com got this fun uh packaging box. Again, i don't know if i'm, showing you the white one before or after this video got a whole bunch of these final watches in here. But they are really cool. Look at this it's, very colorful when you open it up. It'S, like an outer packaging that reveals inside the watch itself. This one's boasting it's got a wireless charger. So let's talk about that before we even open the box. It comes to us from uh final and their aliexpress store. Their official store is where you can pick it up: the fk 88 pro it's, a new 2021 watch rotating knob. That really works. A 1.78 inch 320 by 385 high resolution screen bluetooth, calling on this one, and you saw wireless charging yeah oh yeah and you've got you've, got all kinds of different band combinations, so check. The show notes for the link to head over here. Look for a coupon discount pick out the configuration you want somewhere in the neighborhood of 55, 57 that's, not a big difference and again. If we got a coupon, you can bring it down even more. So here we are it's a pkw66 w56 similar and we've got watches that meet both of those that we're showing you it's going to get real, confusing folks, which one's got what, but basically you're just going to have to feel your way through. It see what you like the big difference on this one, some of them there's, no gps on this one.

Some of the others have that, of course, no sim card um. What everything else is the same. The sleep tracker fitness tracker call reminders answering calls styling calls with the bluetooth calling built into it. You'Ve got a chronograph on here. Heart rate, tracker calendar um. These are the different languages that whoa that are supported and it's again life waterproof, so don't get it underwater. But should be splash resistant, 220 to 300 milliamp hour battery square there's, a resolution again: alloy display size, removable bands and everything else, so that's the fk 88 pro. Obviously i boost up on the original fk 88 and inside the box design it for building an amazing lifestyle. Well looks like they put some attention to that. This is unusual fun little! Oh, nice, a fun wow too many things to look at here: okay, let's open! This one up, oh it's, going to use fit fly there's a qr code to get it. This is in chinese, but there should be an english version of this as well. I take it that's their overall manual, so let's dive into it upside down. There we go fk 88. Now this doesn't say the pro, so the pro may have features beyond this one um there's, some of the layout of how it operates thin. Little thing, you know basically apple size, some more information, uh about the dialing and calling for bluetooth. That means really is fascinating, that you can get a full on bluetooth, calling capable watch as inexpensive as what we're seeing here, especially when you consider folks that all of the android watches the ones that are well over a hundred dollars.

Um the new versions: android 7 android 10. None of them support bluetooth, calling. So if you know you're going to go out and about and want to do, bluetooth calling – and you want a fancy – android watch. Well, you might want to pick one of these up to either throw on your other arm or in the glove compartment or on your pocket or just you know, when you're jogging, so that you could make sure you can answer answer the calls. What else is here? This oh sweet, look at that a little hidden compartment with a really nice soft, this one's blue a band to go with it, one of those silicone type bands, and then this kind that i really like this is a velcro, and this is highlighted with. It looks like purple highlight around blue that again, with the apple uh style of connection you'll be able to put into the watch unit itself. I know i'm doing things backwards. I haven't pulled the module out yet that's going to be last this time, just for variety, because they're all pretty much the same, identical uh charging unit to what we've seen before. So the components are the same. The packaging is all different and they each have a few little differences inside of them. We can get into here to show you and again they're wrapping all these separately and different as well anything else in here, no that's it, okay we've got wow.

This is a pretty blue look at that kind of a butterfly wing blue microphone, twisty knob button speakers over here. So the design, the case design is really really similar, if not identical between all of these fine watches, as you'll see it's just the functions. Layouts packaging bands are slightly different. Let'S put this one together, then, and check it out here it is on beautiful. Looking thing, i love these little velcro bands. You just slide your hand into it and uh and you got it on. You can adjust it to whatever spacing or tightness that you'd like in it now to turn this one on. We press the lower button, give it a couple of seconds vibrates and it's, going into a very colorful buddha to show you the real quality of the screen. This is a very nice very large watch face. You can see it's an edge to edge connection uh speaking of connecting it's just now connecting to the phone, because i have the app already pre installed and i have some data collected for you. So let's take a look when i swipe down. I have alarm timer and stopwatch those three things are immediately available. You get in here alarms. Of course you could just set those timer. You have selection of countdown timers let's take a two minute, one and hello. One minute one, i guess we're doing one minute gang there. You go it's counting down um, and i want to leave this.

If i can, there we go, and i can show you the stopwatch, which is a count up stopwatch and you also um can do split times. So i hit that button and you'll get a split time and we want to exit that one as well. So those three things you get when you swipe down, we should have the uh timer go off here shortly. When i swipe up, i get into all these different controls, including the twist your wrist, to see the time boy the battery's really low. I wore it last night for uh overnight for sleep and it was fully charged, so it doesn't look like we're gon na get like a long long life out of this one. This is a way you can change. The display of the apps i'll show you that here's, a instantaneous, bright flashlight, turns the screen into bright light. There'S, your wi fi connection and your battery charging level is here and it shows that we are connected, and this is uh up there we go there's. The countdown timer and it's vibrating slightly there's no sound coming out of it for this one, although it does of course have a speaker in it, but the vibration is there and then, of course, this is um. The overall sound which you can mute. If you want to or unmute it and that's swiping down i'm going to swipe up to go back into stopwatch, to show you that it's still running that's a nice feature too.

So a lot of good things going on here can clear it and notice that, on this particular watch face just touching, it changes the color. If i swipe this way, i get my overall widgets, basically showing you that i've got the step. Count. Calories, burned, distance traveled. Here is heart rate, and i can start that by just touching here and it'll measure it, and one more gives me the music player for the connection to the phone which right now i have cbs news radio playing on. And if i activate this and i crank the volume up, you'll be able to hear it, okay, it's all the way up. Okay, you hear all that stuff going on current news happening, that's um an example of what the speaker would sound like it's relatively loud, not excessively loud, but it'll be like that on phone calls as well, and that is the last one of the widgets that we've Got if that's the right word? Oh no! Here we go. We got notifications and then we're back to time. Okay, then, if you go this direction now we get into all of the installed apps and yeah. You can control it from the uh twirly knob on here. As well and about the watch is the top one it's, the fk 88 pro you've got the qr code phone book call logs and dialer for making and receiving phone calls we're not going to cover all of that stuff.

Today, just basically unboxing, we got a weather in your area that you can get, oh, that that went into blood oxygen, okay, which we'll measure here it's got animated graphics for all of these, a little bit sluggish there's, the weather and in centigrade. By the way – and i don't see how to change that, to fahrenheit blood oxygen blood pressure, heart rate on all of those take them with a grain of salt, you have to verify for yourself that they're, accurate okay i'm, recommending that on all of these, i just Not going to go into excruciating detail on the accuracy of all of the different sensors on all of these devices, it's something you guys have got to check out on your own last night's sleep time, broken down into total hours and light and deep sleep you've got The find your device which, when you start it, will make the phone do its thing over there um. What have you got? Siri search. So when you activate this it activates either siri or the google assistant on your phone. You can ask it questions and play with that. You'Ve got oh. Where am i going into now? I think it just timed out on me: you've got uh. This is my actual sessions that i did. I did a walking session and it's giving you the results from that test by the way my band, i haven't, gotten it to snap in properly on the bottom one, the top one's locked in good, so you'll see every now and then it's sliding out on me.

I'M, showing you all the good, bad and ugly on these guys, i'm, not sure why that's doing that, but it is you've got um that was uh the sport record. Then you've got the different sports, so you have walking there's no gps on this one now and the sports record takes you to that same thing. We just looked at the overall clock, is where you're going to choose your watch faces, or it tells you about the watch face. I guess that's to select them and i'll show you in a moment we press and hold now here's interesting. These two things pilates and fitness – give you actual exercises that you can do, and it shows you a little animated action of what that particular thing is so once you've figured it all out, and you know the sequence you can go through these things. It gives you a time down a countdown timer on it for like 30 seconds and uh. It shows you what you should be doing for that particular activity, and all of these are in here they're just little thumbnail clips here's another one, raising a leg that way and pilates, of course, is to help strengthen your core and work on tonifying, your muscles and Stuff and then the overall fitness is what basic fitness type activity stuff that you can do. You know to improve your cardiovascular and strengthen your body and again same type of thing, so you have two different workout routine programs in here that have a lot of details and they're animated and they're, showing up right on your watch.

There'S your timer and stopwatch bluetooth. Music, we just showed you all of those pedometer and alarms, and then you got a calculator which is a nice functional calculator that has a good resolution. Lots of digits easy to read and it's functional you've got your messaging, which is text messages, a basic calendar that can show you the day of the week and the calendar itself. Uh remote notifier when you set it up with your phone to push. Notifications is here and bluetooth connection remote capturing for taking pictures and your overall setup. Where you have bluetooth settings clock you can just the uh. The sounds that you want it to do. When it's ringing your phone and stuff the volume levels, your overall display information and you can set the timeout, which i should have done at the beginning for like 60 seconds, the brightness is on its lowest right now, i'll crank it up just a little bit there. That'S a little bit brighter on level two, it can get really bright, it'll actually wash out the screen international languages reset and about the watch and language support is down here, and it basically tells you the ordering of your contacts and stuff like that yeah. It looks a little sluggish, it is but hey it works and it works pretty reasonable and we went through all of these things. So the last thing i want to show you is some of the different watch faces that come on this you'll, see in the app that you have the ability to add a custom watch face here's a nice big one shows you the size of the whole screen.

Wow wow, okay, that's wild. I had not tried that before all right. Also, you can change the uh faces simply by twirling the dial. So we were going this way. There'S a blinking eyes. Lots of animations with this particular watch. It'S got a healthy portfolio of faces, and many of them are animated, a little sluggish but nonetheless they're animated and yeah. This is a worthy one, if you're looking at having a good selection of faces and want to be able to change them easily on the fly and mickey, of course, and another nice large one and there's more there's a lot more let's take a look at the App what's interesting with phi now is: they all seem to use different apps, which is very creative. This one uses fit fly it's in the google play store and you can click on the link in the show notes to take you over there. If you'd like to to download it directly got some data on here, it's already set up a step count for the day is on here. I can go into here and show you more details. Now. I expected it to show bar charts and stuff of the hours of the day that i put these on it, but it isn't yet here's. Some previous days, monthly totals calories burned all of that today, seven day, four weeks so forth. So a lot of ways of stratifying the data, your overall sport. This is where you have your sports records, and i did one so far and it's supposed to be bringing the google map up here, but it isn't yet um.

It kind of crashes, it's synchronizing all over again it's a work in progress, uh, not too sure fit fly, is ready to fly um and it just crashed yeah. It looks like that sport going into the actual map is not working right, so they got some bugs on it. Last night's sleep information shows you the full chart deep, shallow and bad time. You ever have any bad time sleep. I don't think i have i've been awake, i've been a light sleep but bad time, sleep on this one um and yeah three hours a bad time. Okay, here it is in partially translated app uh there's, the previous days i'm, not sure what we're looking at here, because i can't read the chinese. So it needs a little bit more work on translation, uh and to get this app ready and then your overall heart rate and again it should be showing me little dots on here, maybe of when the heart rate was taken minimum maximum. I cannot initiate the heart rate directly from the app unfortunately, and of course the app is not showing us any of the other things like blood oxygen or um blood pressure, uh, just heart rate. So personally, i think they've paired it with the wrong app for for this watch, but the watch itself is great here. It is connected. Um. You got to twist your wrist to see the time set. You can select different watch faces here.

They are and i've got. I think it was that one that was selected before and you could just tap in and download it and you can create a custom face. So, just a small selection of additional faces that you can add to the watch if you want, but it already comes with a bunch of them setting alarm clocks. This is wild. This is your sleep time settings. I don't know exactly when i'm going to go to sleep or wake up, but this tells you you can switch this on to start doing things at your sleep start and in time. So i guess did a couple of those. I got sleep data, so it's working here's. My goals, then i can really. Mr tix is hoping to get eight thousand twelve thousand that's someday language settings is crashing the app all right, we'll skip that one and then finding device hit start and it's vibrating the device and not making sound right. Now again, we do have the sound on in this one um, so that would be a nice addition to also have it make sound since it's got a speaker and everything in it then you've got you. This is your user set up? You can set up all the notifications, you want push there's the map settings, i do select. Google, i don't know what auto navi map is and it didn't seem to work. So the app is there's a help. Section software version the app's got a little bit of polishing to do and bugs to fix for it to be fully adequate, but in terms of the watch itself, it does all those different features, oh by the way, yeah hit the top button.

It takes you to the dialing pad to uh place, a phone call which is kinda cool. So if you're really gon na be using your watch tethered to your phone for bluetooth calling and you want to tap over here – you can get to it. Sad thing is you got to type in the number each and every time it doesn't give you a way to slide over which i would love to see to slide over to your phone book, for example, or your recent called log to be able to grab those Numbers on the fly it just takes you right to the dial pad, and this is off and on and press again solid will turn it off. I think we've covered everything all of these little goodies and that's all on there. So one more time from the aliexpress uh official final store. You can pick this one up. Look for the fk 88 pro it's got the really large screen wireless charging rotating knob to control everything. A large 1.78 inch 320 by 385, clear screen, bluetooth, calling good sound on it, not great, but not really soft, either a decent, sound and a lot of custom watch faces.