Your roy gula now i’m going to unboxing a fk 75 all new, the smart watch. Here you can see what are all in this and it’s containing a magnetic wireless charger. Bluetooth, dial and many things are applicable: yeah it’s, looking good heart rate sensor, spo to oxygen, multi sports mode. Also, here blood pressure, sleep monitoring is also here: wow it’s, looking good. The package is looking nice wow here. Your dial is here, let’s see what is in inside the box: wow it’s nice. This is a magnetic charging cable, how it can came out yeah. This is a magnetic charging cable and it contains a two strap yeah. This tab is looking good, rich look. It gives rich look yeah, nice. I will show you everything, and this is a strap. Another strap wow good. Okay, i will show you both of them and it contains a user manual. Also uh by this scanning code. You can download the app fitness app yeah. First of all, we see that watch wow nice it’s, a black color full screen display – and this is a full hd display, yeah it’s, nice really cool. Just a minute. Wow here is sensor, is here and it’s written ios and it is a waterproof, also yeah water resistant, okay, cool it is ip 67 rating let’s see what are all inside. This is a torch. We can use the torch battery saver, ringtone, wi fi password. Yes, super cool yeah. This is a gesture and it has a yeah it’s, getting really cool, wow now i’m going to see what are all inside.

This is a lock button. It has a two grille speaker and here a mic and a one switch and a rolling. You can see the themes. It contains one two, three, four: five: six: seven: eight 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 21, 22, 22 teams, yeah super that’s, the animated theme. Also by tapping you can see the changes or really nice. It has a 3d theme. Looking good it’s really looking smart now, i am going to show you the wearing how its look its easy to installing the strap just a minute guys install from here in this side to side. Oh i’m. Sorry i’m, wrongly installed nice little bit, it’s difficult yeah. Now it’s fixed and really it’s, looking nice in hand, i’m gon na show you now guys it’s, really looking nice comfortable wearing now i’m, showing the next strap my favorite is the this velcro strap only uh. It is like a elastic one. Also yeah, really nice. You can easily unstop it like this now. I will show you installing this first time, you’re facing little bit difficulty because it’s lock is tight that’s. Why? Just a minute, i will show you by yeah, guys now it’s comfortably fixed i’m, showing to this trap, how it’s? Looking so nice for hot red sensor, you have to wear tight, then only you can see the outfit properly and i’m sure you magnetic charger how it’s work really good magnet.

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