It’S the zeb fit triple two ch. I have to say this: zebronics has to work on their naming scheme. Zip fit sounds cool, but numbers like triple to ch and one two two ch could get confusing for the buyer. Buyer photo even i get confused something less complex and easy to remember would be ideal it’s, just a suggestion anyway. So i’ve received the pink gold unit, not the color of my preference, but surely girls are going to love it. Let me tell you all about it so that you can decide if you should buy this or not. I shall also be doing a giveaway so make sure you watch this video till the end to know how you can win these, but before we begin subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon, so you never miss an update. Also, follow me on my social media handles for more tech info all right, let’s start with the build quality and design. So the watch has a round dial and is just the right size, not too big. Neither too small the frame is made of metal and feels really solid. This pink zepfit watch has a rose, gold, bad finish and goes really well with the pink strap. There is a physical button on the side, moving to the back it’s made of plastic, and it has a heart rate sensor, sp2 sensor and charging terminals. The proprietary charger aligns with the terminals as you bring it closer and starts to charge.

The straps are made of soft silicon really soft. Actually it has this lovely texture design at the back. If you see closely, in fact, even a little on the front i’m, just worried if this accumulates a lot of dust, but the good thing is it’s removable and swappable with any third party band because of the hook mechanism. It’S got a buckle designed with two loops and gets a very good grip but i’m a little disappointed to see a chrome buckle with a pink and rose gold watch. It should have either been gold or just plain black, moving to the display. So it has a 1.3 inch round tft display with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels. The color reproduction is actually quite decent, and the text is also quite sharp. The bezels are not too thick and blend in with the display. If you have a watch face with black on the edges, the watch supports bluetooth version 5.0 and works with both android and iphone. Just make sure you download the correct, zip fit 20 app and the best part is. It took less than a minute to pair it to the phone it has ip68 rating, so dust and water resistant, which means you can wear it in the rain and even for a swim. We get all the usual sensors heart rate sensor that tracks your heart rate and even blood pressure. I did test it a couple of times. However, i wouldn’t totally depend on it.

Similarly, spo2 is also on board and shows you, your oxygen levels. Let’S have a look at the interface, so you can raise the risk to wake the display, it’s, pretty responsive, swipe from up to access your quick toggles. You can set your vibration. You can adjust the brightness of the display. Then you can go into settings from here. You have timer reset about power off and qr code press this button again to go back to the home screen swipe from left, and you have your notifications swipe down and you have your steps. You have your sleep tracking heart rate, blood pressure, spo2 weather, music, app to control the music that is playing on your phone. You have the camera, shutter button, breathe app and the home screen now swipe from right to access your workouts. There are eight workout modes on the zepfit 220 edge, walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football and swimming. The good thing is, since it has ip68 rating, it also comes with swim tracking, which is amazing, so it’s extremely simple and easy to use. Also, very snappy, not even a hint of lag, the zebfit 20 app shows you your steps, workout heart rate, spo2, sleep, tracking, very basic and easy to use. You have a lot of watch faces available as well that you can download from here further here. You can choose to set a picture from your phone gallery as a watch face works like a charm.

The watch receives call alerts with vibration. You can see the caller’s name, you have an option to either reject a call or silent the rigger. You also receive notification alerts. You can read a part of the message. Sadly, the watch doesn’t support, emojis all right. Finally, the price, so the zebfit triple through zero ch is priced at 2 999 and you can buy this from 15th of april on So if i do nitpick it cons, i would say: there’s no gps and only 8 sports mode, but for the price it’s. Really hard to expect built in gps and those eight sport modes should be good enough for basic fitness tracking, so can’t complain too much it’s available in three colors, pink black and gray. I’Ll leave the links in description. If you like to buy one, you should definitely check it out. Yes, i know you all have been waiting for the giveaway four simple steps. One subscribe to my youtube channel texting second, follow my twitter handle at mr texting. Third, like the post for the zebronix zepfit triple to zero, ch and finally retweet that post make sure you follow all these four steps or your entry won’t be counted it’s fairly, simple and i don’t think that should be a problem for anyone. So go right now. Subscribe follow like and retweet a winner will be announced on 15th of may at 12 pm on my twitter handle you’ll find all the twitter links in the description as well.

So i hope this video was helpful.