Hasnt quite hit the heights that most of us probably would have hoped when it was first reimagined well likely see a resurgence, though, over the coming years. Hopefully, as google and samsung really do invest in the platform, the first sign of this increased investment, though, was the galaxy watch 4 from late 2021, which weve lived with for an extended period to better understand where it sits. So this is our long term review of the samsung galaxy watch for thanks for watching 95. Google here on youtube, remember to thumbs up, hit, subscribe and then tap the bell icon to be notified about all our future uploads. Personally, i love smart watches with a circular screen and its the core reason that the galaxy watch 4 even appealed to me from the get go theres a slim flat chassis and that standard 44 millimeter watch 4 model is easily the most appealing, at least to me On paper, the only downside, though after extended usage, is the fact that that edge bevel can be prone to dings, scrapes and even scuffs, and that softened, like edge chassis or those sharp, less sharpened edges. They can catch on pockets and zippers, which kind of in turn can flake the paint and damage that aluminium chassis, which i think is a big big. Shame, as this is a good looking phone, and for that reason i actually picked up a cover. After a few weeks of wear for the edges of my watch for and now i think this more standard model or this planer model looks a lot more like the classic version, but without the added benefit of that rotated, bezel, but again with less bulk.

Adding this extra protection has changed the look and fit, but of course it is entirely optional, but something i think you might want to consider if you want to keep this watch for a long period of time, maybe not damage or scuff it samsungs kind of underrated Or understated design choices also mean that the galaxy watch 4, i think personally, is the perfect accessory to pair with almost all of your wardrobe attire. It feels so much leaner than the chunky oversized galaxy watch for classic and personally im inclined to say that the aesthetic blends into an outfit rather than kind of standing out and demanding its own attention. The stealthy black model, which is the one that i opted for, is at home just anywhere, but the actual strap method used is just one of a few major negatives introduced to the watchforce design. To start, the strap itself is made from a rubberized texture and while that is fine for sporty use and sporty wear, i dont think its great in every situation with daily, wear and tear ive also noticed. The strap itself has started to kind of crease and stretch and theres leaving marks and stuff on it when its fastened. This could be a long term weak point, but luckily you can replace straps as the lugs are a pretty standard size here. Another thing i dont like is the fixed or kind of blocked off design that prevents the strap from kind of stretching or opening up fully, and this makes it feel more like a bracelet with a fixed clasp theres, also that annoying tuck design that has been used To fully affix the galaxy watch to your wrist ive found that it doesnt hit my skin when i first put the watch on and then your wrist kind of sometimes can feel squeezed.

So what i tend to do is adjust to move the strap kind of down a notch for added comfort, and this has also changed things of how i wear this watch, because it does feel a little bit looser than some of the others out there. Those quirks and frustrations aside, though the galaxy watch 4, is pretty light and comfortable once its fitted and ive been happy to wear this all day. No matter the setting the 44 millimeter model comes with a 1.4 inch display and i have to say, i think, its genuinely superb its bright, its vibrant and its pin sharp at the side. The buttons are slim and they also have a nice satisfying combination of mushy clickiness without feeling cheap, even after a lot of usage. And although i do use these input buttons quite infrequently, i have felt them soften up over time and, as i mentioned, prolonged usage, which i think sometimes is a bit of a worry. But it hasnt really deteriorated too much as the most powerful wear os smartwatch currently available. The galaxy watch 4 does come with some expectations, but the first time i interacted with the screen, i must admit i was shocked at just how smooth this runs. It continues, though, to be a smooth and as slick as the day i took out the box and it does to an extent, put the likes of the tick watch pro 3, which is the top tier snapdragon, 4100 watch to shame a little bit its also.

The only smartwatch on the market that is currently running where os 3.0 – and this is a samsung specific flavor that fuses one ui atop of an experience that android fans will likely have become accustomed to in wear os. It did take me a little while to get used to where things are and just how to access certain portions. Its a shame that you cant fully reassign the side buttons thats. One thing i did find a bit of a complaint and i still kind of get frustrated by day to day, as ive kind of found myself using the side, buttons less and less. As a result, its also a bit annoying that the google assistant is not yet available, so youre not able to long press the home key and launch into anything other than the power menu or bixby, something that i dont actually use. As someone who doesnt use too many samsung products, the back key can be adjusted to only go back to the previous screen or open your recents menu too, and this is like semi customization and while its better than nothing, i found it more. Limiting the longer ive. Actually used this galaxy watch for day to day to the point, as i mentioned, im blessing using these buttons less and less as the weeks go by samsungs vision of wear os is a strange mix, but i must admit it is fairly inoffensive and you do get Used to it pretty quickly, i have to say things such as the settings.

Menu are made simple as well, thanks to small on screen prompts or hyperlinks at the bottom of each screen, and this makes getting to certain portions and getting to certain sections just that bit easier and id love to see this implemented on more watches, as it really Does help with navigation, especially if you do get lost, sometimes wondering where the heck is this? Setting that i want to change the exynos w920 that comes inside this watch is fairly capable, its probably the best chipset for a smartwatch on the android side of things. As you can find – and i must admit at performance with that chip and that 1.5 gigabytes of ram is really solid and other than the slick ui itself its one of the first things i notice when using another, wear os watch and then coming back here to The watch 4., while it is a lot better in terms of performance, there are some minor hangs when doing things such as loading or when using the watch 4, while apps are updating in the background. This is especially noticeable should that battery start to dip below that 20 percent level, where you can automatically set the battery saver mode and its something i have done to get a little bit more lifespan from this watch, even after around four or five months of where Attempting to pair the galaxy watch 4 with a non samsung phone, i still think is sometimes a little bit more difficult than it ought to be, and i hope this does change in future.

You cant actually use a dedicated, wear os app and sync things as you actually require the galaxy ware app and an additional plugin to get things up and running correctly, as i do find myself regularly. Switching between devices. This poses its own problems as often the pairing procedure can sometimes fail and would require a full restart of my phone and the watch itself. Sometimes the galaxy watch 4 can confirm. The pairing procedure has been successful, but my phone lags behind or its not connected, or the app is still showing account syncing process, which then confuses me even further. Ive seen this happen more than often than i would care to admit, and, as i mentioned it over, complicates what should be a fairly seamless and superblurus task. This isnt the only teething problem as without a samsung phone as well. You can access a couple of key features, including taking ecg readings, its a big disappointment for anyone out there with another android from another manufacturer or another brand, as you cant use. Certain hardware features that are advertised without having a samsung branded device. One of the biggest bonuses with the galaxy watch 4 is that it takes the fitness tracking capabilities of wear os further, probably than they have been for a long time and for most basic health and fitness tracking features. I will say: ive found the watchful to be pretty sound. I cant speak too much for the accuracy of workout tracking, but i have found automatic tracking to be quite nice and its a feature that i think kicks in intelligently and pretty consistently, at least in my own experience and to be completely honest.

I dont actually like to wear accessories or watches while working out. I do, however, walk quite a bit and i dont care too much for exact tracking data when im walking my dog on a leash, but it is still nice to get an indication of just how much distance has been covered and i think the galaxy watch 4 Does a great job of that? Sadly, gps tracking, though isnt perfect, when you drill down and kind of get scrutiny or put scrutiny on the data itself, i wouldnt say its a deal breaker for me, but if you want ultra precise tracking for your workouts runs cycling. Whatever it happens to be, it might be better to look at something a little more dedicated a little more accurate across the board as an additional feature, though atop some other capabilities of a normal smartwatch. I think its good for us regular folk out there. Its also important to note that this is a mass market smartwatch and although the metrics are not the most accurate, i think theyre a pretty solid way to keep track of base health statistics and should always be taken with a grain of soul, samsung health as well. I really do like this application, its one that ive used almost daily since i bought the watch its also its just a great way to track all of your progress and get an overall picture of your health. The graphical ui and snapshot information is neat and easy to digest, but dont expect too much and i think youll be fairly happy with the data produced.

So, in terms of lifespan, after extended usage, i think, even with updates its true that the galaxy watch 4 is probably going to be a 1.5 to 2 day wearable for most people out there. I will say my own experience. I often find myself hitting the charger each morning just to give it a little top up and ensure that i have 80 or so battery level to see me through the busiest of days. The biggest frustration for me, though, has been charge times, theyre slow, but i will say they are pretty manageable and i do actually like getting notifications on my connected phone to indicate when its at 100 charge, so i can kind of take it off. It is a shame that the qi wireless charging is, or at least for me, has been a finicky mess and ive been only been able to get it working a few times, maybe five times total in the five or so months, ive worn this watch every day. Weirdly i have found that it seems to work best with reverse wireless charging, be that on the pixel or more prominently on the galaxy s. 21 series sure that magnetic charger that comes in the box, that works just fine, but it is slow, as i mentioned, and i prefer setting my watch down on a wireless charger overnight or even in the morning, as i think this just suits the form factor. A little bit better than using a cable and a magnetic snap on attachment.

However, as i mentioned, a civil civil plea havent been able to get chi wireless charging working enough to it, be a viable option to charge the watch for, if you do have any advice, be sure to let me down and know it down in the comment section Below i do really want to improve the charging experience with the watch 4 and that might be my golden ticket. Sadly, at least until we see googles on pixel watch, there has been little competition in the space and at least as far as it stands right now, the samsung galaxy watch some six months or so after release is probably the only smartwatch. You should even be looking at picking up if you want the full fat wear os 3.0 experience, given that so few devices out there will actually support that update when it arrives later this year, its just a little disappointing for us at least. We think that you can access a couple of key selling features without a samsung smartphone. If you want the ecg option, then its understandable that you might want to avoid this smartwatch completely. Unless you want a galaxy phone. However, we think of saving grace is that the internal hardware is the same, save that battery capacity across different sizes, no matter which version you choose, meaning the day to day experience is identical across the lineup and its a good day to day experience with a lot Of updates improving things here.

Sadly, there is still no perfect smartwatch for android users. That said, though, the samsung galaxy watch 4 remains the closest to come to that for some time, and while it does play nicely with android for the most part, it still does play a little bit better with a samsung phone sure its not a perfect product. For everybody, but even with a few flaws, its hard to argue that this is the best wear os watch release today and its well worth a look. If you are looking for a brand new wearable id love to hear your thoughts, though let me know if youve picked up the galaxy watch for since its launch late last year down in the comments sections below.