There are so many apple watch series 6 clones in the market and the T500 plus Smartwatch seems to stand out because it is affordable at 25 and yet still packs some interesting functions.. Is this? The best apple watch series 6 clone for you well lets find out. Inside the box. You get the user Manual guide in both Chinese and English languages, detachable soft Silicon, Straps, the unguarded magnetic charging dock and, finally, the Elegant looking Smartwatch. Thats. All we have in the box., I got, the sensational rose gold color, and it looks so beautiful. Like the real apple watch., You can always replace the 44mm detachable silicon straps with a more elegant design and color later.. The solid build quality is where this smartwatch shines. Its made from aluminium alloy and feels cold to the touch., Its well curved and glossy, which gives it a premium look and feel just like the apple watch. Series.. The center of attraction of the T500 plus smartwatch is that 1.75 inches large display with slimmer bezels, which makes it look premium. Although the display quality is not that great, but its ok. Bigger screen equals easy readability and operation.. Unfortunately, there is no tap to wake function, but the Raise to wake LCD works. Fine and due to its high sensitivity, there can be accidental wakes, sometimes on slight hand, movements or when walking so make sure you set the screen timeout to maybe 10secs. To save your battery life.

, It is also bright enough for easy visibility under sunlight. Swiping up brings out the Quick access bar for Bluetooth connection phone finder and the rest. Swiping down takes you to the Notification. Panel. Tapping once takes you to the apps menu, while swiping right takes you backwards and finally tapping the crown takes you home., The user interface looks old school with poor graphics.. There are four Menu styles, which looks good, but I love the legendary apple menu style.. It has some cool watch faces which can be selected directly from the Hiwatch app.. It also supports custom watch faces, but you cant customize, the font color of the timedate, leaving you with the option to only choose dark theme. Watch faces.. The T500 plus has a bigger battery which takes about 2hrs to fully charge.. The charging dock is small in size, unguarded and the magnets are not strong enough, which makes the charging pins disconnect easily, if not carefully, positioned.. The battery life is not that good, but its Ok. I was getting about 6 to 8 hrs with heavy usage Max screen, brightness and Bluetooth connection., But if you only want to use the smartwatch with minimal screen activity, basically for checking the time date, tracking your steps and calories in sports mode without Bluetooth connection, then the Battery can last you about 2 days.. It has some sports events like running tennis, basketball and some more, but its not comprehensive enough and doesnt give detailed or unique results for each exercise.

. You only have the timer and the fairly accurate calorie counter for all sports.. The steps and calories counter are quite accurate, although with an accuracy level of about 75, but you can definitely rely on the results and there is no zero error. Connecting through the Hiwatch. App is faster and easier. Make sure you allow Notification access to enable you receive notifications.. You need to research devices on the app for the first connection and after few secs you are done then go to the Notification settings and choose the apps. You want to be notified and also activate the call and message notifications. It automatically reconnects to your smartphone when Bluetooth is turned on.. Bluetooth range is not actually that long because of the lower Bluetooth 4.0 version, but it still has a reasonable range of 5 metres.. The heart rate sensor does not function well because I got to compare it with a clinical Blood pressure Monitor and the result look so different.. This is same inconsistency for the blood pressure monitor.. Also, there is no 24 hrs continuous heart rate measurements, which is understandable, because there is no point when the sensor is not working.. The sleep monitor is also working and it was able to give me a close track results of my sleep, but it tends to add some extra hours of sleep time after waking up.. The App Notifications are timely with a funky, sound alert.. The vibration motor is quite good, but also harsh, scary and annoying.

. You can open the app through the smartwatch to read the full notification messages on your smartphone, which is cool.. You can also reply a message: notification with templates right on the smartwatch, which is also cool.. It also supports Bluetooth, call function which allows you to receive or make a call directly on the smartwatch by dialling the numbers or from the phonebook or call logs or even the message app.. The call quality is quite good thanks to the clear microphone and decent speaker, but its a little muffled.. This is how the speaker sounds like during a phone call. This is the microphone quality test at two feets from my mouth., The T500 plus speaker. Quality is quite better, loud, clear and has noticeable bass, but makes the battery drain a lot faster. So dont try using it to play music for too long because you will surely regret it. Its, not waterproof, and so I advise you to avoid water because there is no swimming sports mode so that you dont get tempted to go swimming.. The updated Hiwatch app is not so intuitive informative or feature packed, but got a good looking UI.. You can run a checkup for the Heart rate, Blood pressure. Then it can update you with your Steps, count and Sleep status, history. The find my phone and find my watch feature works accurately as expected.. There is also a live camera feed whenever you want to take pictures or spy on your friends phone.

. Sadly, there is no voice assistant activation technology.. There is also no DND Do not Disturb mode.. Of course it has the alarm calculator stopwatch calender, sound recorder and the sedentary reminder.. Let me know what you think about the T500 Plus Smartwatch.. I expected more functions, but its still a nice smartwatch for 25.