Heart rate, blood oxygen levels range over your last night’s sleep and more. You have access to notifications pushed to you from your phone and the ability to reply to them using your voice. If you want to or just pick a custom reply, you also have all these different controls for when you’re going to sleep when you want to dim the screen down when you want to change the faces, when you want to mute the sound all kinds of controls There and these widgets that include weather, if you want to add that your core statistics about your daily activities, different activities, zones you’re in and advanced health information, like heart rate and your hourly activity in terms of numbers of floors, climbed and steps. Your exercises over the last several days, you can set up goals for food last night’s sleep time and ladies menstrual health is covered in this one as well. You get into this section: you’ve got guided, breathing exercises and a really interesting stress test that you cup your hand and put it over the watch. Do a quick scan and it’ll measure your a level of stress as well. You also have built into this ecg capability. You can produce a real ecg chart and send it pdf to your doctor and folks that is just the beginning. So far, oh today is one of the areas you can go into. That shows you graphically what’s been happening and your best day and your overall steps and you can open it on the app on your phone directly from the watch.

You have one button on the side to bring you back and when you swipe this way now you get into all of your different apps, including that eda scan you can have google assistant or alexa on this one. You can change the timeout. If you want to, you have all different exercises you can get into and any of them that you select the ones that involve like walking, biking and running that need gps for a track. You can invoke those and get a full on gps track. It’S. A very fast and responsive gps on this one overall settings alarms timers your weather in your area, there’s the relaxed stuff. You can set agendas, you can do payments from this watch using fitbit pay by setting up your credit card, and it will allow you to do wireless touch. Paying you’ve got clocks and coaching in here find your phone, the ecg, and then you can add your own apps, like an iss tracker. That will tell you when the iss is going to cross over in the sky. These are free, apps and there’s a whole bunch. More that you can add, like you, see the ones i’ve added here, including link to strava, for those of you that use that that will transfer the data from the watch through the app on your phone over to strava for further tracking and analysis. It’S.