It only costs 13, which is really affordable for everyone. So now you cant find the excuse not to have a smartwatch so now lets start with unboxing in xbox we find our smartwatch. We have really detailed instructions on how to use it and, of course, the magnetic usb charger Music now lets move on to our smartwatch Music lets see the smartwatch has a rectangular screen. Thats curved at the corners thin chin is slightly thicker than the bezel around the rest of the screen. The casing of the watch is mixed with the plastic body and has a reflective finish that looks quite nice on this right side is a single physical button that controls the power and standby and its also used to go back when youre, navigating through the watch interface. On the left side, we have a speaker. There are several of ipos, i 16 plus color versions, which varies according to price. The watch casing is different and so the including strap we have a black version on our review. The bottom of the watch has a sensors to detect heart rate and o2 levels. There are also ip67 water. Resistance means that i could wear it all. The time and didnt need to worry about getting it wet. I found it watch very comfortable to vary over the testing period. Fi 16 plus is among the most affordable devices of its kind to come with a siri control and sleep tracker for android and ios priced at only 13.

The display has a 240 by 228 pixel resolution with 1.69 inch screen and the rated maximum brightness of 1650 nits, which is superior visibility in all conditions, especially outdoors and the sun. I also have to say that the screen is considerably sharper than those of any other budget. Smart watches, ive, seen recently text animations and watch faces. Look sharp and detailed. The device weights only 40 grams, with the strap, has a 200 ml battery and uses bluetooth 5.0. For connectivity, so if you swipe up, you can see your messages if you swipe down click access buttons, which you can add or remove with the help of exit, if you swap from left, chose again, the quick icons plus bluetooth, call support siri function, downloading the v Fit application from the google market after downloading the application, you can monitor your daily activity in the detail on the status. You can have a quick overview of your goal set. You can tap here and check individuality as well. Now, in the moment, you have choose your exercise type of the click tool to track in the settings. You have the auto post voice control and keep the screen on options through the application you can download the new 50 plus watch faces and thus personalize this smartphone. Just for yourself, you can select which notifications you want to receive on the watch. Among the other things you can modify the watch face, select it. You want to display on the screen and set custom image from your phone set to incoming call, half notification, reminder clock and many more battery.

Life of this smartphone is very good with normal news. The device can last for about 8 days on a single charge and charging the device was convenient and fairly quick, as well as the magnetic charger heart rate and auto tracking on this watch are decent enough. Offering accurate measurements then complaint to standard pulse oximeter, the fi 16 plus did occasionally show oddly low readings, but they usually fix itself in a few seconds. On the whole, the app is clean, easy to use and get the job done. The build is decent enough for the entry level price range im happy to report that the fi 16 plus held up nicely in my day to day usage, the surviving the occasional editing can bump without getting scratched up the onboard vibration. Motor offers softex strong signals, and i found performer to be good enough for my daily use. The fi 16 plus is not the most advanced or best looking option, but is among the better options you can buy the best smartwatch for under 13.. Furthermore, the excellent display and the reliable connection with this smartphone makes this a decent risk drop second screen for notifications to list some of the benefits of this watch. Bluetooth call support wallet, ur code, business, qr code, siri control. Many custom watch faces custom control, panel, custom, shortcut function, options, support right, sliding shortcut menu for ui styles, sos support. So if you have been holding off trying, one of the thing even a fitbit is too expensive.

This is a perfect alternative to get the feel of smart watch. Also, this makes a fabulous gift for someone affordable, but cool, not perfect, maybe but top much value for your money for the price. Over only 13, i highly recommend it. The official links are below this video dont forget to click on them and get your new ipo, fa16 plus smartwatch. Just today on the really good price. Now is your chance that will be all for now.