The latest smart watch from the fk series, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always put up sneak peeks on what to expect and also and as always make sure you subscribe and also hit the Bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified, so the box is pretty much the same as the previous ones, but different color. On the side. You’Ve got a qr code, it says fk 100 and a bit more information and in a different language. As well take a look at the other side. You’Ve got nothing else. It does have wireless charging, though, with the wire going around to the side, no text whatsoever on the back and on the other side, and it does have the pull tabs to open up the box. So here we have it take a look inside of the box. It says it has wireless charging and it’s got a few watch bands with different color watches, pretty same as the previous one, and an identical looking box, then like the original, so that’s. What we have inside the box here is what’s supposed to be. The watch. Take a look at the box. You’Ve got a 3d printed uh watch with the crown it does stay watch in uh over here, it’s embedded, but i don’t know. If you can actually see or not, can you see it? It says, watch six by the way.

Uh, take a look at the back let’s see what it says include: smartwatch band charging, cable and user manual. Not all capabilities are available in all areas. Smart watches now medical device battery life choice cycle that is display life very uh by using settings smartwatch may need to be serviced or replaced by authorized service provider. What provider spelled wrong? They were the one where they actually um did that mistake and they corrected it. I forgot what small watch that was there’s a few trademarks and made in china. I did everything else, so let’s open this up and see what we get inside and see what this watch is like, because this is the fk 100. The latest series, just before we take a look at the watch, let’s see what we have inside here. So this says design it for building an excellent lifestyle yeah whatever that means my friend whatever that means so let’s uh check out the watch. Band you’ve got a simple black silicon watch band. Take a look at the manuals here. We have fk 100 smartwatch user manual. I presume that’s the qr code for the app and it says rd fit app qr code. If you want to know what the manual did like here, it is, if you want to pause it and read it it’s up to you. That is what the manual and, as you would see here, you have to connect it twice. The first one is for the app the second one is to receive notifications from phone calls and text messages, so make sure you go into settings whether it be android or ios and connect it twice.

So we’ll take a look at the watch and we’ll just see what kind of features it’s got so let’s take a look i forgot to mention. It does have wireless charging with no pins as well, so that’s a good start so far. So there is the wireless charger, and here is the fk. 100 let’s take a look at the design first, so this is a 1.75 inch display hd screen. It has a 275 mah battery. The standby time is four days, so it all depends on how you use it, uh, whether you use it for social media apps, because it’s got social media apps on it. Uh notifications phone calls all the health apps like the pedometer and the heart rate, so we’re gon na see what they are like later in the video. So take a look at the design. You have got a crown which clicks so maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t you’ve got a mic cutout placement and also the button uh to switch it on and off that’s the button that’s supposed to switch on and off take a look at the back as you Can see you’ve got no pins on the top or the bottom for where the charger goes just place it you basically put the watch onto the wireless pad and it will charge from there. It has the same sensors as the original, which is really good. Shame about the buttons where you slide the watch bands on and off, but it doesn’t matter about that.

But yeah you’ve got text around it. Take a look on the side. It has a one and a half speaker, grille and yeah. That is about it. So let’s switch this on it looks you can get in four different colors as well. I purchased it from aliexpress for 20 pounds, excluding shipping so depending on the way about whatever whereabouts you are around the world. It might be a little bit different on shipping, so let’s switch this on pushing in the button. We are getting nothing i’ve, definitely charged this as well, left it for an hour on charge i’m pushing in the button right here and it’s, not doing anything, let’s try the crown and straight away, so the button placement is placed differently wow. That is really really loud. Really loud that so to switch it on, you have to push in the crown. Yes, it’s a bit of a nightmare because i’ve got a button placement here and my face is the same as this guy’s right here, because why put an on and off button there when you have to use the trunk? No idea! Why so it’s not dynamic watch faces and the crown doesn’t even work as well check that out let’s hold the watch faces in see if the crown works? Well, the crown doesn’t work. I thought they would be going up in you know the design and all the user interfaces and operating systems, but you know with these numbers: fk98.

Fk. 100. I thought this would be the latest one with all the features, but probably not because the crown doesn’t even work. So that is a shame. So let’s see how much watch faces everything you’ve got to do with the twitch screen, because the crown doesn’t work. So one two wow: this is slow: three, four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten well that’s the that’s, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, ‘, 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50, wow, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 55 watch faces. It would be good if the crown went you can get thrown quicker, but yeah 55 watch faces wow. That is a lot. There were some good ones and new ones as well on this, which is really cool, so we’ll leave it on this one for now let’s swipe it down and, as you can see, you’ve got your showcase right here. This is to for the motion flip to mute. Flip to new alarm turn wrist to bright and shake to answer. Swiping it back down. You’Ve got your four main menu interfaces, so we’ve got stripes let’s push it in that. Just takes off the crown. When you push it in takes it off. Let’S, try the supposedly it should have been the on and off button that doesn’t even bring it back on.

So you got to push the crown to bring it back on and you got to push the button to go into the menus. So that is the nine up view. It was it the nine of you that’s, the striped six square view you the smart style and it doesn’t, so you have to so it doesn’t, even zoom out so forget that list style that’s even better. I like this one and last one is the nine app view which we have right here. So we’re gon na go back and go into list view which we have here. So what else do we have? You have your silent button and also your torch, which doesn’t do anything and also your power saving mode right there. So we’ll see that let’s put it back to normal swiping it up. Here we have your notifications and this goes back to the main menu, and here you have a split screen, but it is really slow. It’S, the the chip is mtk2502c on this, but the apps are really really slow, so let’s go into menu, let’s see what we have let’s go start from here. Some messages, of course, you’ve got to connect it to your phone and dial the same again. Phone book same again call log same again, bluetooth, so we’ll check that later pedometer i’ve done 13 steps. 0.01, kilometers and i’ve just been sitting down notifications, ecg um. That will check the blood pressure apps right now sleep monitor weather.

You have to connect it to your phone sport. You’Ve got your walk outdoor wrong, climb cycle basketball, even the crown crown doesn’t work, basketball. You just press go, you can just do it from there at least the swipe to back button works heart rate where’s, the heart rate, gone let’s check the heart rate out so let’s press start measuring watches has come off. Please correct where so that’s a good sign straight away. What i’ll do first is i’ll put it on to an object and straight away, as you can see, you’ve got measuring so i’ll. Take it off. You can see the flashing christmas lights, which we have right. There watches have come off and it just doesn’t measure it i’m, not gon na put it back on. It just said: maybe maybe it’s getting the sensors. As you can see, the light is on here. So will we get a reading or is this the real uh measure fails so let’s start it again and let’s put it on to an object to see if we get a reading. So when it was off an object, uh we’d, we got a failed reading, so let’s try on an object and see what we have here. If not, we’re gon na have to put the watch bands on and check it out on my wrist so yeah as you can tell as long as it’s on an object, you will get a reading, and that goes with every other app as well, whether it be Blood pressure or um let’s, let’s i’ll, just show you the blood pressure.

I don’t know how long these upstairs always it must be a timer, so it’s measuring and it should give you a reading very very soon and there we go 117 over 89. So forget doing the other one, so you got bluetooth music. You have to connect that to your app calendar same like the others, alarm tap to alarm. Stop watch find phone body temperature. You can use your body temperature as well 36 degrees, but no idea what body temperature that is, unless someone use it before me, uh settings your bluetooth settings linked up, uh clock, you can change the clock notification bright, put it brighter on and off. You can change the units as well to metric on imperial uh. Sound volume display main menu style 3 brightness 60 seconds screen timeout international. You can change your languages, let’s see how much languages it’s got. Oh so it’s not actually going into languages reset and about and when we click about, as you can tell, it says, fk 100. So that is the device oh and it does have password as well. So you can set a password, so it does have passcode lock, which is good one of the good features and the pushing in the crown just brings it back to home and yeah. That is about it. So what i’m going to do now is i’m, going to try and download the app and see what other features we’ll get when it comes to connecting this fk 100 to my phone right, the app you need to download is rd fit, which i’ve already got downloaded, Which is cool, so we’ll have to put our bluetooth on and let’s go into the watch.

That was a bit uh now it’s, actually it’s really slow. This watch really slow, so let’s press this one right here. The bottom left hand side and that switches your bluetooth on my fixture again. It might switch it back off, but instead connecting the device. What we need to do is go into devices unbind, that device and into it enter it money, let’s search it for device. Hopefully, you should get it right. There, fk 100 synchronize in data and straight away. We’Ve got fk 100 pair it yes and it’s already paired. Allow notifications. Yes! So, as you can see here, it should change base. Not so what we’ll do now is go into settings and, like i said, we’ve got to connect this twice, so hopefully you should get another fk 100 at the bottom, taking his time there. We go and connect this twice and that will give you all of the features whether it comes to notifications from your phone calls and your text messages. So what features do we have bluetooth call? You can uh connect your contacts from that search, Music missing watch. We found it hey, you got your heart rate, monitor ecg detection, weather information, body temperature and dial selection, so you can always put your customized dial on and add more dials. So that is the only thing you can actually do with this smart watch. The rest is pretty basic. To be honest, you can put your own information in and it just shows you the health apps heart rate, sleep monitor, step count.

Everything is in over there. So what i’ll do now is we need to get my other phone, which you have right here, let’s see what information it gives when we ring. So, as you can see, all socks is ringing, but it just shows here the number, not the name but it’s really loud. So i need to switch that down with the tone and let’s press view, and it says all souls has gave you a missed call. So let’s go into messages and let’s uh, send a message and let’s see whatever notification we get. Music you’ve got that stupid tone from all fours. It says subscribe to all sorts as well, so let’s go into what’s up and see if we get a what’s up. Uh notification as well, because when we went into the app it didn’t say anything about notifications and there we go from all sorts message. It says sms, but this is a it’s from a center on whatsapp, so that is it people that’s the notifications. You do get some all right notifications, so my opinion on this fk 100. I think this is a downgrade though um it’s really slow, it’s got a really slow chip in it. The crown doesn’t work, um and yeah. The only good thing about it is it’s got loads of watch faces over 55 watch faces, you can put custom watch faces on a split screen with passcode and it’s also got games as well.

I forgot to show you this also has games, so you got motion app, download language voice assists as well power saving main menu immunity, no idea. What that is. Phone it’s got two games with it as well. Uh ninja climb start game there we go and we’ve got what’s the other game. Chop gun, stop game, so it’s like space radius. Look how slow it is so that’s how and show you how slow it is so going back into the main menu you’ve got your dream reminder: facebook, twitter, what’s up my notifications, i’ve already seen it and then it’s back to messages so um. It would be better if it was it had a better chip in it. So it’d be a little bit quicker that i do like the screen to body ratio is placed a little bit in the middle you’ve got big bezel at the top and the bottom, but the only thing i don’t like is the on and off on this. You can’t use the this one right here. You got ta use the crown uh. The crown does not work. I should be should work in my opinion, because fk 100 is the latest version, but it doesn’t so there’s a couple of uh things. I don’t like about this, but other than that it’s got quite a lot of features, so people might like it. People might not, but let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below anyways.

I hope you enjoyed this video of this fk 100.