It is going to be the amyloid display. So this is coming with a full color oled display and it is slimmer and smaller than the charge 4.. So its going to be slimmer and smaller than this, not just the box, the smaller, the actual um, the actual unit is smaller and its going to be lighter. It has gps, it has. It has your heart rate. It has a lot of the features that were on the sense that were not on this that were not on the charge 4 or deluxe its not even on the lux right. Not even the lux got some of these features and theyre coming out with more um as they roll this out and the charge 5. looks like this Music, so you notice the band the band is new, the band is new. This is kind of like that. Silicon band, like very much like your sense, this is going to be better first, in my opinion, better for sweat resistance were going to take it out different from the luxe prong. Let me let me double check, so the lux and the charge 5 will share the same charging. Cable, thats good. To know that is good to know so were going to go. Fitbit im going to add in my new device were going to set up our device here and we are setting up a charge. Five, its gon na say: do you wan na set up a charge? Five im gon na say yes, its gon na say accept it.

Download were gon na hit charging it. Yes, were charging were searching found it so weve already found it weve already connected were gon na enter the number they give you four three six seven finishing is bluetooth pairing and once this finishes im going to talk about more in length about why. I think this is a really cool watch. Remember guys this. It has the heart rate sensor, so the fitbit charge 5 comes with the heart rate sensor, the spo2 monitoring the sleep tracking, the step tracking. It does not have the altimeter, so this has the altimeter. So this these sense can track floors and height, so the sense will be able to track floors and height. This one cannot, it does come with the eda sensor, which is the electrodermal activity and electrothermal activity is a sensor that allows you to monitor, sweat and stress, but it only tracks it when you sleep, it only tracks it when you sleep so like your smart watch Here and the charge 4, its gon na still be able to get notifications from your phone. It can read text emails, you have fitbit pay in case. You want to use nfc just to tap and pay it has. It does not come with the music controls just yet it we do expect some compatibility with spotify upcoming, so you have 24 7 heart rate and zone minutes thats about the same as your here right, because if you look at your charge, 4 box and your charge 5 box lets look at the difference: 24 heart rate, active zone, minutes 24, heart rate, active zone minutes is kind of new stress management, score and eda sensor.

That is definitely new heart health notifications, that is kind of new because they gave you 24 7 heart rate tracking built in gps for pace and distance. This also had built in gps for pace and distance and health metrics like breathing rate and sbo2. So this two big upgrades is on the stress management score, the eda sensor and the sbo2 because and the oled display, so you get that bigger oled uh display there well lucky so remember what by name think about it by name by name. The fitbit is made for people who do what exercise right fit bit or who want to exercise and monitor their health, its part of their name and its going to give you next, you swipe to navigate so just like your fitbit lux youre, going to swipe to Navigate 9 notifications run, i mean the screen looks super good. There were just setting our time here. If i want to get out of something, i just double click it. This just transferred everything from my fitbit sense and then moved everything to my charge. Five and like nando was asking: why would you ever use this again? If you want to know your sleep, do you know your sleep like this? Like? I know my sleep really intimately now, like i know one time i fall asleep how much im getting and actually im, not saying this is perfect, because the last like three hours of these are always blue, because im with the baby, you see that red is when I usually wake up so its.

I know that im not getting a lot of sleep, but i know exactly what times the babys waking up so that information does it. Your phone does not do this. So if you want to look at your bpn, i know my bpm all the time right. This is my resting bpm. So if you suffer from health – and you have to understand your heart rate and youre worried about your heart well now you know what days youre most stressed out on the health metrics. So you can see this so it breaks. Everything down were also going to look at the mindfulness, so if you want to practice mindfulness, this is going to be something like how often its going to give you a survey lets say five days, youre all set, and you can practice now mindfulness inside the app. So this is like a comm app that you get for free now, if you want to go full on premium its going to give you even more options, if you want to pay additional price lets, look at discover, so you look at discover – and this is the Features that im talking about all of these plans that you get in the app are in the app right you can check your apps here are the apps you can choose from like we can go to community and community is something that is especially essential for fitbit Users, so community means you have access to millions of people like you and you can join each other so running.

If i want to join running what do you guys see there? 2.2 million members its not just you alone. This is kind of the beauty of why everyone loves the um, the pelotons, because you have the you, have the scoreboard, its the same, so you have the leaderboard its very similar. It kind of helps, motivate you. If you get premium, you have additional features. Now you can go find your friends, so you can find your friends here. You can group up with people. So if you want to find other people to group up with, you can join different groups and its just easy to use its just super simple search. Five right here has some of the best features you can find on any smartwatch, because it has the health features in a small form factor right.