You will find the links to the product in the description and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews. Garmin venue smartwatch overview. The garmin venue could easily be mistaken for the garmin vivoactive 4 until you take a closer look at the display. The venue’s amoled display is the highlight of this model, since garmin has traditionally chosen to stick to transflective displays to save on battery life. Despite that, battery remains within acceptable range, with an average life of 5 days on smartwatch mode and 6 hours on gps and music modes. Garmin also introduces breathing exercises and a feature for respiration tracking. If you like to work out with music in your ears, you will be glad to know that the garmin venue now supports music storage with sufficient space for about 500 songs. What we liked amoled display music storage support water resistant lightweight, but we didn’t like limited applications touch screen, can get fiddly garmin venue, smartwatch specifications specifications in the table confirm the garmin venue is a light smartwatch with a clear bright display and can be used to download And store music things you should know before buying the garmin venue smartwatch the garmin venue does give you smart notifications. You can receive and read emails and text messages on the watch. However, you can only respond to texts if the phone you have connected to the device is an android phone garmin venue, smart watch, features, design and controls.

The garmin venue looks much like the vivoactive form, the only difference being the display. This watch manages to strike a balance between sporty and classy enough to be worn to work or other day to day activities. The body is made mainly from plastic and silicone, with the display covered with corning gorilla, glass, 3 and a stainless steel bezel. It is a small light watch at 46.3 grams. You can have it strapped on all day and night without discomfort in terms of controls, garmin has opted for a two button setup. A single press on the top button gets you to the activity screen and long pressing gets you to a shortcut menu. The bottom button takes you back with a single press and a long press pulls up the settings menu. Everything else is controlled via touch screen display. This is the highlight of the venue, as it is the first time garmin has included an amoled display. They have traditionally stuck to transflective mip panels, which are preferred for good outdoor visibility and longer battery life. Amoled screen strength is higher resolution and saturated colors. With this watch, you get deep blacks, bright, whites and ‘0 by ‘0 resolution. The kind you find in much pricier watches, one point to note – is that garmin has included an always on display mode in other watches, such as apple and samsung products. The screen automatically turns off to save battery life and automatically turns on when you look at it in the garmin venue, you can select from the settings and always on mode or stick to the default, one which turns on only when you turn your wrist fitness tracking.

You can use the garmin venue to track workouts in a wide variety of sports, such as running strength, training, swimming skiing and many more. A new inclusion is on device animations of workouts and profiles for cardio strength, pilates and yoga. You can watch a little animated person doing the movements to guide you and you can download more workouts from garmin connect. Another new workout mode is called breath work. It gives you complex, breathing exercises selected from four categories: relax, coherence, tranquility and focus. There is also an option to track respiration rate through the day this one is selected on a dedicated widget or on the garmin connect app. The watch gives you daily, weekly or monthly respiration. Stats. Music storage, music lovers will be glad to know that garmin’s venue now supports onboard music storage. There is about 3.5 gigabytes, estimated 500 songs dedicated for storage of music files. You have the option to load up files from another hardware source or download playlists from streaming sources. Like spotify deezer or amazon music verdict, so is the garmin venue smartwatch worth the investment new additions like an amoled screen, animations and music storage support make it worth the price who is it best suited for fitness enthusiasts? Looking for basic data analysis and tracking professional athletes? May require more elaborate features. Are there alternatives to the garmin venue? Smartwatch apple watch series 6 or fossil gen 5.. That is all for our review of the garmin venue smartwatch.