I did find one and it'll do these kind of things you can scroll down and get uh messages coming in. You cannot scroll up, but you can touch it to come back. You can scroll the other direction, see your battery power go into a sleep mode, silence it. If you want to set on bluetooth, turn on and off vibration, those kind of things you can come over this way and get a monthly calendar. You can check out the temperature, but it's really bizarre how this is working it's set for shins in china. The app doesn't seem to allow you to change that you've got pedometer reading information here; incremental heart rate, readings, blood pressure, readings and last night's, sleep time and that's it for all of these. This takes you back one by one till you're back to your watch faces press again you get into the app drawer with a lot of the things you just saw there heart rate and blood pressure and whatnot and a fitness section. That is not really well thought out when you activate a an activity. It'Ll give you a countdown and start tracking your time, your heart rate and your steps, if it's something like running or walking, and your calories burned when you leave it all you get is a summary of the time and the data doesn't appear to be stored anywhere. You'Ve got sleep time, music player remote. Now, of course, this has a speaker and microphone in here.

So you have phone blogs and calling and all of that kind of stuff here sedentary reminders. There'S the weather again you've got a stop, watch alarms. You can even do facebook and messaging from it a lot of great things in siri, which, once you touch the button, will connect you with your apple or your android phone and activate the assistant and you'll, hear the sound come back in their reply. Just like you will, with a phone call far as calling and sound it's average, not really loud, but it gets the job done all in all it's an interesting apple.