I haven’t been able to record a video for you, it’s been so busy with the pandemic, going on lots of lockdown and a lot of responsibilities and working from home it’s been crazy. So finally, i have a few moments and in this craziness one thing really good has happened is um. I won a fit pit, so i want to share that with you. So i bought a cereal and when i it said you can win a fitbit and guess what i was one of the lucky ones. So i got a fitbit. I never knew about them until i won this fitbit because i thought oh it’s just another watch and everything and then i decided to use it so i’ve been using it for a week and i’m telling you if you can afford any kind of smart watch. It’S. Very good for you, so this is what i have been wearing for past one week and it’s really really great, because, first of all um, it tells me the time which is you usually get it on your cell phone and everywhere that’s a big deal, but the Feature that i love is the steps, so you can see for yourself how many steps you have on a daily basis um. So you just go up like this and you can see how many steps you have so so far it’s just the morning, i’ve done almost 7 000 steps, so every adult usually needs to have minimum of uh 10 000 stamps and in this watch it tracks you As soon as you wake up, you wear it at night, when i’m sleeping.

I don’t do that because it does have a feature of calling uh for you to have sleep quality, so you can detect what kind of sleep you had, but i haven’t been using it another feature. It tells me: is water low, so i’m low in water? I need to drink some more water, so it does track my hydration, which is great and my heart rate. It tells me what my heart rate is and um it sort of gives you indication – and i think it’s very good, especially in this pandemic, it’s good. To know like how active you are, how what’s your heart rate and your health right so it’s great to have this watch with you and um every morning when i wake up, i just put it on and i’m when i go for my walks it’s there and Ready to go so i really love it and um. Another thing that cool thing that i noticed was it. It tells you that um, if you’re gon na uh, walk, for example, it’s gon na tell if you’ve done your five thousand steps it vibrates and gives you some sort of a cheery cheer saying yeah, you did it you’re 5000, which is like halfway through your 10 000 steps and when the 10 000 comes another vibration and some fireworks that happen, which is um great because it’s like a motivation, thing and you’re like oh every day, i’m gon na. Do this i’m gon na get this going and then i think once you’ve done it one time, then you get used to it and you’re like okay, i’m gon na wear it and i’m going to do it and it sort of keeps you going which you need In this pandemic for sure you know being indoors and everything but um, another cool thing is uh.

The heart rate it’s very important, because you know with the oxygen level and everything you want to make sure you have good heart rate good circulation. So i would highly recommend this fitbit um initially to get started. I had to watch a couple of youtube videos to find out the functions and download the app um, but once you’re sad, you can go like i’m, not a very tech savvy. So i don’t go in and do all this modification. I just look at the standard settings that i need there’s much more functions than i can imagine, and i don’t need it all i need is for me to go for walks and make sure have done my steps and also um. My heart rate is good and my water level is good and they are a little bit expensive. I looked it up, they’re like 150 or so um, but if you can afford it, go for it if you want to buy another smart watch that does similar function. Go ahead go ahead because it’s just something that will set the goal for you for you to meet at the end of the day. So this is my recommendation for today and a review of fitpit experience2 it’s, very durable water resistant, easy to charge. So, basically, you take it off and stick it’s like a magnetic thing that you stick to the wall and it charges and lasts once you charge it last like three days and it’s um very easy to clean as well.

So the surface is very smooth, so very easy to clean and you’re good to go. So i wish you all the best stay healthy and active.