I guess it’s probably limited edition too um, so yeah we’re gon na take a look at it. Um i’m gon na give you my opinion on it. You know this one sold out pretty quickly and i know there was this whole discussion about um how bad the website was and how it crashed and everything. So some of us were lucky to get one um, and you know i feel, like everyone should be able to get one. I don’t think you know there should be this pressure on. Oh, my god am i gon na actually make the cut and get one um. So i don’t know what the deal is with this stuff, but uh. You know, um don’t worry about it. There’S gon na be other um editions. I guess so let’s get to the unboxing of this all right. So i’m gon na go ahead and just cut this. All right, good, all right! So before we continue, let me show you what i’m wearing today that’s right. I got the other special edition, one which is the chinese new year, one um of this year. The 2021 model it’s got this gold plated case, um it’s really cool. I actually really it’s even got the the g shock buckle here, it’s metal um. I really like this watch guys i mean this is. I think this is still going to be my favorite between the two and this one is a keeper for me: i’m.

Definitely not selling this i’m gon na keep this one. I really like it. I think it’s, a really cool um cool watch, check out my video on this one and see the the case back. It’S really awesome all right. Oh six, o’clock all right, so you have your normal packaging when you get it directly from the g shock website. There’S a invoice there and that’s about it all right, so let’s start with the box, um that’s, pretty cool, so they’re, giving you all the details here of the of the mission i heard somewhere that this is what it was um appearing on the computer uh when They when they were working on that mission, so um that’s, pretty cool. You know. Definitely you want to keep this so on the on the side, you got the ears when that happened. 1981. got the model. This is the 5600 nasa 21 uh it’s i’m. Pretty sure that’s just the very base, uh module 3229 um. What else anything else, nothing else all right, let’s open this up should probably keep this here, keep it in the background, all right. So let’s start with the 10th um 40th anniversary of the first space mission, which was on april 12th, 1981. beautiful, tent, very, very cool um wow that’s that’s, actually pretty cool. I wonder if this is cooler than the actual watch. You know um that’s, where it landed and that’s where it all took place, happy to say i’ve, been there i’ve seen one um one of those missions, um in person, it’s, pretty cool it’s heck of an experience used to live down in daytona beach.

So this is not too far, we’ll go down there and check it out all right, cool all right, let’s, see what’s in there. All right got your manual and the warranty card that no one ever uses uh the bottom uh yeah. Okay, all right! Well, that’s cool! I mean you know: yeah that’s, nice got the us flag, that’s, awesome, um, united states, all right guess the case back is the cool part. Yeah it’s got the 32 29 module that’s the base, one um yeah. I mean it’s very basic and it’s pretty cool it’s. A collector’s item at the end of the day i’m, not a huge nasa fan, so i mean i like their um, what they do and everything – and you know, but for me i don’t know i have to decide what i’m gon na do with this one. Um it’s cool, but i feel like this belongs to a um collector’s um box, so we’ll see we’ll, see what i’m going to do with them, but it’s very cool, definitely um. I can’t tell this is supposed to be, is supposed to be um metal, but i don’t think it is, i think, it’s plastic, it sure feels plastic. I don’t know hard to say because this is definitely um metal and i don’t know just it feels plastic i’m. Not sure what it is, but uh yeah, so the the cool part of about this one is, i guess, let’s turn off the lights and check this out so see how it yeah it kind of lights up a little bit all right.

Let me try this again with the with the lights completely off, so you guys can really see all right there you go. Hopefully you can see. It’S got 1981 and 2021 and it’s got the the actual space shuttle the background and that’s. Probably the coolest part of this watch. If you ask me um, you know well yeah, the backlight is probably the coolest part of the watch, but also the the mission statistics, um that’s, pretty cool um. You know to kind of um, you know, study and, and i don’t know just look at i mean that’s that’s, pretty cool. I think that’s a great touch um so trying to see if there’s anything else in there yeah. I mean overall guys, if you’re a nasa fan, if you’re a collector, you probably you want to have this one um last year’s release sold out as quick. It was all wide. I know they’re going on ebay for a lot of money. I’M. Assuming the same thing. Would happen with this one? Sadly, but um yeah. This is a just a cool addition to any collectors. Um, you know watch variety, so all right guys! Well, i appreciate you watching it. Please feel free to subscribe um. Hopefully you enjoyed this video um.