That only has a 290 watts psu. This is the asus 1650 super phoenix. I received from amazon let’s open the package. This is the card, so it’s a phoenix version, 1650 super from asus. It has four gigabyte jddr6. I chose the phoenix model from asus on purpose because it has only one fan, so it’s not a very big card. This is because there is not too much space in the dell inspiron to install a dual fan card. This card takes the place of two pci slots and it needs a six pin power connector that doesn’t exist in the dell desktop so i’m gon na show you how you are going to hook it using the sata to 6 pen, pcie power, cable, so let’s go And install the card now in the dell inspiron 3671. We need to open the dell computer to install the card, so it has two screws on the back: just remove the two screws and then slide the back cover like that firmly. The vga card will be installed in this empty pci 16 slot here this is a 3.0 pci 16 slot, and here, as you see, it needs two empty base, so i removed the covering for these two empty bays, i’m gon na first install the vga card, and Then i’m gon na show you how to connect the power for it. So here it is i’m gon na install it now just push it in the pci 16 slot, like that it is installed now i’m gon na put the screw back here to secure it in place, and here it is secured in place.

I chose the 1650 super because it only needs 100 watts to be powered up on the side of asus. They said that they recommend the psu of 350 watts, even though my dell has only a ps2 of 290 watts, i’ve done the calculations and i think i’m gon na be okay with this power supply. So to power up this graphics card, you need external power, and the dell comes only with a 290 watts psu that doesn’t have external power to power up this kind of cards. So what i’ve done is that i brought this cable from amazon. This is a cable that draws power from sata and it goes to pcie connector. It can be either eight pin or six pin so here, because the card takes only six pin. I remove the two pins just like that, and if your dead desktop doesn’t have empty sata cables, which it will be the case, you can get a cable that gets power from the six pin here from the motherboard to sata. Here i already had the cable. I will also put a link in the description. I got the cable because i installed another disk here in my desktop, so fortunately i have two empty sata power here this one and this one that i’m gon na use to power my graphics card, so i’m gon na do this now so i’m gon na hook. The first one here it cannot go wrong and i’m gon na hook.

The second one here like that and then i’m gon na hook the six pin pcie connector to my graphics card and i’m gon na attack. Now all the cables here and this holder so to have a clean installation. So here, as you see, you have your power cable connected and here you have your sata connections and everything now should work. So let me close up the computer and test it as i was expecting the computer started and it showed the display. So the card worked and here i’m launching device manager to make sure that windows 10 recognized it. But of course, i’m gon na also install the driver from the nvidia site and i’m gon na show you quickly how to do this from your web browser. You need to go to the geforce experience website, as shown below on the screen and click on download. Now, when the download finishes doubly click, the geforce experience executable if you are prompted click on yes, the installation program will begin click on agree and install, and here it is installing geforce experience is very good to keep your drivers updated all the time so it’s better To use it to update the nvidia drivers, always if you don’t have an account here create an account here. I already have an account so i’m gon na sign in after you sign in you’ll get this welcome, screen click on skip and then click on drivers on the upper left side and here click on download for the driver it will download the driver.

This is a pretty big download, so i’m gon na cut this video and come back when the download finishes the driver almost finished downloading and as soon as the download finishes, the preparation of the installation will begin. Here. You can choose custom installation or express installation. I’M gon na choose custom installation click, yes and i’m. Gon na choose everything here and then click on install and the installation will start the installation shouldn’t take more than five minutes when it is finished, restart your computer to make sure that the graphics card is getting adequate power. I installed the software called gpu z. This software will measure the voltage and the wattage that is getting to the card here, as you see from the pcie slot it’s getting 12.1 volts and it’s drawing for now 3.2 watt. Only because it’s, almost idle and from the 6 pin power, that is the 6 pin that we connected to the sata power. It is drawing for now around 6 watts and it is getting 12.3 volts, which is very good, and that was all i hope you enjoyed. This video and found it useful, if you did please share it, subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up.