This is ava from fit lab and welcome to our review of the garmin mark. Athlete you’ll find the links to the product in the description and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch to the end of the video to know our final verdict. If this fitness tracker is worth it garmin mark athlete overview, the garmin mark athlete is among the additions from the garmin mark series of high end luxury watches. The mark athlete goes beyond the essential and prime features for efficient fitness tracking it’s. A combination of all the best features found in recent garmin models in terms of sports tracking. You can track sports like golf and skiing, on top of general sports like swimming running and cycling, you also get 24 7 activity tracking, including steps stair climbs pace, distance calories burnt as well as stress levels. All the data collected from tracking is analyzed with the garmin connect app, which gives deeper insight into your progress and performance. Unlike other models in the mark series, the athlete doesn’t have extra special features specific to the model, but it does have all the multi. Sport features perfect for an athlete when it comes to smart features. The garmin mark athlete supports bluetooth, smart ant plus and wi fi connectivity. This doesn’t just make it compatible with android and ios smartphones, but also with fitness devices, like heart rate, monitors and bike computers. You also get notifications reply to messages, view, weather forecasts and set calendar reminders with a 32 gigabyte storage as well as mark athlete’s compatibility with spotify.

You can have onboard music, but what truly sets it apart from slightly cheaper high end garmin models is the light sporty. Yet stylish design that can blend well in a classy setting what we liked classy and light and design offer numerous premium features offers enough. Storage for onboard music allows you to play spotify music offline. What we didn’t like the screen is made of the same material as the cheaper models lacks lte connectivity too pricey, considering you could get most of its features for less garmin mark athlete specifications based on the table, the 100 meter water resistance makes a mark athlete suitable For snorkeling water sports and sailing, the listed sensors are also an indication of the athlete’s efficiency in tracking different sports activities. Also, with the 32 gigabyte rating, you get more than enough room for onboard music storage, so you can listen to music without carrying your phone things. You should know before buying the garmin mark athlete, while the garmin mark athlete is compatible with ios smartphones features like replying to text messages and garmin pay. Aren’T supported with ios features like spo2 and onboard music. Also drain a lot of the battery life to reserve charge, ensure you use these features only when needed. Additionally, although the wristband of the athlete watch are interchangeable, the options are limited to only silicone bands. Garmin mark athletes features paste pro technology. The paste pro feature in the mark athlete is the first of its kind.

It helps you keep up the pace with great adjusted guidance. It also shows you how much pace you need for the distance left to go. This helps keep you on course, as you run climb pro, the climb pro is excellent for bike riders and hikers. Using the mark athlete the feature shows you all the climbing points in a particular terrain. It also keeps you motivated by showing you how many more elevations you have left, as well as the effort needed to climb hydration tracking stay hydrated with mark athlete, thanks to the hydration tracking feature, simply log in your water intake and the feature keeps track of how Consistent, you are daily, it also notifies you when you need to take more water based on the level of exercise. You do final verdict. Should you get the garmin mark athlete the garmin mark athlete, like all models in the entire series, is a luxury watch targeting a specific audience in this case athletes, although you can find different features and cheaper high end garmin models, the athlete ties all the premium features In a sporty yet classy design, you should buy the garmin mark athlete if you’re interested in a stylish watch and not just the premium features. Who is the garmin mark athlete best suited for the garmin mark? Athlete is most suitable for athletes looking for premium features, but in a stylist watch that can fit into classy settings without drawing unnecessary attention based on its price.

The luxury watch is ideal for individuals who don’t have a limited budget and don’t mind. Spending on luxury items are there any alternatives to garmin mark athlete. The best alternative to the garmin mark athlete is the garmin forerunner 945. It offers the same software functionality at almost three times a lesser price, but lacks the stylish design of the mark athlete. Would you buy the garmin mark athlete? Let us know why, in the comments click the like button, if you enjoyed this video and subscribe to our channel, also, let us know in the comments what other high end sports watch.