They dropped off. Another watch lets open this box because well i i i dont primarily specialize in unboxings, but i do have a dilemma that i do like opening things. Its just fun its like christmas in Music october, texember yeah, lets see whats inside oh. Is that a is that a battery warning? No, no battery warning all right got my uh old, guys, rule patch and let that ride right there and here goes nothing come on there. We go. Oh thats, a nice box, its a fossil, genuine fossil issue, number issue: number 54, authentic quality, high def sound, designed with pride, theres a bear and oh yeah brown paper. What is it like brown paper? Okay, toss that aside whats that dont forget the details by fossil. Very nice, so thats my receipt with a prepaid return label love the box. I think i might just like mount this on my wall. Thats, pretty cool okay, toss that aside, ah genuine gen, 6 iphone and android. So we have a whole bunch of really really small fonts gen 6 wear os by google. Now, even though it says apple, you know im tempted to try that i mean i dont know the last time i tried wear os with apple yeah. This stuff is sticky. It was a bad experience, so we have that little sticker right there can. I just cut that you know i like to preserve the packaging as much as i can, because i never know which ones im gon na keep which ones im gon na sell.

Let me in okay, those came off quite easily. I guess i didnt need to cut it. Oh that one okay pack engines not too bad. They said it. Oh, the watch is freezing cold because it was in the fedex truck lets see how cold it is. Oh yeah, 63.. Okay right out of the bat love the band very much so so i guess thats what the watch is gon na look like lets power it on im guessing top right. What do you think nope? Okay lets? Try this one. You know thats! This watch by cassio. I cannot figure out how to turn off the alarm. Okay, maybe its dead, maybe its this one bummer okay lets try the charger, nice cable, its, not braided ill. Let that slide usb a meh im either here nor there. Luckily, i do have a bunch of chargers. Hang on yeah ive been using iphone since 2009. I believe so. I have a bunch of these laying around so now. Well, just plug this in click plug this in click lets power. This on i want to go cycling. So theres a little protector on the back here. Take that off very nice, so lets look at the watch just for a second fossil band, a little quick release. Oh i like that, its a nice big button. What does that say us patent bracelet 22 millimeter, which means hopefully i can get some 22 millimeter bands that will fit this.

It looks like they just kind of wrap around, so not the standard band. This one is probably not gon na work. I dont know how to try, but if i have to buy a fossil band so be it also check barton and then on. The back. We have heart. Sensor has the model if i can get it to move the band, its kind of awkward model, number dw1352 and then theres the serial number and so far and so forth. All right! Well, what do you all think so far lets charge it a little magnet thing and that should power it up? Oh thats, pretty i do like that. I do like a color screen now. Nothing against cassio theres, nothing wrong with chromatic black and white battery life is really good on this one. By the way, oh nice splash screen wear os. Now there might be one downside already. I dont know if this is running. Wear os three, i saw that they launched a new one and i like the design, so i quickly just ordered it tap to begin. Should we do english? What do you think italian deutsch lets do english? I agree to the terms okay on your phone download. Wear os by google google, google yeah – i did that already, but im filming on the device, so fossil jan six need help. Oh you know what it looks like im. Gon na have to download that its not gon na.

Let me do anything else. All right were gon na have to switch phones im just gon na. Let this charge im gon na go cycling, and i really wanted to go cycling with this device.