Today is the day we have the galaxy watch 4 and 4 classic here with me, and i have to say i am super super excited, but a couple of things before we start today im going to show you what comes pre installed. Basically, in terms of application, afterwards, i am going to show you what additional applications you will have available via the google play store and one more note before we start. This is a retail unit. Everything you see today is basically retail units. Why is this important? It is because what you see is what you get. I have chosen the galaxy watch for 44 mil regular version and non classic version. Why have i done this? Because it feels really sleek and i didnt think i would say this spoiler alert. It feels sleek sporty and not as chunky as the galaxy watch 4 classic version. Dont know why but im sticking with this for today, because im digging it so look for all the accuracy tests for heart rate and battery life and everything else. I will give it a fair trial. Well do this in a separate review, because i dont want to just put it on: go wash dishes and run around the block and say: oh its, not accurate, or vice versa or whatever. So this is coming later, so whoo disclaimer done check. So the first thing you will notice is a small small redesign of your samsung wearable up when you download it or when you update it with your galaxy watch, 4 or 4 classic and its basically done just so.

You can rearrange and customize tiles and applications, and i will show you this right now, a whole bunch of new watch faces are available. You can see them right here and this this is my favorite you can see here. Of course, complications are all customizable to your liking and i have the most important shortcuts, visible and thats. Why ive chosen this one, this particular complication and, of course it is also colorful in terms of tiles, meaning. The applications that pop up, when you swipe to the left, you can fully customize and rearrange it also, but i will mention a few here right now. You have your daily overview, ecg blood pressure. Yes all works. Fine. I have calibrated that with my blood pressure tool. Whatever you want to call that blood oxygen, is there heartbeat, of course, body composition? Yes, i am slightly overweight, so thank you. Samsung. Your workouts galaxy butts control. I have put in here sleep health summary, womans health is their stress, level, contacts and calendar, and you do have some more available when you go into your wearable app on your phone, but you can only have 15 at any one time on your watch. Okay, so lets move on to the pre installed applications im going to put them on the screen here, so you can see them and you can basically pause and then have a good look and see what comes with your watch when you buy one today, what you See is what you get Music.

Okay, so now lets go to the google play, store and lets see what it tells us. The first option you can see is basically it will automatically look for your compatible applications. You already have on your phone, so lets do this and see what it has detected for me. Okay, we have google pay, phaser, smart things and spotify. These are the applications i can download because they have been verified by my watch and google samsung to be compatible with my galaxy watch. 4. next option is featured apps for wear os, so here spotify comes up again perio tracker and a couple of health and workout applications. Music, okay, so lets go back and look at the essentials. Google maps is one of the main applications. Obviously many people are looking forward to aha google fit yeah also available, so you do have a choice between samsung health and google fit. I am using samsung health, but if you have been using google fit, maybe then thats good, but what about audio right? What about audio streaming? What about music whilst exercising, and here it is getting a bit thin for my liking? I have to say im not really feeling it missing, of course, is youtube music and thats. One of the main features i and many of you guys, probably was also looking forward to so, but hang on, hang on release date is next week on friday. I believe friday, yes next week friday, so i think we should wait and see if it doesnt pop up by then were gon na have to contact google and or samsung and see what is going on in case you are into games and all watch faces well.

Voila, this is what you get in. The google play store for your galaxy watch for and the next one is also really important, and that is many people ask questions about: nike, run club and strava, and what have you so look at the track, your workout option, and then you can see here. We have strava nike run club, yes, it is there adidas, running, calm and, of course, some others and last but not least, productivity apps. So you can also search right. You can search – and i was doing this for facebook, messenger and youtube music. Just to make sure i guess youtube music would have been advertised, but facebook, messenger and all other things. I used the voice command. It worked actually really well. I had no issues im, a non native english speaker and it understood me the voice input from samsung bixby. Whatever you want to call it whatever it is, but the applications werent there so in terms of available applications there are more available than before, but i want to see more. I dont know i have this feeling there will be more coming out. There has to be more coming out because it is a superb collaboration, but lets have a look at google maps. Google pay and spotify and see how it all works. Okay, so for google maps lets navigate to munich airport and im putting it in via the watch. It is the bluetooth version, which means it will need your phone.

It will not work without your phone, it will need your phone, it will redirect you to your phone in order to get going in order to be able to navigate. So as for voice commands telling you the watch telling you where to go non existent, it is only vibration there um, but we will check the lte watch. We will see if its available on the lte watch because thats a you know, thats a standalone watch. So i will check that and let you guys also know so many questions about. Google pay. Yes, google pay is available. I successfully managed to add my google pay account and or card to the watch. It worked and then the next question you guys have obviously how do i use it? How do i work because the bottom button and well, you know what i mean the the bottom button – is assigned to samsung pay and will also stay assigned to samsung pay. But what i did in the settings i assigned google pay to the top button by double clicking. It works, so double clicking it works and then you will have google pay available and the bottom button will be samsung pay. But you have to have a pin now installed in order for security reasons and what have you, but so it is all here. So you have two payment methods available and you can choose which button you want to press last but not least, is spotify.

Yes – and i downloaded that, and you can obviously very easily download your playlist to your watch, that is all possible and then you have your offline more than your offline playlist available, and here the same for the lte version. I want to see what it is like when you go out and about without your phone right. Just the watch. You want to see what the streaming quality is like. What it is you can and cant do stay tuned. Lte is on its way: okay, guys thats. It, but please please, please, leave a like before you go, leave a comment, maybe for the ultimate experience for all the other reviews that are coming up subscribe to the channel. It is super important. We need to support from you guys out there until next time. Thank you for watching. I miss you.