Well this is the apple watch, and something like this, which is almost similar, is this watch. Was it called the gizmo 910 fit pro? This is a smart watch. Thats recently been launched and uh its loaded with features. Trust me so many features that i was really happy to know that at such a price point, which is 2499 only, this watch has ample features. How the feature fares hows the smartwatch, is it actually worth buying, and let me tell you that this is all making india smartwatch and uh. The look of the watch, as you can see, is pretty good and i just wore an apple watch just to show you that yeah, it looks a little similar to it, and the cost is actually not even one fourth but half and half and half of it. So how good is this gizmo 910 fit pro smartwatch were going to review this for you, and is it worth buying its fully loaded with features, but does it perform well well find out all this and more in this video im, shruti sharma youre, watching btr dot In the gizmo gis fit 19 pro is make it india, smart watch and its been launched for the fitness enthusiast. Talking about the design. You can see that the design of the smartwatch is pretty impressive. At the first look, its got a rectangular dial, which is quite big about 1.69 inches and gives about 500 nits of brightness a big display.

That makes it easier to use the smartwatch its got a metallic dial, and once you weigh the watch, its pretty comfortable to be wearing the whole day, a dial seems a little bigger for a womans hand, but quite smart. Otherwise, so overall design of the smartphone is a pretty good im impressed uh the best thing that i like about it, that the display is pretty big, so its quite a delight to see the watch every time you look at it also uh second thing that i Would like to tell you about the watch is that the straps here these are little lousy, im, not very impressed by the quality of the straps. I think that could have been better because uh, like the main dial of the smart porch, looks decent and good. The straps are not at that power quality as compared to the main smartwatch dial here so now, uh the final verdict on the performance. Well, the watch performed well and it did last uh quite many hours of battery and its pretty fast. Let me tell you, i wasnt expecting it to be very fast. The touch of the smartwatch is very, very good. Ive kind of used smart watches at this price point, but they werent that very touch responsive. But this one is indeed with impressive, add on features. It has the ai voice assistant, which is very good at this price point, and you also get bluetooth, calling capabilities which is fantastic in this price point talking about other features.

It is a water resistant watch with the built in gps, so its good again, and the company claims to give a seven days battery backup with this smartwatch, though we used it for quite many days and did notice that at least for five to six days, you Do not need to charge the watch for fitness enthusiast you could see. There are many modes that you can use the swimming cycling. There is trekking and lots more. What else will for the medical purpose? It can record your blood pressure. Your heartbeat, your spo2 levels, lets see and show you a demo as to how accurate the readings are. Music. The faces of the watch is pretty good, so you can change it to whatever design that you want, and there are about 100 of them that you could probably download and use on the smartwatch as per your preference talking about the performance of the smartwatch. Yes, its a decent buy at this price point and it didnt lag at all. The touch was very responsive and it does last quite a many days on a single charge. The smartwatch did lots for us in terms of gyming swimming running, calculating steps and other features. Given here are also a great grab at 2499. performance wise, it is a good smart watch, so gizmo did launch quite a mini smart watch before this model, and this seems to be a good upgrade if you compare it with the last one that will launch.

Okay. Now so the overall verdict of the gizmore a 910 pro smartwatch, should you be buying this or not? Well, i gave you the review of the smartwatch you by now know what are the pros and the cons uh well coming on to the final thing uh, should you buy it well, at 2499, there are other options, other brands that are giving you good smartwatch and Also, the fitness brand, even at a lesser price as well, so this is a decent, buy, uh, considering the price, but the features that it has theyre quite many and we tested all the features they were faring well at times there was a slight difference in the Reading but thats negligible, but it was almost there. The fully loaded features that you apparently wouldnt find in other smart watches at this price or even lesser. So this gets a full marks on the features that it has and at the price point that you have so many features in the smartwatch is actually a win win situation for you. As far as the design of the smartwatch is concerned, uh its pretty decent uh. First, look: you would find it impressive, but again, like i told you, the straps arent very impressive, so maybe you could change the strap and get better ones if you can and the design is decent. So if youre wearing it on your wrist, its not looking like a like a low cost or a cheap smart watch, its looking pretty smart uh, the look and the feel of the watch is good.

So uh investing 2 499 rupees wouldnt be a bad uh deal with the kind of feature that it has that youre not even getting in other smart watches so uh. You could probably take it as an option to buy if youre planning to buy one.