The garmin menu 2 straddles the line between smartwatch and running watch remarkably well, balancing essential, everyday well being features with advanced workout tracking tools. We have only been testing it for a short while so far and will update this review soon, with our full verdict and score. But our early impressions are positive. Like many modern variables, the venue puts a heavy emphasize on balance with tools, including breathing exercises and all day stress, monitoring, reminding you to take care of your mental as well as physical health. However, this is no simple fitness tracker and is packed with serious tools for monitoring. A wide range of sports runners are particularly well carried for with on board gps, spotted by glonass for accurate speed and distance tracking downloadable training plans via garmin connect, auto pose and split. Recording among the watch many features. It is not quite as advanced as the fenix 6 or 4runner 945, which offer more advanced rules for managing training, plus live navigation, but it is a strong offering gym. Gears are well catered to as well. This is the first garming device to feature muscle map, graphics that helps you plan workouts, based on training load for each major muscle group swimmers will benefit from underwater heart rate, monitoring, stroke type detection and pole. Metrics and golfers will find the venue 2 is a capable as many dedicated golf watches. All of these fitness rules are delivered on a super crisp amoled display with a high resolution that allows you to see a huge amount of data at once without the need to consult the garmin connect app on your phone.

We look forward to putting more of the venue to stool to the test over the coming days and bringing you a complete verdict and score once we have done so. This garmin menu 2 was released in april 2021 priced at 400. Usd dollar for both the 40 mm and 45 mm case sizes. Let’S talk about the design of this garmin menu too. The garmin menu looks much like its predecessor with a classic design that is smart enough for daytime wear yet practical enough for workouts, not groundbreaking, but the new watch addresses one of our biggest complaints about the original venue, which was its lack of different size options. The standard venue 2 has a 44 mm case and a 33 mm display, while the smaller venue 2s. The version we are testing here has a 40 mm case and a 27.9 mm display. Both sizes features a polymer case with a stainless steel bezel and a silicon band and except garmin stranded 18 mm bands, so you can exchange the stranded, strap for a different leather or silicon option. Instead, Music, the 44 mm version is available in two color ways: slate with a black case and a grey night blue with a matching case. Both have a silver colored, stainless steel bezel. The 40 mm varnish to s comes in four colors graphite, with a slate bezel light sand with a light gold, bezel mist, gray with a silver bezel and white with a rose gold bezel.

If you are in us, you can also choose to put together a custom, design, picking and mixing straps and cases to create a combination that suits you, Music. The watch is controlled via touch screen and two physical buttons on the right hand edge. The lower of these serves as a back button, while the upper right is contact sensitive with icons appearing on screen to show what action it will perform at a particular time in a similar manner to the garmin in strings dual screen display. There are several attractive watch faces to choose from including a selection of options that are animated when the watch wakes through. There is also an always on option. If you don’t mind the extra battery drain, one of the most striking feature of this garmin venue 2 is its vivid amoled screen display with high resolution for extra detail and static and animated watch faces. The garmin venue 2 is a well specced smartwatch and its high resolution screen means you can view detailed information about the day schedule, the weather, app notifications and more right on your wrist. The watch also includes optional moments: health tracking, which can set as one of the shortcut in your list of activities. Surprisingly, this is more comprehensive than the tool featured in the garmin lily, with a wider range of symptoms and mods to choose from to help. You better understand your cycle. This garmin menu 2 has extremely accurate gps and has detailed workout metrics at a glance with wide range of activities spotted with two physical buttons.

The venu strikes a good balance. You will need to deliberately press one of the buttons to pause or resume your workout and finer controls can be operated through the touchscreen. The upper button is multifunctional and performs different tasks, depending which workout widget you are using. This is never confusing thanks to garmin use of a contractual icons which let you know exactly what it will do at any point, a feature carried over the garmin instinct, which used a small secondary display to perform the same function. We will soon be putting the vanity to the test in the gym for indoor workouts and will update this review with our findings. It’S the end of today’s video for further details of this watch check out the link below on description and comment section. Thank you.