Here, thanks to tech, alter for the tweet, but i personally feel there are three important pillars for any smartwatch which makes it different from a fitness band. So a smartwatch should have calling a smartphone should have reply to notification, and a smartphone should have some kind of app store or playstore so that you can install third party applications. Now the problem with oneplus watches, although it does have calling there is no reply to notification, there is no app store and it comes with a huge mm size, so it’s way too big for any other average rest. Now, when i was looking for a replacement, i found the oppo watch as a perfect one. It not only has calling reply to notification and a third party play store, but it also look very sleek, so it fulfills every criteria for a good, smart watch. Now the question that has to be asked here is so, if you’re in the market to buy an android watch, should you consider the oppo watch? Well, the answer is yes. Oppo watch is surprisingly good watch, with some ifs and words for that watch. The complete video now before we begin a little context, so i’m, an apple watch, 6 user who recently moved out to the apple ecosystem, so yeah no apple bought your iphone. For me, i have been using the oppo watch for few weeks, along with my apple boss. 6. On the other hand, also, this is not a review.

There are plenty of reviews already out there. Rather in this video i will be focusing on my experience with this oppo watch and how does it compare with the industry standard apple watch, so let’s begin okay. So the first thing i like about the overwatch is well the display. I prefer a square display just like the apple watch for few different reasons. It not only looks good, but the square shape also makes it easy to swipe, through the interface swipe up, to see the notification swipe down to see quick action. Swipe left to find your daily activity and swipe right for google assistant. Another big reason to prefer a square watch is that it fits most text on the screen. Overall, the amoled display has punchy contrast and a very good viewing angle. Now there are also two buttons on the right side: the lower button acts as a power button. If you long press it and the top button is used to open app drawer and it also act as a back key. But what i like here is, if you long press it, it will also activate google assistant, which comes really handy, and i will tell you why, in the end of this video, also since it’s a weir os, there are a lot of third party apps as well As watch faces, which you can install from play store, let me show you a couple of my favorite ones. For instance, the google maps on the wrist is super handy when it comes to driving or if you just want to see the navigation on your watch.

It not only gives you turn by turn directions, but also gives you estimated time tap on a location where you want to go and then tap on the option at the bottom of the screen. Since now we have a techwiser telegram group as well as a channel. Now i have started using the telegram app on my oppo watch as well. This helps me to browse chat history right from my wrist. I can also send voice and text messages from my watch. That’S pretty cool another favorite one is facer and here’s a thing that i like about. Android watch, endless customization, so it’s a popular watch face app. That gives you access to 15 000 different watch faces now. These were just few examples overall. My point is: there are hundred of useful applications like pill, reminder water reminder, uber, google keep and much more. That usually makes sense to have it on your wrist. Sometimes another thing that i like about the oppo watch is the performance, so usually when it comes to android smart watches, they has the reputation of being slow and junky, but that’s not the case with oppo watch here. Why well two reasons number one: it has a snapdragon via 3100 processor which takes care of usual part, and it also has a low power apollo 3 soc, which kicks in in the low power saver mode, and second, it has one gigs of ram, which is not Available in other android, smart watches, i mean check this comparison between the oppo watch and tick watch both running wear os in real time.

So i can go to google assistant. Ask you questions how’s the weather today today then come back see the daily activity. Open applications go to play, store, etc and there’s no lag in oppo watch, whereas i can’t say the same thing for tick watch and the final thing that i like about the upper watch is that it’s fairly accurate. So just like i mentioned before i have been using both these smartwatches for few weeks now. Thankfully it was a lockdown, so i didn’t get asked too many questions, but yeah the oppo watch has pretty much similar data, just as the apple watch for sleep heart rate as well as step counter. Of course, there was an acceptable level of variations as well. Okay, so let’s sum up so far. The oppo watch is a real smart watch with reply to notification, wear os calling feature – and there are four things that i really like about it: the build quality, the performance and third party application support, as well as the accuracy. Now let’s talk about the things that i didn’t like about the overwatch and remember. Most of it is nitpicking okay, this might not be a nitpicking, but battery optimization has always been a problem in android, smart watches, that’s. Probably the reason why oneplus watch or even me watch revolve decided to go with proprietary os, which offer 17 to 40 days of battery life, but that’s definitely not the case with this oppo watch.

Now, interestingly, the oppo watch description on amazon says it lasts up to 36 hours in smart mode and up to 21 days in power saver mode. Now this is plain gimmick. Ideally, the watch only lasts one day at max in my usage and if you turn on the always on display it won’t even last one day and yes, you can enable the power saver mode to extend the battery life. But then there will be no smartness left in this smart watch. What i mean is you get to see the time step, tracking and heart rate, etc, but you can’t log workout, run any application or even see notification in power saver mode. Overall, if i have to pick one major problem with the oppo watch, is that the battery lasts one day ish at max. Now, to give you a perspective, my apple watch lasts a day and a half so it’s, not that bad, but since i’m, working from home and the charger is also a fast charger in this one, it’s pretty usable other problems. I will just nitpicking here. For example, the strap seems proprietary, so finding a replacement won’t be easy. Also, when you use a google assistant on this watch, i can’t get the ok google detection to work, no matter what ok, google, ok, google, but that’s a weir os problem rather than the overwatch problem, and talking about the wear os problem. Apps on wear os are not optimized as good as the apple watch.

For example, i can’t approve an entry on my gate using this oppo watch, just as i could do in my apple watch overall, should you buy the oppo watch? Well, yes, for 15, 000 or even 13 000 during the sale, it’s a pretty good watch. The display is good. The hardware is good. The basic fitness tracking is on point compared to the apple watch, and you can also pick up call reply to notification and there are plenty of applications which you can install from google play store. Only two downside that i have found is one: google doesn’t want to improve the vros but that’s more of a google problem, rather than the overwatch problem, and second, the battery optimization in this one is possible at best. Overall, if you really want a smart watch and you’re okay with the sacrifices that you will have to make, then go for it it’s a pretty decent watch, which you can get for fifteen thousand. We recommend it that’s it it’s mina signing off.