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Although pretty new, the Gligo Watch One happens to get a lot of attention. This is among the first wristwatches based on the e-Ink technology. It is the same kind of technology used in … Kindle devices and most of the e-book readers. This kind of technology has the huge advantage of being extremely power-efficient, and perfectly visible in daylight.

Unboxing comes first. A very good looking box! The watch looks delightful. The strap is very elegant and gives a premium feeling. There is a possibility to order a leather strap. Both of them are apparently quick-release enabled, which is good.

The watch is well built, and the main material used is fine stainless steel of the type 316L – similar to the Xiaomi’s Quartz watch. You can see the two-pin design and it is equipped with quartz movement. There’s unfortunately not too much information about what’s inside – like chipset, heart-rate sensor and so on. At least for the chipset we know it is dual-core.
The display is of course the biggest attraction of this review – based on e-ink technology, and there even are two possible color gammas – a white and a black one. Time or date are shown if the display is in active mode. There are three control buttons on the side for switching between modes and performing some configuration.

I think the biggest challenge with this watch is the implementation of the smart functions. Not that some of them are missing – even these which are supported are … hard to get, and sometimes hard to use. Although Gligo are promising a very easy to use and intuitive interface.
There are a number of notifications that the watch can show. If you hoped to see text – I will have to disappoint you, because this is not supported. There are a number of icons though, and each one of them is associated with a particular task or event. There are separate icons for email, call, text message, calendar and so on. Vibrations are also available. Not just available – they are so many, that if you don’t configure them to be reduced to the minimum, this may drive you crazy.
Gligo Watch One has four modes of operation.
The first one is the business mode – you will notice the hours where you have appointments being marked. Knowing that there’s no way to show text, this idea is quite good!
There’s the casual mode – showing the date and time.
There’s sports mode. And I am considering to involve my table in some sports activities next time.
The fourth mode is battery saving mode – basically there’s nothing shown on the display, and this way the battery may last up to six months.
The modes can be configured via the smartphone app.

So – that’s the Gligo Watch One. A very interesting hybrid! A solution that combines a number of awesome ideas in a way that is not yet as good as we want it to be;
– Extended battery life – 180 days up to two years compared couple of days up to a week that the rest of the smart watches out there last with a single charge
– Slick design, old school mechanical arrow hands which do exactly what they are supposed to do – tell you the time
– Smart features of a waterproof fitness tracker or a bracelet, with healthy drinking water alert and be active reminder
– And last but not least… you will never miss a notification again.

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