My friend do you know that subscribing to this channel will grant you access to more secrets and quotes like this subscribe now. Let’S continue so won’t be needing the smartphone just the smartwatch itself. Now here is what you have to do. There are some codes that you need to know, and these are codes that will, let you to know the processor on the smartwatch and if you want to adjust the volume and if you want to change the ringtones and some other settings like that, let’s proceed. So you go to the die, which is this if you want to know the processor of your phone, which is mediatek but let’s just confirm this. You die star ash. 6, 3. 3. 4. 2, 8, 3. 5 hash to show you media tech. That is for that and if you want to adjust the volume or go to the inner settings of this smartwatch here are the secret settings that you can do style, star, ash, 99364633 and ash. This will take you to the engineering of the w26 plus smart watch. You can see the device settings, the audio settings and the mid settings so let’s start with the device setting. This saturati is just for you to set the mie of the smartwatch, and these two dcm mode and bqb mode are for the bluetooth settings. So let’s. Just look into it and see another ua, ualty settings let’s, select that and you can see this is settings for the ualtest settings.

So if you don’t know anything about this, please don’t change anything there, just go by by swiping to the right, okay and go back once again. All you have to do. Don’T touch any settings. If you know you don’t have the proper understanding of how those settings work so let’s go to the audio. This is where, if you want to set the mode this normal mode, loudspeaker mode, headset mode, actually it is in normal mode. I have to set it in last camera because i want something that have much volume and i can hear when i’m making calls. I can easily control some things from this smartwatch. Okay, so you can just swipe back, and this is normal mode. Let’S go back and there are some other settings there. Also, apart from that, this is speech enhancement, mostly engineers, use this. You know this mode, you understand, so you don’t know how to set it. You can just leave it or just look at it. Walk around but don’t change the settings, if you don’t, have the accurate knowledge about this settings. Okay, all right. So that is that, for the audio and for the miss setting you can see. This is memory dump. The memory drop actually serve for record log of the smart watch, so in case you need to get some records, like maybe blood pressure record, or some stuffs like that. So if you don’t really need that you can just let it be, and that is that, for the uh engineering mode of this smart watch and another mode, i would like you to know, is the testing or factory mode isn’t.

It go this way, dial star ash. 9. 9. 6. 6. Star ash. You press food. Now you can see the factory mode, this factory mode. You can see the version of your smart watch. You can see the seat time and the mcu of the smart watch. Okay, then you go back by swiping right. So this is the keypad um settings, the lcd red, green, blue white and black all right. So for the backlight, this is just a settings of the backlight, and this is for the mic and speaker to test the mic and speaker. Okay and this for the vibrator is vibrating, let me put it here: can you hear that now, okay, it’s just for the vibrating, the bluetooth, you want to search your device, maybe it’s not really connecting you can come here and do that and if you want to Reset it from here, you can reset it and it will reset all the data right on your smart watch. Okay – and this is for ringing tone if you want to test the ringing tone, just the p, pin and that’s for that, and that is all about the factory mode of the w 26 plus smartwatch. So another code i would want you to know about – is the a2dp normal mode. Here you have to die star ash one. Two, three four and ash: you press down. Okay, this is the a to dp, pts mode, all right, a to dp pts mode, so i’ll be telling you that in another video entirely, all right, i’ve learned something so far.