This is ava from fit lab and welcome to our review of the garmin vivoactive 4s you’ll find the links to the product in the description and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch to the end of The video to know our final verdict if this fitness tracker is worth it garmin, vivoactive 4s overview. The garmin vivoactive 4s is designed for sports and fitness supporting every kind of training or activity, be it running, swimming or yoga. Being the successor of the vivo active 3 music, the vivo active 4s has a few new additions to begin with. You’Ll get an improved battery life that lasts even when using gps. The garmin elevate that monitors your heart rate is included in the vivoactive 4s features with an added frequency alarm activities like yoga and pilates available on the garmin vivoactive 4s now also include breathing and stress level tracking for better results. On top of that, you get to enjoy the features like garmin pay, which allows you to make purchases through your phone. So you never need your wallet. The vivo active also has garmin music to keep you motivated through workouts by streaming, music from spotify or deezer. Speaking of workouts, with the vivoactive 4s, you get 10 plus msn workouts, with integrated exercise animations to choose from you can also download 40 plus workouts from third party apps. The garmin coach also available and vivoactive 4s will be there to guide you to achieving your fitness goals.

Also, thanks to numerous sensors and trackers, you can stay informed about your heart rate, breathing liquid consumption, energy level and more all these features are tied together with an elegant design that makes the watch comfortable to wear what we liked elegant design. Inbuilt gps allows music storage, good, exercising tracking features what we didn’t like it’s pricey for its features compared to competitors. Doesn’T have a voice assistant, garmin, vivoactive 4s specifications based on the table. The number of sensors is a demonstration that the vivoactive 4s was designed with fitness tracking, as the main aim things you should know before. Buying the garmin vivoactive 4s downloading third party apps to the garmin vivoactive 4s, can be a complicated, lengthy process for some applications and widgets. Like the clock faces, you can only access them from garmin’s connect iq store on your phone. This is a separate app from the garmin connect app garmin vivoactive 4s features breathing guide as a new function of the vivoactive 4s. The breathing guide takes note of your breathing during activity. It then shares the trends and changes to your respiration. This information is useful in improving your breathing and controlling your training body battery through vivoactive 4s’s body battery function. You can stay informed about your body’s energy levels. Throughout the day, the levels are measured on a scale of a 100 to 0 and as an indicator of your body state. The information can be useful in knowing when your body needs rest or can exercise liquid tracking through the liquid tracking feature.

Garmin vivoactive 4s helps you stay hydrated throughout the day. By manually inputting your liquid intake. The tracker can estimate moisture loss based on activities. You take up this lets. You know when to take more liquids: garmin pulse ox, vivoactive 4s’s pulse oxymetric monitors how saturated oxygen is in your blood using the spo2 measurements. It informs you how high or low the level of oxygen is in your blood, which is a good indicator of overall wellness. Final verdict: should you get the garmin vivoactive 4s. The garmin vivoactive 4s offers numerous features. Some features are more advanced than some apple watches, especially the battery life. The vivoactive 4s is, however, more fitness centered and may miss some features like a voice assistant. You should therefore buy the garmin vivoactive 4s. If fitness is your priority, followed by smart features, who is the garmin vivoactive 4s best suited for the garmin vivoactive 4s is suitable for runners and swimmers. Looking for a fitness tracker or smart watch with advanced fitness features under 400, its design is also suitable for anyone. Looking for an elegant, looking sports watch that easily fits into any style. Are there any alternatives to garmin vivoactive 4s for ios users? The apple watch series 5 is a great alternative, offering similar features to the vivoactive 4s for a similar price. If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative and don’t mind compromising on a few extra features, then the fitbit charge 4 is worth considering, which vivoactive model.

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