If youre trying to buy a smart watch. That is a general utility smart watch that is not one thats hyper focused on fitness or something like that. Then you really only have two options. So on one hand, you have the galaxy watch 4 and galaxy watch 4 classic which just came out and on the other hand we have the ticwatch, the tick watch pro 3 and the more budget friendly alternative the e3. But looking at the take watch pro 3, i want to compare that to the galaxy watch 4 in this video. But first i want to explain why these are the only two options. So i first mentioned that, if you are somebody whos hyper focused on fitness or something like that, then there are other ones like garmin, watches and polar and things like that. But for anybody who wants say a voice assistant and email and all the usual stuff and the ability to get apps on your watch, then these are the main options here and the reason that these are the main options is because anything older, like older samsung, watches Or older, wear os watches are not going to get an update, so google and samsung announced a partnership with the new wear, os 3 and essentially whats going on here. Is anything older doesnt get that update. So assuming you want to watch that is going to have continued support. These are your options right here and so looking at these watches, youll see that at first glance, theyre, not especially different theyre, a similar size, a relatively similar aesthetic.

But there really are some pretty major differences with these watches and, of course, in this video well get into some accuracy, testing, with the heart rate and sensors like that well get into some testing of the microphone ill. Show you the interface but lets first kind of take a step back and just take a look at the design. Now, youll notice that between these two designs, there are some pretty big differences, starting off with the overall. The design of the galaxy watch 4 youre going to see the build is a lot more premium. It comes at a higher price tag, but youre getting a mechanical rotating bezel, which i always say is really nice. A lot of people love it once you try it. I think its a really fantastic feature on here, its also an all stainless steel build. So it feels a little heavier, but that kind of ties in with the more premium design of the watch. The tic watch. On the other hand, doesnt have any kind of rotating crown or bezel thats always been its biggest drawback, and the overall design is mostly plastic, which makes it lighter, and i can see the advantage in that, but it doesnt feel quite as premium youll see that they, Both just have two buttons: the buttons on the galaxy watch, double as health sensors and well talk about that in the health sensor. Segment of this video, but otherwise youll see that they both have a similar display 1.

4 inches its an amoled display in both of them. Actually super amoled on the galaxy but realistically using these outside theyre, both going to be fantastic displays about 450 by 450 pixels, like really for all intensive purposes. Almost an identical display here but whats, not identical, is a big advantage for the ticwatch and when you look at this youll see once the screen times out, you get a second display. So the advantages of this are twofold. The first one is that i think it kind of looks cool that you dont have to have a black circle on your wrist when youre not looking at the watch. Instead, you have this kind of lcd display, thats, going to show you the time and the heart rate and and the date and things like that, and, of course, when youre working out and youre not looking at it or if you dont want to have to worry About flipping your wrist a lot, it also shows you, like your time there, the distance, your heart rate, some basic things like that. Now, on the flip side, you might say well, mike you can get always on display with the galaxy watch and while thats true. The second advantage of having this this second display here is that it does save the battery pretty substantially so the battery life on the tick watch for this, among other reasons, is substantially longer than that of the galaxy watch. So, im going to talk more about the internals later in this video, but looking at the batteries the galaxy watch, you can definitely get through one day, youre really lucky.

If you get through a second day, it means you probably didnt use any gps at all. So in most situations its really like a one to one and a half day watch, whereas the tick watch ive had as much as four days on this, maybe even more than that. But in most situations im getting a comfortable three days out of this watch. But if we flip the watches over youll, see on the back, we have our little array of health sensors. Again, i will test out the accuracy, but on the side, youll notice that the scent like the the microphone, the speaker, things like that – are a little bit more subtle on the galaxy watch, because it has that all stainless steel build, but that little kind of black Edge on the bottom is where they hide a lot of those sensors, and i think that was really good move. It makes it look cleaner. It makes it look more like an analog timepiece, whereas on the ticwatch youll see. The speakers are very obvious. On the left side, the microphone very obvious on the right side, and so i think, aesthetically the clear winner here is the galaxy watch, although you do have that major advantage of having the second display on the ticwatch now with that being said, lets actually get into A microphone and speaker test, because these do both have the ability to use them for phone calls or voice assistant, among many other things, whats the weather in tallahassee, currently in tallahassee its 78 degrees and partly cloudy.

Today there will be thunderstorms with a forecasted high of 82 and a low of 74. whats, the weather in tallahassee in tallahassee florida. It is partly cloudy and 78 degrees right now, alright, so first up this is the ticwatch pro 3. This is what the microphone sounds. Like im, just holding it at a normal distance, talking as if i were on the phone, so leave a comment, and let me know if you can hear what im saying now. This is a microphone test with the samsung galaxy watch, 4. again leave a comment, and let me know if you can hear what im saying when it comes to charging these watches. I think the galaxy has a pretty substantial advantage here, while they both come with the charger in the box. The galaxy watch is also capable of qi wireless charging, which means that if you place it on the back of a flagship, android phone, you can charge it up using your phones battery. You might have also noticed the default straps that came with these watches are very different and between the two of them i definitely prefer that of the ticwatch. So, first of all its a 22 millimeter strap, which i think is the right size for a watch of this body, shape this body size being 47 millimeters. You really need a 22 millimeter strap now its supposed to look like fake leather, and i mean i think they kind of did an okay job.

Of that. I would definitely recommend getting a third party strap, but just right off the bat, its a very standard, strap that flexes the normal angles there now looking at the galaxy watch. The reason i mentioned how far that flex is, is because i kind of complained the galaxy watch they dont bend down more than, like, maybe 30 degrees below the horizontal there, and so, if you have a narrower wrist, youre gon na have a hard time fitting this. On with the default strap, so instead you can just go and get a different strap, but this is 20 millimeters which i think any straps you buy, that are 20 millimeters are going to look a little bit too thin for a watch of this size. So next i want to talk about the configurations you can get with these watches. First of all, the tick watch was released at 300, but now youre definitely going to find it for 250 or even less dollars than that. The galaxy watch has many different configurations. Unlike the ticwatch, and so you have obviously the classic or the regular galaxy watch and then within each of those, you have a smaller and a larger version and of course, on top of that, you also have lte variants. So the price can range anywhere from 250 dollars for the smallest galaxy watch, regular all the way up to like over 400 for the larger galaxy watch classic if you get lte now before we take a look at the interface, i want to talk about whats under The hood with these watches, we talked about the battery life being longer on the ticwatch, and one of the reasons was that display, but another one is the chip on board.

So this is using the snapdragon 4100, while the samsung watch is using their exynos w920. Now, an advantage of the galaxy watch, however, is that you do have more storage on here with 16 gigabytes versus eight, and you have one and a half gigabytes of ram versus one gigabyte on the tick watch. So i started off by restarting both watches and then, when you go down honestly, i have to say i like the galaxys layout better having three apps in a row, but you can see that the samsung galaxy actually opened apps substantially quicker. Every app i tried was opened much sooner on the galaxy than it was in the ticwatch, despite the tick watch running the snapdragon 4100. Now, as far as features go on these watches, this is extremely interesting because its really built on a lot of promises right now, whichever one youre buying youre, definitely investing in a lot of promises, one of them for the tick watch, for example, being youre going to Get the wear os 3 update and thats coming in early 2022.. Now, on the flip side, the galaxy watch youre looking at some other promises here like, for example, its going to get google assistant in the future, but looking at what these have right now, because honestly thats what matters we have some pretty fundamental differences, the first one Being even though theyre both like playing nicely together, google and samsung yeah, we know theyre still trying to figure out how to play on the same team so samsung.

The galaxy watch here is using bixby its using samsung pay were on the flip side. The ticwatch is using google assistant, its using google pay and so thats going to be fundamentally different, and the very obvious difference between those is that google assistant is far superior to bixby. You also have a more pure wear os on the ticwatch which, although you dont, have a lot of the samsung features out there. You dont have the integration with the samsung ecosystem. You do have some other advantages. Being you know some nice little features tied in here like the wrist gestures to navigate and things of that nature. Now, of course, you dont need that on the samsung watch as you have that rotating bezel, but you know subtle differences like that now other than that, though, you do have a lot of big big feature: advantages with the galaxy watch being in the health sector. So you have so many more health tracking capabilities on the galaxy watch, although i would argue, most of them are not used most of the time, but the ones that you do have are nice to be available. So an ecg, for example, youve got blood pressure monitoring. You have things like the body composition, measurements which i pointed out were not especially accurate, but regardless very exciting, very nice to have that on the watch. At the very least as a baseline. We know that the samsung watch has more health sensors on there, but that doesnt necessarily mean its better for tracking workouts.

The ticwatch also has gps and heart rate and blood oxygen, and things like that. So lets actually get into a quick accuracy test to see how well it actually performed on a run. So looking at the maps, the tick watch did a decent job. You cant zoom in on the map, though, and then looking at the galaxy watch. Both of these watches did miss the first beginning of the maybe 50 meters of the trail, but otherwise they did a pretty solid job of tracking it accurately now getting into the heart rate. This is the polar h10, a known, accurate heart rate graph and comparing that to the tick watch, the ticwatch was kind of all over the place and really struggled with intervals. The galaxy watch did a substantially better job, although its still not quite perfect and when youre using either one of these watches, you are going to have to get multiple apps its a little bit unfortunate, but for the tic watch you will have to get the google Wear os app, which is how you set up the whole watch. Technically, you can be done after that, but its really recommended that you get the mobvoi app, so you can do more customization and probably some type of fitness app to really look at your analytics. So you know in most situations thatll be google fit samsung, on the other hand, is going to also require multiple apps, one of them being samsung where so, you can actually set the watch up technically again, you could be done after that, but if you want to See any of your analytics, which most people probably do youll, have to get samsung health as well, and while nobody really likes to go installing all these apps, the good thing is: if you have a samsung phone, those apps come pre installed anyway, if you have any Other android phone, you can still get those apps for the for the galaxy watch, but the advantage of the ticwatch is that you can actually get this on an iphone as well.

So overall, the ticwatch pro 3 in the galaxy watch 4 are both very capable watches. But if youre buying either one of these right now, youre really buying a promise youre buying the promise for the tick watch that youre going to get wear os 3, hopefully in the first quarter of 2022 and on the samsung watch youre buying the promise that hopefully Youre getting some new features on here like google assistant, and things like that now, as it is right now, looking at these watches, i do prefer the galaxy watch. I like the overall build of it. I think the aesthetic of a watch is very important and, while i dont like the default, strap that it came with pretty much everything else, i think looks fantastic. On top of that. I like how the software is laid out on here and youre in that samsung ecosystem, even though the ticwatch is very capable, and i love having google assistant on there, i still kind of lean a little bit more to the galaxy watch now with that being said, If youre on a budget – and you cant afford the galaxy watch, the ticwatch pro 3 is a great alternative or even cheaper than that. The ticwatch e3 is an even more budget friendly option and ill have links to those reviews down below, as well as to the latest prices. So you can see exactly how much your configuration of the galaxy watch would actually be.

Oh, and actually this is pretty exciting. Even though these are the two best options you have right now, fossil actually just announced their fossil gen 6, which is going to be an incredibly strong competitor to both of these and its coming out later in september. So if you guys want to see that video of my review go down and click that subscribe button – and i will be reviewing that as soon as possible, so thats been it thats. My take on the galaxy watch 4 versus the ticwatch pro 3.. Like i said, i generally lean towards the galaxy watch, but i do love the ticwatch. It does some really fantastic stuff and im sure a lot of people would find it as their preferred watch here. So leave a comment below. Let me know which of these two.