Nous sommes une chaîne YouTube sur le web, yep at SmartWatch,, hmm, premières impressions, huh wow that's a tall order for something that hasn't even been reviewed. Encore, like where's, the review I've been waiting. It'S coming, it is coming. Évidemment, I've done the unboxing part of it and we're working our way through the whole thing. If that's the charging dock gang – et c’est la montre – let's fire it up. While I tell you a little bit about this one right now mm hmm, I have oh yeah. I got ta push the bottom button to get it to go hello there we are, I have a buying source for you. Oui, I do check it out. You can pick this up from bang good. They sent this one that's. Why we've got it that's? Why you're able to see it right now, so really appreciate it. If you use the link in the show notes to pick yours up after watching this, if you are inclined, I know the price is way better than that. There'S, the spec sheet, that's gon na be in the full upcoming review, make sure you're subscribed. So you can get a ding dong when that happens. So as it comes up, Vous voyez, it is a really really big watch and I thought this is a gaming watch. This is gon na be great. So obviously the first thing I did was load up fortnight right. I figured wow wait till I start playing on this.

Only to watch my world collapse into a black hole, Mon Dieu, but that's, d'accord, that's, d'accord, I'm kidding, bien sûr, I'm kidding. They don't know about watches yet so fortnight works on the LEM tee yeah yeah. The only problem is, I was the only one there so like I really couldn't do much. So all I could do was basically go. I am Iron Man, since I was the only one left. Oh, I don't want to spoil anything, so I didn't say that you see I'm trying to change the brightness and I'm not having success because I've installed the special display brightness on this, which he says he can slide it over here and brighten it up. If I ever learn where it is there, you go and make it just right to see on the screen. You know about display brightness. It works on all kinds of wow I'm getting into review. I want to give you first impressions and get out of here here. It is the lympho le MT it's, gorgeous it's beautiful. It looks really awesome on. Réellement, it is definitely gon na be an attention. Getter and I've got my attention on getting the band on right now, as you strap it on you'll notice that it's really a big band, keep it kind of loose it's, not gon na really fly too easily. If you get it one notch above the edge and it's not going to constrict your pulse so that your hand falls off, think of it as mounting armor right and there you go it slides in with a little catch on here, and you have got yourself the Most awesome phone on your arm.

I mean watch on your arm. You'Ve ever seen, big screen edge to edge top to bottom it's got a little bit of buffer on the sides. That'S, d'accord, it kind of makes it look. Centered a little bit. You'Ve got your standard stuff in here and I'm doing the darn review again that's coming. Let me tell you what I think of it. I think it's really cool. I think this is the kind of thing that um yeah. You could have this as a major watch. Si vous voulez, it is big and it's a little bit heavy and it would be easy to bang against things, so you got to be real, careful not to shatter the screen. You don't typically fly your phone around in your hand, but you might easily fly this around so be very careful with the screen as you're using it. The design quality of it has it such that it's got a little taper to the case itself. The bands are not removable there. I go reviewing it again anyway. Oh I'm, all sweaty right now, it's got this contour. That holds it nicely against your arm and it really works well as far as adding in apps that's great because it's square, it plays pretty much all Android apps awesome, and I can show you right here that there's no lag in this one as big as it Is as beefy as the battery is as much memory as there is, and all that's in the specs that you'll see later it is keeping up nicely with whatever you want to do by slide over you see hello.

Oh, it accidentally touched let's, see here's, where you have all of your stuff for fitness and here's, where you have your app door that's. What I wanted to show you how smooth it goes, we'll, be going through all these apps later and talking about them, including ant 2 2 reports and different fitness apps that you can put in, and this is a good example koi pond that's a screen. Saver kind of a thing and it's nice and smooth and works well. How is it in gaming iro I'm? Not a gamer. I try now got sucked into a black hole, so I'm not going there anymore, but for you gamers, S'il vous plaît, when you get yours test it out, come back and leave a comment on how well it performs for you does it have all of the sensors and things A phone has no, it it's not going to handle everything, but it's gon na handle quite a bit. Je pense. My first impressions are it's worth the money. As long as the money's, pas 200, bucks look for a sale, it's gon na be coming out soon. A pre launch is always the best time to Bry. We are in the holiday buying season coming up very soon, and that means 1111 Black Friday Cyber Monday. All those time frames would be good too, to pick it up or, comme je l’ai dit, just chop in there and use the coupon that we've got for you right now from bang good bye, also really having listening for you from directly from lympho themselves real soon, and Hopefully, a really good price for you there too, so either choice banggood or directly from lympho off their Aliexpress storefront will be great ways of picking this thing up and again using our links helps us out here so that I can actually get into fortnight when it Comes back, oh salut, Tous! I got excited and touch the camera.

Oui, it has a front facing camera right there and, Oui, you can do landscape or portrait. Et, Oui, you can do video chatting as long as you're on by you've been watching. Tiques smartwatch.