I want to do a really quick review of the garmin vivomove hr. So you can see this was an online item purchase, so this was uh like a discounted product that was purchased uh, i believe through poshmark. So this was a device, my wife purchased. So this is the rose pink model with the white band, so i’ll give you some feedback from her as well as from myself. I personally use the vivoactive three so i’ll be comparing both in this video but it’s, designed to be a very, very quick review of this device, as it does not have as much functionality. It’S uh, designed to be more of a watch that you know you’re using for your general day to day activities not for intense workouts, so i’m gon na go ahead and set that down and let it kind of it does this weird reset where, when you flip It up the analog hands will not adjust to their current time i’ll kind of explain what that looks like, but want to go over the specs of this really quickly so battery life you’re. Looking at about five days with your bluetooth on pretty regularly again, usage is going to vary depending on how much you walk what you do with the device. If you use bluetooth less, then the battery life will be drastically improved. Now you can double tap on the window and you’ll see the home screen display and you can swipe left or right to get all of the options to appear.

And then, when you tap the display and start scrolling through the analog hands will move to the correct time. So that is one thing i’ll cover shortly now, as far as any other details on the watch, just like the vivoactive 3, which i’ll bring up here, you have the ability to pull in on these little metal pieces to swap out the bands which i love, that They made that improvement, as i had the vivo active. I believe it was the two and i had to use this little screwdriver to get them off, and it was just a little bit more painful to do that so um. Definitely a good thing there. Now. As far as the device itself, it has the majority of the functionality of the vivoactive 3. It is a little bit more responsive. The downside is the vivoactive. 3 does have the ability to do gps runs without the device like a phone, so the gps is built in and it is an always on display where you could swap out your watch faces so let’s say you wanted to go with an analog display. You could do that from here now. The vivoactive 3 is a little bit pricier, but overall i’m more preferable. I prefer this device more personally, so you’ll be able to scroll through, as you can see with this device, it does tend to be a little slower. Sometimes there will be a hiccup so it’s not as consistent when you’re scrolling through the screens, but again just a minor concern there now we’ll go ahead and jump to the vivo move, so we’ll go ahead and pick this up as you can see the hands when I picked it up immediately moved so one of the weird things about this device is, if you’re, allowing it to sit for a little while and you’re, not messing with any of the settings.

When you flip it up, the hands will actually stay and like a different time, and if you want to get the device to actually show your current time, you would need to tap or double tap. Now, if you noticed, i just double tapped on the screen. A couple of times, and it didn’t register that time it did. That is one thing i’ve seen online with some of the other reviews, like the tech radar article, which i will paste in the description that has a ton of additional details, but that’s one concern. Is it doesn’t always register the taps, and if someone were to come up to you – and this has been idle for a while when you flip it up, these hands will not automatically switch to the correct time. So it is a little bit of an irritation to have to flip it up double tap. The screen wait for the hands to register the time, just to figure out what time it is currently but again, that’s, just a minor grape. If you something that you’re used to then it’s, not a problem, so we’re going to go ahead and double tap on the screen, you’ll see your battery and the time you’ll also see your step counter. Your stair counter your activity numbers. So how many active minutes you have out of your basically your weekly total, which is specified in garmin connect and then you’ll have your calorie counter, your music controls, the weather and then your general messages or notifications.

Then you’ll have your hr uh, so your heart rate monitor your stress, monitor and then you’re back to your digital time. With your battery indicator now one complaint that i will say that my wife has had as she’s been wearing this pretty heavily is she said it will get pretty hot on her skin. So the vivoactive 3 that i have i’ve never really had any issues with even noticing a temperature change with the device. However, even just holding this, when you put your finger over the heart rate monitor, you can actually feel a relatively considerable amount of warmth. Now, right now, it’s just noticeable, but my wife said when she’s, using it heavily she’ll notice that it gets pretty hot on her skin. So that is one thing to note: is kind of a downside for the device. Now, as far as pricing again um, you can find these based on a couple of different factors: i’ve found them on amazon anywhere from 99.99 upwards of 134 and some change. They do have some higher quality models that you can purchase that are much more expensive. So it depends on the size that you’re purchasing, as well as the color, for example. This is the small, so you can compare to the standard vivoactive 3 that i have and you’ll notice that the length of the bands there’s a considerable difference. So it just depends on the model that you’re actually wanting to purchase. So the only other thing to note with this device again, there are quite a few options for different colors and it is a true analog display here.

So it is not a face. A watch face that is customizable last thing: is the charger itself kind of a unique look to it? So you’ll have the standard, cable, probably about a foot, maybe foot and a half – and it has this clip right here, and this will clip on right here. You’D, essentially just clip it and then plug in the usb cable, and it would start charging charges relatively quickly, like most other smart devices, it’s not a massive battery in this. So that was just the one thing to note there. So i think that that pretty much covers everything, so i want to let everyone know if you have any questions drop them in the comment box below and just before closing i wanted to note right here: you’ll see that the clock is set on this time and When you flip it up, it hasn’t changed, as i mentioned before, if it’s idle too long you’ll have to usually start scrolling through and then the analog hands will go to the actual current time, so that’s a little bit odd, a little bit more of an irritation, But again, it’s not a huge problem if it’s something that you kind of know and expect.