No god, no god, please! No! No, no, no, definitely hate to see it and in this video i’ll tell you about why ford’s doing it and what this means for the future let’s get into it. Music, Music ford announced the news last thursday saying they would be ending the five year run of the current gt350s after this fall. Rumors got out a while ago when a ford document with the 2021 plans was leaked. The mach 1 was on the sheet, but not the gt350. So a lot of questions immediately came up. It was the old woman too. What about the mysterious behavior of the barbecue lid? How was the doctor able to send email without a computer? The marketing manager told muscle cars and trucks that, while the gt350 is ending, the mach 1 is coming out with all the things they learned from it. The mach 1 does have the same 6 speed manual, but instead of the 5.2 liter flat plane, crank voodoo engine that revs to 8 250 rpm and makes 526 horsepower. It’S got a tuned up 5 liter making 480. people originally thought. The mach 1 would have 500 horses or more so it was enough of a step up from the gt, but then ford came in like psych that’s the wrong number, the flat planes in the gt350 rev faster higher and louder. So they had way more flare than the mach 1 will Music. The manager also called it the pinnacle of five liter performance, which makes me wonder how long it’ll be before they drop the five o’s for something else.

It should be noted that european regulators prohibited the sale of gt350s and 500s, while the coyote engines are allowed internationally. Music. One spokesperson said ending the gt350 quote makes the way for new additions to excite passionate mustang fans for the 2021 model year. Hopefully they mean more cars like the mock e, because i love this thing who the hell wrote this script. So what does this mean for the mustang lineup? Well now there are no manual shelbys and since ford now has dual clutches on their hands, who knows if we’ll ever see a new one? The gt350s went zero to 60 in four seconds and down a quarter mile in 12.3, so they definitely weren’t slow. After seeing ford ignore what most enthusiasts would want like how they don’t offer any manual gt500s put a v6 in the new gt and made whatever the embarrassing mock e? Is i don’t like where this is going? If ford’s future has faster cars, but all smaller engines and no manual options i’d rather go back to the old ways. I know a lot of people say: the v6 makes the gt lighter and handle better, but all these cars have similar or better track times. Better. 0 to 60 and quarter mile times are a fraction of the price and sound way better, with eight cylinders or more that’s all for a totally different video, though, while age wise, it makes sense to end this generation of the gt350 it’s still sad to see it Go and a little worrying because of how ford is shifting the bright side is.

We still have the gt500s and for the moment ford continues to make manual v8 mustangs and to the people who are worried about muscle cars in general. I think we’ll always be able to count on dodge to keep making beefy v8s with more and more horsepower i’m curious about how other people are taking this. So let me know in the comments, if you’re sad, to see the voodoo gt350s go or if you watched this and thought. Oh no, anyway, last week, as always, if you enjoyed this video tap that like button to, let me know and subscribe to, liberty drives for more american car content and news. Thank you very much for watching.