Even before i started wearing smart watches on the daily, i wore traditional watches and, to be honest, while i loved the functionality of smart watches, i have always preferred the look of a traditional watch. So, for me, this watch has the potential to offer the best of both worlds. The gen 6 hybrid is currently available on fossil.com and amazon and is available in eight different skus four mens and four womens, with an assortment of watch, face colors and straps to choose from with prices ranging from 229 to 249 usd taking a look at the front Of the box, we can actually learn a lot about fossil and their priorities. They are one of the only smart watch makers that i know of that put a transparent lid on their packaging. So you can actually see what the watch looks like before you even ever. Open the box fossil has a tradition of making sharp looking, watches and smart watches, and it looks like this watch is no different and if we take a closer look at the top left corner of the front of the box, we see that the watch is indeed Iphone and android compatible there doesnt appear to be a whole lot else to learn by looking at the packaging of this thing, so lets go ahead and unbox. So inside the box we have the watch, charging, cable and the expected documentation. So getting back to the watch, i think it both looks and feels great.

I got the kind of burgundy and gold watch face because i thought it looked unique and i never had a watch that looked like that and i think it blends well with the black outer casing. The watch definitely has a very heavy and premium feel to it. So, im not sure how good it will be for exercise, but as a good looking fashion accessory. I think this will do the job quite nicely now, if youre not familiar with hybrid watches, i think its important to mention that there is no touch screen because the physical hands uh preclude you from being able to put a touch screen over the top of the Watch space, so all the functionality will come from these buttons over here on the side of the watch, which thankfully do feel uh very nice and clicky, and while i was just clicking around those buttons youll see, i accidentally stumbled upon. I guess some type of setup feature because it says download the app so because this watch is a hybrid. It is not running where os. So you do need to download fossils proprietary app from the google play or apple app store and well be doing that here. In just a minute, one of the things i always appreciate about fossil swatches are the straps that come with the watch, and i got this leather hybrid, strap on this watch, which gives you a nice balance between durability and a good look uh.

It does use a standard uh 24 millimeter strap, which is nice. They dont use proprietary straps, so you can get a strap from anywhere and replace it if you dont, like it, but fossil watches are some of the only watches, some of the only smart, watches ive ever purchased, where i dont actually go out and buy another watch Band after purchase, i usually like the band that comes on them. Just fine, taking a look at the charge, cable, its running a standard, usb port on one end with their proprietary uh charging technology. On the other fossil claims, you can pull a 80 charge in just 60 minutes with this watch and while that is very respectable for uh, a smart watch im not actually sure how much it matters, because, since this watch isnt running, wear os and it doesnt have An oled screen youre supposed to be able to get two weeks of charge out of this sucker, so that would be pretty amazing if thats, actually, the case and ill certainly be testing that out for the full review. So, as mentioned before, because this is an aware os device, you will not be able to set it up with the wear os app so to set it up, you will need to download the fossil smart watches app from either the android or apple app store. Once you get signed into the app, the pairing process is pretty quick and painless, and once the watch pairs youll be able to see some of its functions like wellness, tracking notifications, battery life and its app launcher and youll see, the watch supports alexa, and this is Actually a big deal because since this isnt a wireless device, there is no other insistent included on the watch.

So having alexa, while maybe not quite as good as google assistant for some folks is certainly a lot better than nothing. So if youre like me and youre a little bit nervous about navigating around on a smartwatch without a touch screen, it actually doesnt seem to be too bad in order to bring up the app launcher. You simply hit this middle button here and then you scroll through the different options using the top and bottom buttons and when youre ready to make a selection, you simply hit the middle button again and scrolling through the options in the app launcher. Youll see theres an option for weather, bringing your phone music controls. Alexa notifications watch settings wellness working out a timer and a stopwatch, and while that may not be all the features you would see on a traditional smartwatch, it does seem that most of the basics here are covered well, thats. All the information i have today about the fossil gen 6, but be sure to sub to the channel if you dont, want to miss the full review when it drops here in the next couple of weeks. Consider it dumb.