However, we are going to review the garmin vivoactive tree element today, a more sport oriented smartwatch for the fitness group. Keeping up with your varied lifestyle won’t be a problem with this garmin vivoactive 3 element. This smartwatch includes sensors that you will find on normal smartwatch and such as health monitoring, heart rate sensor and many more. It can monitor your fitness level and estimate or track your heart rate based on the heart rate sensor behind. It can also monitor your stress level, and it has gps for sport tracking and many more here’s. The heart rate sensor, if you’re one who enjoy variation in workouts, create your own customize, your own running, cycling, cardio or strengths, workout and download them to your watch and the smartwatch will do and track the exercises, seat, reps and many more, including even rest times and Rest days, even if you don’t have a mobile phone in you as it is inbuilt into the watch own storage, even when you’re wearing a sports smartwatch, you can stay installed, you can choose from several pre loaded watch faces or use a garmin connect. Iq watch face app, which you can download in your device or make your own watch face quite cool. Is it for smart watch like this? The vivoactive tree element is super bright and easy to see when you’re running outside a garment, doesn’t use an oled or lcd display found on other competitors, such as the apple watch or the galaxy smart watches.

Instead, it uses a garmin chroma display tech, which gets brighter and easier to read when the sun is getting even brighter, yes, similar to a kindle, it gets more visible when it’s get brighter. Yes, as for night time, this display comes with an awesome backlight for night time: readability for sports. You can find a ton of metrics available after working out when you run, you can see stats like mileage pace and heart rate after syncing, your workout in the garmin connect app. You can see a map of your route. The garmin connect app is awesome with a beautiful user interface and advanced metrics you’ll be an advanced sportsman in no time the screen is chemically strengthened, glass and the bezel is stainless steel, which is premium at the least the case. Material is fiber, reinforced, polymer and stainless steel, which makes it durable. The strap is silicon, although you can swap it up at any time. With the removable system, the water rating is at a swim. 5 atm, which means swimming, is a breeze. With this smart watch. You can wear it to swimming and it will track your data. Although i’m, not a fitness, buff yeah, you can see from my size, but this watch might provide the best opportunity for everyone, including me, to shed some weight and start working out. I guess design and fitness are what the garmin vivoactive tree excels in, although it’s not a perfect smart watch, the device can have a pretty decent battery life about three days with gps and heart rate use.

While you can get around 7 days of normal daily. Active wear: it comes with more than a thousand customization options and features that you can customize. The watch for your sports and daily needs, including watch face data field widgets and many more. The case is available in three different colors, including blackberry, black curious and white azure. This three colors are quite amazing. For me, i think this looks good doesn’t it.