This is faiz and welcome. Back to my channel a couple weeks ago i did an unboxing for the all new tambour horizon, light up, connect smartwatch by louis vuitton. You can click the link on this video or the description below to check it out. If you want to today, i am here to review the watch after using it daily for a couple of weeks in this review, i will go over design software performance battery life features and functionality and answer the question ive been receiving. The most is this 3500 watch. Actually worth it lets begin by talking about the design. The design choices made by louis vuitton are relatively interesting, and they may not be for everyone. I personally quite like it and do feel like itll grow on you as you use it more and more. It looks like a traditional timepiece, but with futuristic elements. The watch face is round and sports. A sapphire glass surrounded by 24 led lights that animate the signature. Louis vuitton monogram ring like a dancing kaleidoscope of colors that create a nice glow in the dark animation. Whenever the watch is activated, the display size is 1.2 inches and its a pretty decent size, though it may look fairly large on smaller wrists. It also features a ton of great built in watch, faces that echo louis vuittons design aesthetics and gives you tons of customization options, so the watch can always feel fresh and new every single day and can be molded to the preferences of its owner.

The watch is stainless steel and has the lv logo engraved on its style, so overall, im pretty impressed with the design, both the hardware and the watch faces themselves now, theres also a matte brown version of this watch, which starts at 4 100. Now, one thing i do need to note here is that this watch may look a little bit bulky and hefty on smaller wrists and louis vuitton only has one size that they offer, which may be big for some. I do wish, however, that they went the apple route and offered two sizes for people to choose. From now lets talk about software in the world of smart watches. There are two major players in the game: one is watch os by apple and the other is wear os by google and wear os is what the previous generation louis vuitton connected. Smart watches were running on with this new third generation connected watch. However, louis vuitton is abandoning googles, wear os and is instead using its own proprietary software. I must say it is quite intuitive and coming from an apple watch after a day or so of using it its fairly simple and it offers a nice visual experience as well. What i do like about this software is how customizable it is just like the watch faces. In fact, louis vuitton claims that this is the most customizable smart watch in the world. I personally dont think so, because i have used the apple watch ever since it first came out and i do find the apple watch to be way more customizable, but for what louis vuitton offers it lets you customize the watch faces, but more so the colors for The user interface, there are eight dial configurations, just rotate the crown to go through all different watch faces and when you click the top button, it allows you to go through various different color schemes.

So you can probably tell, by now louis vuitton, wants to make sure its very easy to change. The look and feel of the watch faces the button underneath the crown is customizable for pulling up your favorite apps, such as stopwatch weather, alarms, calendar and much more. You can also choose which notifications you wish to see by toggling in the settings on the lv connect app on ios or android, and on this lv connect app. This is where you can get clear explanations on its different modes and shortcuts. The watch offers four modes blossom, which displays all the graphic heavy animations at maximum intensity explorer, which balances the animations and performance with battery life submarine, which is kind of like a do not disturb mode which basically silences all your notifications and lights and, lastly, saver mode, Which basically turns off all the performance heavy features and only has the essential functions of the watch on to get the maximum battery life. When you swipe up the control center shows up, which gives you quick access to display your current mode battery life and shortcuts. When you swipe down, you get to view the notifications and when you swipe right, you get through five built in app widgets that louis vuitton offers, like calendar, heartbeat, monitor steps, count and weather and air quality in your area. You can obviously reorder these and customize the way you would like it to the right of the home screen. You get a page for your upcoming travel, which will show your upcoming trips and your hotel and plane information such as your booking confirmation and boarding pass.

Amongst other information, also, the watch features an always on display, which is a first for a louis vuitton connected watch. However, theres one thing that is nice, but not always practical, depending on the situation and thats the led lights, they always light up. Whenever you get a notification or a phone call, sometimes its really cool to see, but when im at a dinner or just any place with people around me, i do find it a tad bit annoying as it draws a lot of attention. Of course, some may love this, but if youre like me and dont want lights to go off every single time, you get a notification or an alert. You can definitely limit the lights in the settings, its not a big thing, but something i definitely wanted to point out now. Lets talk about performance. This watch has a snapdragon wear 4100 processor and i wont spend too much time on this topic because, to be honest, its a watch and youre not using this the same way you are using a computer or a smartphone, youre, literally just glancing at it. Throughout the day here and there so all ill say here is not once has the watch lagged or have i experienced it slow down on me, and that is the most important thing making sure the watch is fast and doesnt glitch up so louis vuitton definitely delivers On that, but lets talk about battery life before we get into features, i get about a day of battery on average, but that also depends on the led lighting usage and im always on explorer mode regardless.

I feel like the battery life could be better, but either way you have to charge this every night before you go to bed thats pretty much the same with all smart watches. These days now lets talk about the final topic, which is features. This is where i unfortunately feel the watch really lags. Yes, its a beautifully designed watch with amazing customizable watch faces. But when i get a text message for an example, i can view it, but i cannot reply. It gives me zero options to reply either by a keyboard or even voice. Same goes for phone calls, it itll vibrate and show me who is calling and i can accept or decline the call, but i can only take the call from my phone. I cannot send or reply to messages and calls which does get a little frustrating. Also, this does not support apple pay or google pay, so that is annoying because, though it has nfc built into this watch, it is only compatible with alipay, which is a contactless payment system only available in china. So, if youre anywhere outside of asia, you cannot pay through the watch. Another thing to mention is that you can only view certain notifications from certain apps from your phone. For example, if i get a reminder alert from my reminders app on my iphone, i can view the reminder on this watch, but i cannot modify the reminder or mark it complete by a single tap of a button.

I can only view notifications, my phone gets. I cannot act on those notifications at all other than just dismissing them. Also, when you look at this watch its a little on the bulkier side like i talked about in the beginning, so you assume the bulk is there? Maybe because there are some power packed health sensors, but you only get a heart rate monitor and you can track your steps thats pretty much it, whereas an apple watch priced at just a few hundred dollars can do so much more from checking your blood oxygen tracking. Your calories tracking your fitness and exercises, and way more so im kind of disappointed that this cannot do any of that. On the other side, this isnt meant to be a fitness device, but still when youre paying in the thousands, its fair to expect certain things. Now here comes my verdict to fully understand this product. It needs to be looked at differently from other smart watches. In fact, i think it would be quite unfair for this watch to be compared to an apple watch. For an example, you see, those watches are not necessarily beautifully crafted jewelry theyre nice, but their purpose is to be the smartest smart watch. That can also tell time this, on the other hand, is a beautiful, elegant, timepiece that by the way also has some cool smartwatch functionality. So if youre, someone who likes beautiful, watches but wants to also get some of those smartwatch functionalities, then this watch is fantastic and you will love it for an example.

I have a rolex and i love it, but sometimes i wish i could get my notifications on it or alter its watch face and all of that. But with this you can just dont go around comparing this to an actual smartwatch, because then youll come out disappointed with its limited smart capabilities. So this pretty much sums up. My review on louis vuittons, tambour horizon light up connected watch, wow its quite a mouthful of a name but anyways.