Yes me, the bloke off twitter that nobody interacts with anymore because i’m shadow band, or something like that anyway, right this is another watch video um. Unfortunately, um this purchase was inevitable. Um ever since they’ve come out, i’ve quite fancied one and thought about it and thought about it and i’ve looked at all the different colors and thought about it, a bit more and never actually bought one um. So i’ve been flogging. Some gear on ebay, not gear as in gear but gear as in stuff, that i don’t need anymore. So i’ve got some cash, which is brilliant um, so i’ve spent some cash um let’s have a look and see what i’ve spent on okay. So no surprise. It’S g shock um: this is um a slightly smaller box. Is that a clue? Is it a clueless? This is like this water box. Let’S have a look and take it out of the box and see what’s in there um sticker at the price of 109. Pounds does that give it away, get it out and obviously it’s another another ad. So all good um card obviously um more bits of paper that nobody gives the monkeys about, because if you can’t use a g shock, watch out box thing you’re stupid to be honest, um, stuff, okay, so this is this is the magic. Oh there you go a little little flash of the color. There might have been giving it away what it is a bit of rustling okay, so this is uh the casey oak in larry mustard, yellow there you go awesome so i’ve always liked these.

I thought they’re fab. I like the shape like the design of them. I obviously looked at the all black one when that came out and then couldn’t buy one anywhere, which is ridiculous because they’re in stock and they always have been um the gray out one. I really like the red out one i really like um. I just fancy something a little bit different from my usual kind of sort of dark, colored, manly, sort of watches um for a bit of fun, um, so yeah, it’s kind of it’s. A lot more. I don’t know like mustardy color, more mustard than right yeah. It looks really bright yet on the website. Um and it’s kind of what’s upside down, i don’t know, is it um right, let’s have a look see and get up close on that it’s a nice. Quite a nice design kind of simple black and yellow. As you know, i like a bit of black and yellow it is very thin compared to that. Look at that tiny, tiny little thing. Um band is quite nice actually for a g shock for a cheap g shock and i say cheap because it was really cheap, um, nice and flexible, like that. Quite a lot tags on there model number of this one is the ga2110su 9aer, obviously different for the different colors. I guess: can we see the light on there? How bright? Is it rubbish just like the j900 absolute not going to like anything, but do you care honestly, do you care? How often do you look at your watch at night? You don’t dear let’s, be honest, um, yeah, it’s, just simple tells the time got a stopwatch.

Timer world time, if you use any of that you’re a better g shock fan than me, because i don’t use any of it. I don’t, i just wear them because i like them, i like how they look um there. You go carbon core guard, so i suppose that’s that’s, quite funky in it for a cheap watch um. That means you’ve got the carbon bit in the middle, keeping it tough and strong um that’s a really nice watch dogs on one today. So hang on sorry about that um. So, anyway, back to the watch, um yeah, i do it’s just a. I mean there’s, not a lot to say about it. It’S just it’s funky. I like the octagonal shape of it. It’S a nice color, um let’s have a look at what it looks like on. Uh mud master again, hardly a surprise there. I wear this thing so much so much all the time, because i just kind of don’t care about it. I don’t mind if it’s not bashed, while we’ve covered that before so no surprise that that’s on my wrist again, let’s have a look see what it looks like put it. The right way out would help okay fits kind of nicely very light, obviously because there’s not really anything to it, but um. Look how thin it is really thin. Wristwell it’s, just it’s, just nice fits lovely it’s. A nice size on your wrist hang on stand up for a bit it’s a new it’s, a new thing in your pocket, so really it’s, yeah, so nice it’s a lovely size.

It doesn’t feel doesn’t feel bulky plenty of movement in your wrist like that. Quite a lot yeah nice, like that it’s kind of like a like a summer watch. You know, i suppose, like shorts and t shirt and down the pub drinking people are going whoa what’s that watch it’s really exciting. Oh it’s, very yellow and you’ll. Go yes! It’S very yellow, it’s new shorts anyway you’ll. Have that conversation with people? I imagine, because it’s it’s, different and smart, i mean let’s, be honest right. Those kits that make these look like aps are just bollocks. No one in their right, mind is going to believe one of these in a cheap metal case from china is a 30 grand watch they’re, just not don’t even bother embrace it for what it is: a cheap g shock that looks cool and a bit different that’s. What you want that’s? Why you buy it? Okay, i’m! Talking cheap g shock. You can get 10 off every time you go on their website with what’s the code, 041g shot 10 10 off instantly and if you shop around and help even sign up for people’s newsletters like i did at, something or other – and you get another 10 off. So this 109 pound watch cost me a grand total of 81 quid nothing peanuts, cheap, cheap g shock smack it around looks a bit different nice for the summer nice to have when you’re feeling a bit bright and a bit chewy.

But you know it’s a it’s. A basic g shot tells the time tells the time that’s it doesn’t do anything else, but it’s cool and i think every g shock owner or every g shock fan. Sorry should have one of these in their collection and there are millions of them. The gray one is lovely, the red one is lovely and because they’re cheap, they may will draw my collection at some point, but i wanted the yellow one, went big big or go big or go home right black and yellow my favorite combination. I watch love it. This is going to get a lot of wrist time. Okay, so that’s it um. Just a really quick unboxing of the ga2100 in gcb, yellow, i think it’s great. I really like it. It’S it’s cool it’s, different it’s, different to the standard kind of g shock, shape size, all the rest of it, and i can see that getting a lot of this time. Um. Let me know what you think, obviously i’ve slagged off modifying them, but do you think i should mod it i’m not going to, but let me know in the comments what you think. Do you like the watch? Do you like the color? Would you buy one? Would you add one to your collection interesting to see what you think as g shock fans? I will see you next time.