About 18 000 rupees has almost everything one thing that is missing and i’m very surprised that a company like fossil would have that feature missing doesn’t. It have spo2, which i think has become now a regulation feature and is available even in much cheaper, smart watches, but do remember this is fossil review, a few very quick things about it. First and foremost built like a tank very very nice. I started seeing smart watches that are priced under 5000 rupees. They feel really light i’m. Almost shocked, i mean. Is there anything inside them? This one is built really really well. Second, great screen great touch response. Also, let’s. Take a look at this new fossil watch. Providing a premium experience at an affordable price following this simple, yet important lesson: fossil has recently announced a budget friendly version of their highly acclaimed smartwatch the gen 5.. The watch 5e is the latest smartwatch by the brand that promises to deliver a premium, fossil grade experience without breaking your bank. So what did fossil retain and, more importantly, what did they let go of to achieve this let’s find out in our review, starting with the design of the 5e? This smartwatch does take inspiration from its older sibling. The watch with us is the 44mm variant and it comes in a stainless steel casing. The strap situation is also favorable, since these replaceable bands are comfortable to wear and maintain a firm grip keeping up with its legacy.

Fossil has managed to provide a stellar build quality here. The smart watch is sturdy and is water resistant up to 3 atm on the front we get a gorgeous 1.19 inch, ammo led display. That is well lit and easy to read both indoors and outdoors. Now, usually, we find it difficult to get a satisfactory response on a touch capacitive display of this size, but the experience here is rather opposite, swipe tap or touch the display, never missed out on any of our commands and gave us precise feedback even while typing, when You’Re not interacting with the screen of the fossil 5e. You can use the button mounted on the right side to wake it up. We might be nitpicking here, but it would have been a convenient add on if this crown could be used to toggle around the menu. Moving on to the spec sheet of the smartwatch. Under the hood, we get a qualcomm snapdragon, wear 3100 chipset, which, combined together with 1gb of ram, delivers a snappy performance. We also get 4gb of internal storage on the watch, which is ample to store songs or applications. Complementing the hardware is an equally fluid software. The fossil 5e runs on google wear os out of the box, a perfect choice for the smart watch of this caliber. The google os on watch 5e works really well. The feature rich os comes with google certified apps like the google fit app and google translate. A user, can also access, google’s well developed library of apps from their wrist.

Since the watch provides access to the google play store now, usually when we see a more affordable version of a premium smartwatch, there are some sacrifices that the brand has made to reach this price point case in point. Fossil has done the same most notably, we do not get to see a blood oxygen sensor in the 5e, a critical feature in 2021, the absence of the spo2 sensor might put off some potential buyers, but otherwise the 5e packs in a healthy set of sensors that Work accurately, there is a heart rate monitor on board that can be programmed to work around the clock and comes in handy when a user is exercising. Additionally, the 5e comes with an inbuilt microphone and speaker setup, which means you can chat with your friends directly from your wrist. The call quality was crystal clear and we could communicate easily, even if our smartphone was not around battery life is where the smart watch absolutely shines. The 300 milli ampere cell supports rapid charging and can last about a day on a single charge. With all the features turned on. You can also hypermile the usage with custom battery modes, an option which we wish to see on most smart watches. So should you be checking your time with the fossil 5e? We would say yes, while the watch misses out on some features we get to see on its older sibling. It manages to pack in enough value to stand as a solid contender in this price range.