What we do is we review gear, apparel and mindset so that we can connect more with nature and ultimately live a more fulfilled life, and i have found that the garment instinct is a good tool for me to be able to connect with nature more and understand. My relationship with the activities that i’m doing and one of my favorite activities is biking. If i can bike somewhere like to the grocery store or the pharmacy uh i’m gon na. Do that because it’s exercise it’s, enjoyable like if you haven’t ridden a bike in a while get on a bike and realize, like i’m, going super fast, and this is fun uh, so it’s one of my favorite outdoor activities and i wanted to share my experience with The garmin instincts biking app with you, so let’s take a look uh here: real, quick, real, quick. What it looks like close up, uh i’ll show you what it looks like out in the field and then what it looks like on your phone on the connect app that comes with the garmin instinct thanks. So much for stopping by again and let’s. Take a look at that, okay! So taking a look at our garmin here um, you can tell just on my face that you know i’m, almost out of battery down there at the bottom, uh it’s empty, so uh here with the garment to get again to any of our activities. We’Ll come to the top right and we’ll, select that and then we’ll get a list of activities uh and so to select it i’ll do top right again get into the bike and then to start that activity.

You do the top right again. So now you can see that i’ve started it, and i have found that this is really accurate. I’Ve uh, you know been in my car, turned this app on and then measure the speed and it’s accurate with my car and as well as the distance and then, of course, the the timer. So this is a nice uh, clean interface, which you see when you are on your bike and what i like about any um. You know the garmin apps. If you press the the back button, the bottom right it’ll take you back to your main screen actually and then in the in the meantime. Your activity is still going on in the background, and so you press your activity button and then you can see your activity again, but you don’t have to keep this on uh. When you press that back button, you can go back and you know, have your watch as a watch again, even while you’re riding your bike, and so i really like that clean uh interface and clean look on your watch. So i’ll show you a quick uh segment of me out in the in the field, so to speak. On my on a bike ride, i did yesterday and then we’ll take a look at it on your phone. Okay, so i’ve reached a good stopping point and you can see uh, of course, i’m not moving right now for safety reasons, but i love this interface, it’s, really user friendly uh.

It gives you the basics. What you need to know distance, how long it’s been your timer and your speed and your heart rate, and i love with any activity app on garmin uh in the bottom right. If you hit that it just takes you right back to your time and your heart rate, your your regular primary watch, interface, uh, and so this activity and any activity will just keep on going in the background, and you don’t have to constantly be monitoring it. So i really like that as well, so i can quickly see the time and use my watch as a watch uh all right. Well, i hope you found that uh, useful and let’s take a look at what it looks like on your phone okay. So here we can see what the bike app looks like on the garmin connect app on your phone, and i love this this layout of this dashboard, so starting from the the top down you have your name uh your your picture. If you’ve set one up the time of the activity and then you have a row of uh ways, you can interact with this activity, so you can like it like. I just did there uh, you can comment on it, so you want to remember something like hey. It was, you know, really windy that day, which this day was. You can take a a photo either actively take the photo now or go through your your pictures, and then you can also upload this activity.

Uh. You know the data behind it to another device. You can email it send it to people you’ve connected on the garmin connect with, so that they can then interact with it as well. Coming down, you have uh four different sections, so here this section is your main dashboard and i love uh, you know, gives you the time distance and then your calories burnt, and then here, if i come over to the right, the next section here is like a Graph uh it’s a or more of a like a chart of just the data, and i i like going through here sometimes and seeing you know my average heart rate, my max heart rate. My elevation gain things that you can’t see immediately on your watch when you’re looking at the activity, because there’s only so much surface area on your watch, i like to come here and see different things. So one thing i will give all the uh. You know the folks that are are critiquing the accuracy i have seen some accuracy, especially with the temperature uh, as you notice down here. It says: 72. 78. 77. It was like 27 degrees outside on tuesday. When i did this, so i do have an issue with that. Let me know down in the comments below if you’ve seen similar issues with uh garmin instinct, if you’ve encountered that i do believe there’s something i can do on my end, i need to figure that out how i can reset that uh temperature, so um going to The right again here you can see the the lap times um, so i didn’t pause it.

I didn’t do laps on this one, but i could have if i wanted to. If i wanted to say, pause and resume later. I ended up going to a restaurant with a friend and then uh biking back. I could have resumed uh paused on one way and then resumed on the other, and that would make it a little lap. I just ended up doing a separate whole activity in itself. For the way back and then i also really like this uh – this graphical view that fourth option you have, in your different view, categories on the connect app here, so elevation and heart rate. All of that speed, so you can see i was fairly consistent. Okay, coming back to the uh, the main chart main uh dashboard. Here you can see my average speed elevation gain, but then what i really love always uh. If you go through and see any of my garmin instinct deep dive videos, i love clicking on the map and it shows you, your your actual map and your uh slower verse, faster uh speed. You can tell when i was a little bit more protected from the wind coming across the lake. I was faster when i had that wind rid in my face. I was way slower, so most of that middle section. There i was slower and then, when i hit the woods, i sped up a little so it’s kind of kind of neat to see that and um yeah.

Actually, this is me going backwards, uh from from the restaurant back home, and i just love this uh map. You know you can zoom out to see where you were in relation to other things and you can really zoom in to see like oh, why was i faster here? Oh yeah that’s that hill uh so awesome way to enjoy even more a great activity, which is, you know, biking. So i hope you found this uh video, useful uh.