This is the white color and my wife happens to be the lucky future owner of this watch so i’m, basically going to be unboxing. This watch, showing you some things close in detail and then also pairing it to an iphone xr and just running through some of the features and what this watch has to offer and, as you can see by the profile, is very thin and including a very thin Lightweight band as well like i said this happens to be the white model, has kind of a gold ring or rim around it, and then a nice black finish with this analog watch face the factory watch face is actually an analog face, but i’m sure you can Change it to different watch faces that might be built in to the app and also user designed as well so taking a quick look at the bottom of the box. As you can see here, there’s a bunch of icons here, the most important ones are going to be the bluetooth connectivity. You also have add, plus for your heart rate and data metrics and things like that and then also wi fi as well. Some of the specs back here, so you have up to seven days of battery life and that’s in the smartwatch mode. Of course, that’s going to vary depending on how many activities you use, if you’re, using heart rate, if using gps and so on and so forth – and this happens to be the small size watch indicated by the s and the 4s there.

The size is 40 millimeters. Of course, this is rated for swim at five atms and the bandwidth is 18 millimeters, and then you get up to five hours of gps plus music mode. Some of the features here is music on screen, workouts garmin pay, and then you have safety and tracking features. Of course, you have all day health monitoring as well pulse body battery, whatever that is respiration, stress and risk based heart rate, and then it does have 20 plus built in sports apps as well so there’s one sticker here down here at the bottom. So let’s go ahead and remove that and get into this unboxing and there is the watch itself let’s go and pull this out really quick before powering it on nothing else. In the box. Okay – and here you have a few things so this is the charging cable i’ll, go and open that in just a second, so you do get some safety and product information i’m. Guessing there’s also going to be some warranty information in here as well, not sure if anyone actually reads this, but if you’re looking for this information, it is included and then, of course, the user manual itself, just basic features on how to power it up, and some Of the more generic uh settings – and things like that – and here is the charging cable, so let’s go ahead and open this up. So, as you can see here, this is a proprietary type of connection it’s, not usbc, and it also isn’t a quick release.

Magnetic type of charger as well, unfortunately, so this will uh connect directly underneath the watch itself and i’m guessing it’s going to be snapping into there and that’s where you charge it. It is, thankfully, a usb connection, so you can use your computer or your typical charging power, brick that you have everywhere in your house and here’s the watch itself, so let’s go ahead and take it out of this holster really quick. This has the very basic uh watch clasp, which is uh, yeah, tried and true, and it works okay, and here is the watch itself so, as you can see here very, very slim and sleek design. Now this is the 40 millimeter version and, like i said uh, this is a smaller version, and this also comes in a larger size watch as well. I’M, talking about the actual watch face i’m guessing the overall bandwidth as well is going to be the larger, more universal size and with this being the small size, of course, you get the slim profile and then the slim band as well the band itself, as you Can see here, it’s very flexible, albeit maybe a little bit thin, but i guess that will also add to more comfort as well. Okay – and here is the usb connection, so let’s go ahead and connect that really quick and by the way this is not direction specific. So all you do is line it up and plug it in and it snaps into place.

Let you know it is connected successfully and to disconnect all you do is pull it straight out a little bit tough, but there you go and then, as for the bands, i do have this spring loaded clip here, quick release, all you do is compress it in And these pull straight out both the top and the bottom band, and you can really customize the look it’s all up to you and it should be pretty universal as long as you go with the 18 millimeter size, okay and without further ado, let’s go ahead and Take off this plastic cover here and then power up the watch: Music, very nice and smooth. I like that, okay, so this is touch screen so i’m going to get my fingerprints all over this nice pretty screen, unfortunately, pair with phone okay, so let’s go ahead and get our app ready. It’S been downloaded before, but let’s go ahead and re download that so i’m going to go ahead and turn on notifications for now i’m. Just going to turn all these on. For now, vivo vivoactive 4s connect it and, as you can see there, it’s connecting i’m going to enter the code in right now it is completing the setup. Allow people like your 4s to display your iphone notifications, allow and replace Music okay go ahead and set your sleep schedule all right and it’s all paired up so here’s what the watch looks like itself and add some shortcuts, and things like that.

So you have two buttons here on the right side. The bottom right is, for the most part, a cancel button and then the button on the top right is your activity, button and i’m guessing selecting as well so here’s, some of the built in activities that you can do like indoor walk, walk, indoor strength, cardio yoga And you can also customize these as well and let’s go ahead and select bike indoor, so you can actually pair your speed and cadence sensor, but let’s go ahead and hit play there’s a screen. So you get time distance, speed and heart rate and i’m sure you can customize all these fields as well. If you have a garmin edge on your bike, this is going to look very familiar: uh, heart rate, lap, distance, lap, time, lap, speed of course, there’s no heart rate connected right now, because i don’t have it on, but let’s see. If that better is really quick. There you go, you can see my resting heart rate right there, 71. very visible. I like the pixels per inch and also the legibility, and the contrast is definitely high on this watch. Okay and then once you’re done, you want to hit that again stops it and there’s your metrics right there i’m going to go ahead and delete it so i’m, guessing just tap that tap that again and discards: sweet, okay and get the bottom right button to go Back and back again and back again there, you go and that’s pretty much going to sum up this video so like i said that is the garmin vivoactive 4s watch definitely very nice.