This is the fossil gen 6.. I feel like this watch has been in the works or i guess weve been talking about it being in the works for what seems like forever more times than i can keep track of, but it is. Finally, here we do have one its time to get to testing – i i hope its not too late or the timing isnt as bad as it sure seems for this watch, but uh either way lets uh lets. Take a look at it lets dive in here. This is a first look at unboxing of the fossil gen 6.. Now i obviously mentioned that the timing here is not great, because well samsung and google just announced and released. You know the galaxy watch, four line, which has four different watches and theyre all specked out and super fancy and priced incredibly, and if i can get into this thing and they run well wear os 3.0. So this watch and all the other watches not made by samsung at the moment, are uh. Well, they run qualcomms chipsets and they run wear os to a dot. Oh wow, theres stickers, everywhere scissors were just cutting. What in the world? How do you get into this thing? Oh jesus, i just cut my hands fossil gen 6. Anyway, back on track. I i think ive got. You can see the uh the damage that we did just just get off cover. Okay. So, as i was saying, the timing here, its just ive written about this and how unfortunate all of it is that it just feels, i feel bad for fossil.

To be honest, anyways um well talk more about that in a second um packaging still pretty standard fossil. They did change the box, it looks upgraded. The box looks nicer, the little gen 5 stuff, its getting a little tired. Anyway, we have a new charger here, so we can get this i mean the packaging is throwing throwing me for some kind of what in the world. Okay. Here we go. Oh theres, a plastic insert this is this: is wild all right, a new charger, so charger double pin action. There used to be well with the fossil gen 5 and all the gen 5 watches, and i think even the sport and right before that, you know they did the pin charging thing and the pin charging thing was on the bottom on the bottom here, which well Get into more in a second theres, these charging rings and they would come off like they came off of everyones watch who wore it on the daily. So anyways theyve apparently fixed that on the watch and weve got a new charging ring and i i think we have double the pins now used to just have two. I think anyway, so new charger, so thats, exciting um here is the watch thats a sticker. You guys knew that so thats the sticker, so this is uh the fossil gen, six and uh. We went with just the straight black rubber, cheap band. The cheapest band there is, there are several different options, but um anyway.

So let me just catch a ketchup here. Again so timing, wise samsung release new galaxy watch 4 lineup, which has four different options: four different size options: four different price points starts as low as 249, which is absurd for all of the tech that samsung built in. But the big thing for those of us you know in this in this wear os watch game is the fact that they run wear west three and this guy doesnt. So this guy will one day, maybe a year from now, maybe six, seven, eight months from now. We dont we dont actually know when were told. This watch can run that i probably need to charge plug this in in order to turn it on anyway were told this can run 3.0 and itll be fine and one day well get there at this stage, though it doesnt so youre buying this watch. Knowing that uh youre going to be behind the times anyway lets talk, specs actually lets see. If we can figure out how to turn this damn thing off plug it in first will that do it there we go. I felt there it is. It turned off okay, so fossil gen 6. lets talk about what it is and then maybe well come back to the software stuff. I know im all over the place. Wear west 2.0 in this not 3.0 like in samsungs. However, everything else has been improved here. So the case looks like it might be slimmer than the gen 5, which ill get out in a second um.

We still have the two pushers in the rotating crown and hopefully the buttons are improved and things like that um as far as the design and stuff goes, it still very much looks like a uh. A fossil watch looks like a fashion piece, not so much a sporty fitness piece, even though this will do kind of everything. This bezel looks like it might rotate like samsung it doesnt. It is fixed, thats, okay, because you have the rotating crown over here. So snapdragon wear 4 100 plus on the inside. This is the first watch to launch with the plus. Now mob boy has some 4100 watches, but they run the 4100 that says the plus. That means you get a special co processor to help with battery stuff. So, like always on display and some of those things where you dont need the full processor powering and juicing on and all that stuff, so 4, 100 plus thats good uh, one gig ram, 8 gig storage, so not a ton of storage. But i dont know what youre really storing on your watch anyway, the gig of ram. We do love because we know with wear os watches that run qualcomm chips, that that that gig of ram is necessary. You have a 1.28 inch color amoled display up top, which you obviously cant, really see, because im on this screen well show you in a second, its 4 16 by 4 16., its very high res amoled, supposed to be brighter better outdoors.

All that stuff should just be overall, a better upgraded um display. So the watch also has a speaker microphone, itll vibrate on your wrist. All that stuff, just like any other old watch, is used to uh bluetooth, 5.0 theres, an improvement. We still got. Gps weve got nfc, weve got wi, fi, accelerometer and altimeter and ambient light and a compass and a gyroscope and off body stuff, and you do have a heart rate. Sensor. Itll do blood oxygen, so it has a new sensor back here. So heart rate spo2 blood oxygen, all that stuff um fossil built in all of their fabulous battery modes, where you can really fine tune this down to um like wi, fi, off or bluetooth, offer i like this and that off you can really sort of customize. Your experiences, we absolutely love it um itll track sleep and activities and fitness stuff, and all of that i mean this is this: is fossil theyre, not exactly a fitness or a tech company, but they have been making these for a while and theyve been working on. The stuff look theyve been improving, wear os, whereas google hasnt touched it. I mean. I know google and samsung apparently got together for wear os three, but before that was where i was too like fossil had to basically lead the charge for wear os so thats again. Why its unfortunate that they seem to have gotten left behind um, since they were, you know, basically the brand keeping it all alive.

Uh three atm water resistance, 44 millimeter case so its this is a big watch and uh! Oh and you can see on the back here – 22 millimeter bands this takes so uh, swap them out. If you want. I will be swapping this out this thing. It doesnt actually feel as cheap as i thought it was going to, but it is just a cheap band. There are several options: theres, like a brown leather one. I think that has rubber on the inside. You can get the metal band if you want. You do have some theres even like a camo velcro option, which is goofy but whatever um so yeah. Let me uh lets connect it to an android phone all right. So here we are walking through the setup process. You guys seem to like it when we do this so anyway uh. I turn this on. It says: wear os open the thing up on your phone. We opened the wear os app selected, fossil gen 6, and here we are its connecting its a little slower but im sure itll pick up, maybe its this running beta software over here on this pixel 5. Who knows so uh well speed through this. As this happens, there we go connected getting stuff all right. After setting up my google accounts, it says youre all set so were were all set there. We go fossil gen, 6 connect. It all right lets just uh lets, set that there and and talk more about it.

So oh well, its finishing so um before we dive in lets just run through the samsung situation. Again so fossil has said, look our watch. This watch will run where os3, obviously its, not ready. Obviously, google has done something with samsung to where samsung has some sort of exclusive on it or everyone else is so dang far behind that no one else can have it or use it or get it ready or something for a super extended period of time and Google said second half of 2022 is when this watch and mob voice capable watches, will get wear os 3.. We dont know what that means. We dont know if that means so samsungs wear west is heavily skinned. You cant even barely tell that its running wear os. So we dont know, if fossils, going to need to skin it if mob boy is going to need to skin it or and if there isnt this sort of bare bones version that they already ship, we dont. We just have no idea what the situation is. All we know is second half of next year is when itll get it, which seems like a really long time. Uh. This watch costs 299., so 300 samsung started 250 euro os version behind it. This is gon na, be a tough battle for uh for fossil, but were here and weve now uh weve got the watch. Im still excited, even though i know its. This is just going to be weird uh.

Look at that. We finally have a later button on the stinking explorer, whereas okay, so here we go uh welcome to wellness, okay, cool, its downloading stuff, spotify, oh theres, a system update already we got all sorts of things going on. Let me uh. Let me wipe through all of this and then well uh well rejoin you well, uh things have changed. A little bit were fast forwarding, uh 12 hours or so so. When i started this, obviously there was that software update going on and it took forever and uh. There was a bunch of app updates and things like that too, so i didnt want you guys to watch that happen and me fiddle with it and go. Oh, my gosh kellen, its so janky, just like the days of old, like you did with the galaxy watch four, which is by no means a jinky watch. So anyway, we finished that it actually just took a really long time and i went to bed. But we are back now: the watch is booted up and running ive set it up, ive been using it. I wore it to sleep, it tracked a little bit there and uh yeah. So this is the uh, the fossil gen six, so you know wearing it. For several hours and to bed and things like that, the watch um at 44 millimeter its a its a large watch, but its actually a lot thinner, i think, than youll find in most smart watches.

You guys i, like i, i reviewed the ticwatch e3 recently, and that thing is, i mean its probably double the thickness here, an absolute monstrosity, uncomfortable thing this is uh actually put together very nicely. It feels has a really good weight to it, so ive been wearing um, both the galaxy watch 4, the regular one, a 44 mil and an apple watch a little bit off and on and those watches are both very very light. So this definitely has a noticeable amount of weight to it, which some may appreciate some may not um, and this band that comes with it. I know i kind of clowned on it earlier, but uh its actually not bad for just a rubber sport sort of band. Its actually not as bad a quality im, still gon na, swap it out, but uh, not not too bad um so anyway, that that was a shot of it on the wrist. Let me get you another one, so there it is on the wrist so again um. I, by no means do i have large wrists. If anything i have smaller wrists and uh. This is a 44 millimeter it. You know it fits okay. I mean its its its big and im sure youre looking at it going dude that looks huge um compared to some of the other watches ive used like i feel like the ticwatch pro 3 is large um and so yeah it uh. If its okay and look at you can see profile, why is it its its not a very tall watch, so i actually like the way it fits.

You know i dont have any weird gaps in here. I know you cant see that at all theres, not any weird gaps. Remember the galaxy watch four. If you watch our review our video there, like the band that came with that like it just it was awful. This is actually a pretty a pretty nice fit. You know rotating crown, you got your buttons, so um so far pretty impressed with it. The performance is solid. The charging is great. You can charge this thing up in a hurry. Theyre always on display with plenty of colors ill. Show you that again so thats the always on display. So this is the one that comes with the watch plenty of colors there and thats part of the deal with you know the 4100 plus and the co processor and allowing it to show colors. And you know an upgraded display and that sort of thing um. So if we take a look, though um here is the wear os setup, i know some of you guys really care about, watch or watch faces that come pre loaded. So here is a look at these. These are just i havent installed anything extra i dont think, but if we scroll through that, i believe it pre loaded facer. I think they must have made a deal with fossil. I i dont think i have facer on my phone, so i dont know why that would have pre loaded um, but it did that during setup.

You can see some of these other ones. Theres fancy and digital um. Google fit obviously preload some of those none of these look insanely new or that fresh. To me i mean this. One is kind of the one youre seeing in all the ads and things like that, so its kind of the main one um i will probably switch to there was one uh, probably this one just because it has all the stat tracking and things like that. So those are the pre loaded watch faces not a ton there, but they are there. So what else do we show you so a little bit closer here? So the watch itself, um theres? Definitely some bezel floating around. You can see it right there. So you definitely the display isnt coming out to the very edge by any means. Um, so youve definitely got some bezel, but thats kind of been a thing with fossil watches for quite some time. Actually, the only watch that didnt really have much bezel was the original moto 360, but it had issues and it had the flat tire and we all know the the issues there, so it definitely sort of has like a classic watch. Look versus. You know. Samsungs watches, like especially the galaxy watch for the regular non classic one where its kind of more a sporty watch. This is more of a classic style. Obviously, its got that chronograph style with the pushers um, your rotating crown, your button um.

You know this is wear os 2. You guys have seen this so swipe over heres, your sort of google assistant, a look at your day. You swipe down heres your quick settings. Tiles. None of this is like customizable as it is on. Like samsungs watches, you uh you swipe up and uh sorry from bottom up and thats, where you get your notifications, you swipe this way, and this is where you get to your different tiles um. You can see its got weather and sp02 and theres sleep tracking and if you keep going theres an alexa coming soon tile, so alexa is apparently coming to fossil watches um press this top button. You can customize these, but this just has um the uh. The fossil wellness app out of the box, if you press this bottom one its set to do, google pay out of the box and then uh. If you press this button, um the main button that gets you into your app drawer and, of course, im scrolling using the uh, the rotating crown and its very, very responsive and precise, not that it wasnt on. You know the gen 5, but it feels really good. Um, of course, you can tap on apps, whatever you want to do. Click this to go backwards, so uh, oh and long press to get into your watch faces. So i mean this is: where os you guys have seen this a hundred times you you know exactly how this works um.

I will say that if we go into this little battery shortcut, you do have your battery modes, which are a big deal with uh with fossil, so theres extended and time only modes and things like that. Thatll, try to get you extra battery life when youre running out of juice, specifically extended will turn auto on. If you want to once, you hit 10 percent, but if you go into and tap on daily and then scroll down and hit customize and then, if you scroll through here, this is where you can turn on, like always on display touch to wake. Some of those things are in there. Those are in a different section of the watch as well, but you can have your bluetooth scheduled turn your wi, fi and location nfc off those sorts of things and those will all help extend your battery life. So we do have battery modes back again, theres. Obviously, a bunch of wellness features so activity tracking sleep, tracking cardio fitness levels, which i believe is vo2 max on this blood oxygen and your heart rate, itll do continuous heart rate. You can switch over and use google fit if you want to get some background heart rate it obviously installs. Several other apps has gps, so you can take it on, runs and whatnot, so yeah long, video about a watch that we kind of know a lot about. So again, 4100 plus platform performance will be great, seems great.

So far, um well be curious. What battery lifes like swap this band out? We will definitely um put this thing through the testing uh just quickly, so you can see it here. It is next to the fossil gen five, i believe same size case. This was either a 45 or a 44, so pretty similar size case slightly different in design. You just sort of have these protectors around the crown now, whereas there was a little more exposed. This actually has a more unique look to it. I think versus the actually much prefer the look of the gen 5, because i dont like this, this sort of knurling or whatever this is on the on this bezel. I think it looks kind of cheap this one. Just looks a little bit slicker um. If we go to that sort of profile view about the same thickness, i mean theyre very similar in size, one just hasnt upgraded. You can see their upgraded heart and spo2 sensor. The charging rings. We also believe are upgraded and actually embedded underneath the case, so they shouldnt come out after charging it a million times but very similar designs. And then, if you want to see this as well, this is the galaxy watch for the regular one uh. This is the 44 mil so same exact size case. You can see its just a very, very different look obvious its a much lighter watch as well. This is sort of more of a sport watch, whereas this is fashion timepiece, similar specs, i would say, samsung – probably has them upgraded over.

You know in the tech department fancier sensor, possibly that sort of deal this watch starts at 249.. This particular model is 279. This thing is 299. very different experiences where os4 here im sorry where os 3 here wear os 2 here this is also heavily skinned, and you cant really tell that its where it was anyways. We do have a fossil gen. 6 now well start reviewing it um. Well, have a full written review up at the site and all that stuff.