If you want to find the best deals on this smartwatch make sure you check out the first link down below in the description starting from the unboxing and the contents. Here is the shipping package and inside we have the retail box. So in the box we get the smart watch, charging cable and some documents like warranty card ghana book my show and some other subscription services along with user manual thats it for the unboxing now lets quickly set it up and use the watch to set up the Watch download the fit app from here, go to add device, select your watch and we are connected. The app itself is good. We have all the data like steps, heart rate, sleep, etc. We can also tap into see details in the middle. We have the watch where we can adjust the settings and at the end we have the profile tab now to start the watch. We can raise to wake or we can press this side. Button navigation is quite easy. We can swipe in all four directions to the top. We have quick controls to the right. We have quick overview and things like music control to access the app drawer. We can either swipe left or down to the left. We have this apple like drawer and to the bottom. We have list view here. We have all the essentials like messaging sports mode, flashlight, breathe, exercise and much more and at the bottom you get the option to turn off the watch.

So now we have the inside of the watch, lets talk about the design and build quality by looking at the watch. It feels very sleek and lightweight, even though it is all plastic built, but the package feels quite solid, i mean for the price. It feels right. We get a button on the right to operate. The watch like waking up and going back also, i want to say that the strap is soft and feels quite good, and there is not much of a branding except for this fire bolt written on the hook. Now talking about the features of the ninja 3, we get ton of them all. These features are quite self explanatory, but i will explain when required. First, we have 1.69 inch large display with a resolution of 240 by 280 pixels. This is the hd display. Note any amoled display, but it is quite bright. I was able to use it in direct sunlight without any problem, and it is sharp enough that i can read all the text and see all the details. Next, we have the heart rate and spo2 and sleep monitor, lets, compare it with the spo2 monitor, so its quite comparable for the price tag for dust and water rating. It has ip68 rating, so you can use this in gym and wash your hands and all that for the notifications. We get the app notifications like whatsapp messages and all that and we can set that from the app.

We also get call notification, though it doesnt have bluetooth calling, but we can mute or end the call custom watch pieces are also there and, lastly, it has couple of built in games coming down to the battery. We have 200 milliamp hour which takes about two hours to charge full and after that it can serve up to seven days, which is awesome. That means you need to charge it every saturday. 7 p.m, which is the same day when my video goes live so make sure you subscribe for that. So the final question is the fireball. Ninja 3 is worth it. Should you put your hard earned money on this smart watch, which is 1800 rupees according to me? Yes, if you are looking for a budget, smart watch that has a lot of features, great battery life and 60 sports mode, then definitely go for it. The watch justifies the price i mean dont, keep your expectations very high. The watch has what it is priced for.