Our heart rate is 86 right. Now. Let’s also measure our oxygen level. Feature that comes with Band 6 by Huawei., Yes, it’s, 99 out. It’s, usually between 95 and 99.

It’s good that you can measure your oxygen level. It’s nice. To have this feature added.. You can also measure your stress, level. For stress level measurement. We need to go to the Huawei Health app., I activate the stress level and come.. You can control your stress level here.. You cannot measure your stress level over the clock.. You apply this test from within the Huawei Health application.. Already. Your stress level is automatically measured for 24 hours.. I don’t have much to say about the bracelet.. If I tell you my general impressions, I really liked the Huawei Band 6.. If you are stuck with Mi Band 6, I think it would be better to choose Huawei Band 6., While Mi Band 6 has a narrow, long screen. Huawei Band 6 has a wider screen. That’s why you can choose Huawei Band 6 instead of Mi Band 6.. Here you should also consider this. In terms of price Mi. Band 6 is cheaper than Huawei Band. 6. Huawei Band 6 is 549 TL on the Huawei Shop site.. You can find it between 450 500 TL on other sales sites.. It can be a disadvantage in terms of price., Yes that’s, all I can say for now.. As I said generally, I, like the watchbracelet.. The interface is also nice..