Today we have with us the garmin viva move sport smartwatch. This is a hybrid that weve been using for the last couple of weeks, and today were here to tell you if this is indeed the smartwatch youve been looking for all this. While so keep watching Music, the garmin hybrid is super lightweight. With its silicon straps, the sensors are at the back of the watch face along with the charging port. You can change the straps with a quick release mechanism at the edge of each one, its light and comfortable enough to be worn, quite literally, around the clock, especially if you want to track your sleep habits. The watch has an auto brightness feature which worked quite well when we stepped outdoors and, of course, you can also change it manually to the brightness level of your preference. The screen itself is a bit of a smudge magnet. However, this white silicon bands got only marginally dirty after at least a couple of weeks of usage. The list of health and fitness features that the vivo moves. Sport records, for you is amazing. It has the basics, like a heart rate, monitor counting breadths per minute; a pulse oximeter steps, counter distance covered and calories burned, plus a stopwatch timer and some special trackers for your stress levels, menstrual cycle, water intake and garments own body battery. That tells you what your energy levels are. After a good night of sleep, our body battery level was usually around 85 to 90, the highest being 100 and after a full day of work and commuting, it would be somewhere around the 30 to 40 range and it was pretty accurate in tracking when we felt Fairly energetic versus when we felt a bit more tired, theres another special timed feature for any form of physical activity that you might want to engage in.

You can choose a particular activity. You want, for example, walking running cardio, cycling, strength, training, breath, work, yoga or swimming, and the watch will help you go through your practice. Let you record the sets reps or asanas one after the other itll save the data on the app for you to check it out later. The watch is swim proof and although we didnt get a chance to take a dip with it, it did survive multiple showers. A sauna session and being held under a running tab almost every other day, like most other smart watches, the weaver moves. Sport 2 alerts you to incoming and outgoing calls messages, youve received media, playback, weather updates and calendar events. The feature we liked the most was being able to send off quick pre programmed replies from the watch itself. A couple of issues we had with the device was when sometimes when we would want to wake the screen up. Itd take multiple attempts at a double tap to wake it up once up and running the touchscreen is quite responsive, but the starting trouble was something we faced more often than wed have liked to the couple of days that i switched back to my regular wristwatch, i Found myself instinctively checking my wrist for updates each time, my phone vibrated, its only fair to say that the garmin vivomove sport definitely makes an impact and has a fairly low learning curve too. All of garmins other smart watches have been priced at 25, 990 rupees and above.

However, this one is currently priced at 18 990 rupees, offering some of the best features of a fitness center smartwatch and the style quotient of a good looking wristwatch. The garmin hybrid definitely comes close to offering you the best of both worlds. Yes, you do pay a bit of a premium because it is a garmin.