Fastener rings compatible with garmin vivoactive garment approach. S2. S4 bands. What else does it work on? It says it’s a 10 pack, but then it says it’s an 11 pack, so i don’t think they know what’s going on there with their uh loopy zoopys um. What does it say? I thought it says somewhere here where you can use it on your apple classic. 10 pack gives your feature durable, not for garmin vivoactive hr. Where else is that fastener accessories yeah? It said something about apple, but i don’t see it so it’s a 10 pack or an 11 pack. I have no idea made by or sold by e e c sem stores, i’ll leave an affiliate link, so i thought that these were for my groovy vivo active, i think it’s, the vivo i don’t think it’s the three i think it’s just the vivo active yeah, The vivo active this watch is discontinued and i end up replacing the bands all the time. I’Ve done a video on how to replace the bands and with an affiliate link in the video description. For that, too, make sure you do a thumbs up subscribe. Like share comment and click on that notification, all that other stuff so i’m, going to take this out of there out of my sack, take these uh, 10 or 12, or how to, however they’re packing them. I don’t know where i put the one that was on here. Originally that is torn, so i thought that these were all the same.

I don’t know if they’re all the same or not um. Are they the same? Maybe they are the same. So i love the watch and the band breaks about every six months and now this thing fell off and i don’t know what direction the dot is supposed to go on so uh. This is it. This is what you i guess. The dot goes over there. So this is going to be a really short video. I can’t put like 10 000 ads on it, but it’s a replacement thing. If you have these watches it’s worth buying and see if it works on your watch, let me see if i can get any other info. Is there any other info? You only need to replace the strap loop fastener rings. You do not need to waste the original. Okay, compatible with vivo active smart watch, garmin approach, s2 smartwatch, garmin, s4 smartwatch polar m400 and m430. Smart watch, samsung gear 5, sm, r750 smartwatch there’s more of them, but they cut it off. I don’t know why they cut off their own info uh. Somebody i’m. Looking at the comments somebody says does not fit vivo active 3 worked as described work great for the garmin s2 great product, great fix, no more flapping, wristband it’s a good value for the price best. I could find um let’s see what else do we have here? Good fit for my garmin watch i’m trying to find some negative things, so i can let you know if you don’t want to use this um yeah.

These are the uh. Not an exact replacement for vivoactive does not secure as original well that’s. Probably true, um too large, defective too large, not as advertised okay. So this is going to be very interesting to see what’s going on left to right, it’s, pretty tight that’s, a very tight snug, fit push it in a little bit. Go to the side. Go to the left go to the right up down: oh yes, that’s a nice tight fit and this little piece over here catches like it’s supposed to i don’t know why they’re saying it’s too large. Let me go pop. This sucker on now and we’ll see you. Can look at the uh all of these while i put this on my wrist and we’ll, see what it does. I think i put it in the right place. Um i put it in the wrong place. I’Ll be back here. We go so look for the little dot over there now, if you have the tool – and you want to take it off over here – if you want to unscrew this and unscrew this and slide this piece on that way, that’s the right way to do it, but I don’t want to mess with that. So what you want is you want your dot see that dot in there you don’t want that. You want that facing on the top yeah. You want that facing on the top, and you want to go over here and you want to penetrate the opening as smooth as you can, without damaging this, so don’t go pushing it in really hard get that down, so you don’t break it slowly slide it on Get it on there deep penetration of the loop with the wristband it’s, a good thing.

They give you a package of 11, because these things break so we’ve got the dot on the top. We have the dot on the top of the watch band on this side. Now, i’m going to show you how this works – oh boy, i know this is going to be an eight minute, video by the time i’m done. Um i’m gon na go put this on my arm now. I’M repositioning this, so you can see what’s going on so there we are see the little knob over there. You want that knob on the top, because it’s going to get behind here, so you pop this thing out. I wish they would make it a standard band, but you need to have this type of a band so that’s it and um it works. People were saying that it didn’t work on the vivo. It definitely works on the vivo, not on the vivo 3. According to some comments – and they say not on the hr but it’s amazon, so if you’re a prime member go, buy the thing if it doesn’t fit, do a return and set it back.