How is the weather today today in champion holly therell, be scattered thunderstorms with a forecasted high of 83 and a low of 69., currently its 83 degrees, with light drizzle processor qualcomm, snapdragon 4100 between you and then the sound clarity was good. The speaker is average. I will not say it is too loud, but it is average if i have to compare other music speakers, but its loud enough. We are pleased to introduce airtel black one plan for all your plans to know more visit, Music 24 hours. So this accuracy is actually good on the sensors given Music Music then and which truly makes it a smart watch. But battery again is my negative points. So all in all, if you ask me uh its a 50 50 kind of anything guys, and i would suggest that if you have the budget, then only go for it. Otherwise, your share and subscribe to my channel, which is lifestyle tech. I will see you guys in the next one.