Today i am going to tell you a little bit about this new computer from garmin. This is garmin, descent, mk2 and mk2i. This is not only a smartwatch but also an everyday watch and a great dive computer. You know the former watch mk1, we loved it. It was so great and now we get an even better version with new features and new updates. So, first of all, the one i’m standing with here is the mk2, and the case watch case in this watch will come into steel, and the difference is that here i have the mk2i, with the watch case in titanium. Also another great thing that we have been waiting for so long. Is this mk2i now able to use wireless air transmission, so you can purchase the t1 transmitter from garmin and you’ll be able to connect up to five transmitters onto one watch. Also another great thing about these transmitters is that garmin uses the new technology subwave technology to connect between the watch and the transmitter. So you can now get a connection distance for up to 10 meters it’s way better than the one we know from bluetooth. Also, a great new thing is: the screen is now larger. They haven’t changed the watts case, but the screen is just increased with almost 36, and also one of the great new features is that this watch will connect with a garmin music, so you’ll be able to listen to the music directly from your watch to your wireless Headphones or maybe to your stereo at home and another great thing is garmin pay.

So if you go to the grocery store and instead of getting out your wallet to pay, you can just put on your watch into the terminal and you’ll be able to pay this way, it’s so much easier. So another great thing that we’ve been waiting for is garmin’s new dive app. So instead of using the connect app, then you can use this dive app as a log book for all of your dives. So when you get out of the water you’ll, just directly connect your watch to your smartphone and all the information from the dive go directly into the garmin dive app. Also, this app is brilliant for sharing all your dive information with other garmin users as well. If you want to find a new location for your next dive, you can use their new map in the garment dive app to find your next dive site. So another great thing is that you can customize this watch to yourself. So, with this click fit straps, you’ll be able to just disconnect a strap easily and then in the package, you’ll find an extending strap. So if you’re a dry suit diver you can connect the extending strap and after the dive you can just click back. Your strap and it’s your everyday watch again. You can get a lot of different kinds of straps in different materials and different colors just to customize the watch for you another way to customize. This watch is to choose the right, a watch face for you, so you can choose between already designed watch faces or you can actually design your own watch face.

So this way you’ll be able to make the watch totally fit your style and customize it as you want to so. This was the thing i wanted to tell you about today.