All kinds of upgrades include a fresh new battery mode, a built in speaker and, of course, boosted specs, but is it an essential wrist accessory well i’ve? Had it slapped on my for just over a week now – and here is my full in depth – fossil generation, 5 smartwatch review and for more than that, it’s, the greatest tech. Please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so the fossil watch sports a 44 millimeter case made of stainless steel and so far it is proven a proper tough nut. I haven’t noticed any scratches or chips, even though i’ve been smacking. My arms off of walls and generally treating the thing with total disrespect there’s been no damage to that screen either, which is definitely good to see, and the watch is water resistant to a depth of three atmospheres or around 30 meters. So you can leave it on when you do your bits, snorkeling or whatever you can grab the generation 5 fossil in a small number of different colors and designs, and i quite like this simple black bottle: it’s, quite sleek, quite elegant and reasonably slender as well. I know that my dnt little child wrists make it look rather massive, but believe me, this is definitely one of the more compact ones that i’ve reviewed recently there’s still a decent heft to it, however, and it isn’t quite perfect, the screen doesn’t seamlessly melt into the Chassis, for instance, so you’ve got this narrow ridge, which is basically a haven for dust and annoying.

You really have to get in there with your fingernails to dig it all out fun times. My review model came with a basic silicone, strap quite good. If you’re going to get your fitness on the globe, of course, you can swap it for any standard 22 mil band rather easily. So you can slap on a leather one if you’re going to have a bit of night out in the town, something like that and fossils 1.3 inch, amoled display doesn’t appear to have changed at all over the fossil generation. 4 model it’s once again perfectly crisp for reading tiny text and those colors are quite punchy as well. Not the maximum brightness levels with the sunshine boost feature enabled you can generally make out everything that’s going on even on quite a sun shiny day. However, the likes of the always on display you’ve got no chance once it starts getting bright out so that’s a bit of a shame, it’s not quite as bright as some rivals, such as the apple watch, but it’s, not bad. To be honest, now, google’s wear os has evolved quite a bit in recent times and it is perfectly enjoyable here on the fossil gen 5.. For a closer look, you can have a gander at my unboxing and full tour, but all of the features that you’d expect are present and correct. You’Ve got wi fi built into the gen 5 here, so you can download new apps without tethering up to your phone.

As well as a massive selection of watch faces as well, and there is a good variety already there on the watch from functional affairs to more stylish efforts – and you also have a spot of nfc support for some. Google pay action and you’ve got a bit of built in gps there as well. So again, you don’t have to tether to your phone. If you go out for a bit of a run, if that’s your bag, fitness fans are, of course well catered for. With the usual tracking apps and the heart rate, monitor that can keep tabs on your posts, 24 hours a day and you’ve got support for a massive selection of activities and workouts too everything from kite servant to cal state calisthenics, which appears to be waving your arms Around like a mentalist, if anyone knows what calisthenics is, let us know down below on the side of the fossil gen 5 smartwatch you’ll find three physical buttons which draw out a fair distance. The middle one is used to bring up your apps menu, while the other two can be customized to load whatever you like. Definitely a very welcome shortcut if there’s an app or two that you use over and over there’s. Also now a proper built in speaker housed right here on the left edge, which is great news if you want to actually get proper feedback from the google assistant. If you want to take a phone call on your watch for whatever reason or if you just want to hear the thing cheer up whenever you get a notification pop through, it is, however, quite tinny and a bit crackly as well, not too surprising, given the watch’s Tiny size and, of course, the fact that it’s got a fully water resistant design as well.

Thankfully i’ve not any issues with clarity or anything like that. The only slightly annoying thing is that you seem to have to wait for watch before you say: okay, google, otherwise it doesn’t seem to recognize it. Okay, google, who is boris johnson according to wikipedia alexander, boris defile johnson, is a british politician serving as prime minister of the united states. Just just stop that’s too depressing. One of the other new features here on the gen 5 is the extended battery mode which joins the existing daily and time only settings. This sits neatly in between the two offering basic smartwatch functionality, including notification alerts, while killing. Many of the other features that you probably won’t need turned on. All of the time, the likes of gps nfc race, to wake gesture, support and even voice activation, and that always on the split or all, unfortunately, acts in this mode and it’s. Just too much of a sacrifice for me, especially like the raised weak gestures, because i don’t always have two hands free and i like to have that always on display. So i can just check out what the time is without having to wake the damn thing. And so i mostly just stuck with the custom battery modes now battery life, unfortunately still ain’t too hot here on the gen 5., with all of those main features, enabled you’ll just about make it through a full day. If you don’t hammer the apps or really use it for much of the fitness stuff and with that extended mode activated, i found that i still only got about a day and a half of life out of the gen 5 per charge.

So still not amazing. I would say if battery life is a major factor for you, maybe look at something like the withens steel hr. Instead, if i think you could get about a month of life on a single charge and it’s got all of the full spot watch functionality built in as for performance. Well, the fossil gen 5 is one of the best around a snapdragon where 3100 chipset powers. The watch backed by a full gig of ram, and that means smooth sailing no matter what you’re up to the only issue i’ve spotted, is that some messages take a couple of seconds to clear when you archive them, and you also get eight gigabytes of storage, packed Into this thing, as well, double the previous generation, so plenty of space for your apps and whatnot. So after living with the generation 5 fossil watch for over a week, is it worthy of a spot on your wrist? Well, i definitely like it. Despite that limited battery life, you get all the features you could possibly hope for all presented in a sleek and slender stainless steel, chassis that’s.