Smart watch with bluetooth, calling a selection of some really nice watch faces in it stock ones and a special one. You can install from a collection on the actual app you've got all these different uh controls on here, including this one that's lit up, which is a bluetooth, audio toggling system, so that, if you have it connected bluetooth to your phone, you can turn that on and Off so you can enable or disable working with uh bluetooth, calling or music playing. You got a variety of different uh activities that you can invoke no gps on this one, but those are available. Notifications sent to you from your phone when you're tethered will show up here, and you have all kinds of apps your step count. Your last night's sleep time, you've got a countdown inhale, exhale, breathing relaxation, app all the different metrics from heart rate, blood pressure and temperature on this one in fahrenheit or centigrade blood oxygen you've got music players female cycle. If you've registered as a female weather in your area is shown on it all kinds of other things as well. In addition, you can change the actual layout on here from being the nine grid style to the familiar apple, and you can zoom in and zoom out with the knob on it as well, all in all it's, a really nice apple, look alike with apple style bands. Smart watch thin easy to operate bright screen check it out.