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This Q1 PRO smartwatch has been provided by FINOW for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to FINOW for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this Q1 PRO smartwatch, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

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FINOW has released a long overdue update to their two year old Q1 square Android smartwatch. It enters a crowded field of Android watches by offering four important and highly sought features: Android 6 as an operating system, 4G cellular connectivity, removable watch bands with no embedded antennas, and full waterproofing (IP67) so you can swim or bathe with it.

Now, with a prototype in hand directly from FINOW, we get to see how well it delivers on each of these features. Sad to say, this watch misses the mark on each of it’s promises. First, Android 6 is there, but it is implementation on a watch format is nowhere as polished and Android 5.1 has become on other flagship smartwatches. it will be in need of constant firmware updates for awhile to be truly usable. Think of this as a first generation OS upgrade waiting for the rash of initial bug fixes and necessary improvements. Next, 4G data connectivity, as exciting as it sounds, either works, partially works, or doesn’t work at all. Several countries, including the USA, are currently left out of the 4G party, and, surprisingly, won’t even fallback to 3G for the main networks, thus leaving phone calls and text messages with this watch completely out (no Bluetooth calling support either). For those locations where it does work, the signal must be extremely strong for the link to remain connected. Only a very few are happily achieving 4G joy and streaming YouTube to this watch without delays or just plain stopping.

Time for a bit of good news. The bands are definitely removable and easily interchangeable. They got this one right, but it remains to be seen how hard a hit there has been to GPS, WiFi, cellular and Bluetooth signals as a result of moving the large antennas from the bands to small patches inside the watch body.. That testing will be covered in a more in-depth video later. Finally, let’s talk about waterproofing. There’s no polite way to say it. This Q1 PRO is totally NOT waterproof. It’s not IP67 swimmable, and it’s probably not even moderately splash proof. You see, the speaker holes on the side lead directly to the inner cavity of the watch with no protection from water intrusion (as verified by one of our viewers with pictures). Also, remember from this video that cheesy snap on SIM cover just waiting to pop out? Without strong sealing grommets and screws to hold it in place, it’s a leak point waiting to happen. I feel confident in saying don’t get this watch wet.

So overall the Q1 PRO doesn’t deliver on its promises. But what about the build quality? FINOW has long been known for making solid watches with their X1, X3 and X5 lines of round watches with metal backs. Well, bluntly, this watch is all plastic, probably because it needs to be that way for the antennas to work. The charging hookup, which should be a simple magnetic coupling wire that all the latest watches employ, is instead a strange looking, proprietary alligator clip that squeezes over the watch face (ouch!) and floats over the pins in the back cover, sometimes making contact and sometimes not. Oh, and did I mention the speaker holes on the side lead directly into the watch body with no water seals? If you hold it just right and blow over the holes, you can get it to toot like a flute. I’m not joking. This watch is not at all like other FINOW watches, square or round.

The “first look” review for the Q1 PRO has been based on simply unboxing and turning the watch on to see what it can do. Deeper insight about it has come only with time to work with the Q1 PRO and from the valuable feedback of a few other folks who have their hands on one as well and are reporting in. I’m pretty sure I could say we are all, collectively, disappointed in this watch, but see potential for improvement.

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From joe bso12
If you rather the power button on the right. Go into (setting search app )and select display… then select option ( when device is rotated… choose , rotate contents of screen