The google pixel watch just might be one of the most anticipated products that come from google in a very long time. In fact, rumors of the google pixel watch have been happening since 2018, so we have some updates on when the google pixel watch will be announced. What google needs to do to set it apart from other android, smart watches? How could actually dominate the smartwatch market and compete with the app watch? This is a very important point and things google needs to avoid so it doesnt fit. This is a video essay of sorts, so its important to watch the entire video until the end, because it ties the whole video together by the way, this video is sponsored in part by seeker, a new independent search engine powered by ai. That gives you control to find the information that youre looking for without the influence of major platforms and their financial interests, its a search engine for those of us searching for the truth. The truth seekers you can find out more about seeker by clicking the link in the description and well talk about them a bit more later in the video based on the comments and tweets ive received over the past couple weeks. A lot of you have wanted an update on what is going on with the google pixel watch and when it will be coming out. So this section of the video is for you. Previous rumors had suggested that the google pixel watch would be announced at this years.

Upcoming google, i o conference in may, while that may have actually been true at one point and one could still say its a little bit valid its actually changing up. Quite a bit john prosser from front page tech recently tweeted out that google will not actually release the google pixel watch this may, but will instead tease the google pixel watch at google. I o instead, whether or not we get to see it hear about any of its specs or we just end up with a whos that pokemon. So what were not quite sure yet i imagine its more like a silhouette, but lets be honest. We already know what it looks like at least the pixel 6a is going to be fully announced, but um even the release date for that has been delayed until the end of july. You know likely to do with supply chain issues whats new with that said, it seems that google will formally announce a google pixel watch in october of this year, alongside the google pixel, 7 and 7 pro, with a release coming shortly after, along with that, rumor is The announcement of the google pixel, notepad or foldables existence, so it looks like october, is going to be a very expensive month, um, as long as we dont have that whole supply chain issue just kind of knocking at the door again right now in the android smartwatch Ecosystem there is a surprising lack of full fledged google fide options right now.

You do have many other options, but they either are a custom operating system or theyre using a limited version of wear os 3.. Actually by they i mean uh samsung on the galaxy watch. 4, you cant even use all the body monitoring features like the ecg, the sleep monitoring. Unless you have a samsung phone, it doesnt, even let you use the google assistant and thats been like scheduled for months as coming soon. How long has it been now? A smart watch that doesnt have foundational google features and doesnt provide flexibility to use it on any android device. You want in full doesnt actually seem like a very googly smartwatch to me. Actually, a really googly smartwatch would work on both android and ios, but uh more on that later heres, an interesting point where os3 was announced at google, i o 2021 and nearly a year later, what other smart watches with the newest version of wear os are out There other than the samsung galaxy watch four. If there are some out there, i havent heard of it, and i cant find it. We havent even seen. Weros show up on any fitbits and google owns fitbit and the latest fitbit rumors suggest only new devices that dont have wareos on it. So you know thats frustrating so that just emphasizes how critical it is that google releases, the google pixel watch much like what google has done with the nexus smartphone devices, and now the google pixel and pixelbook chromebooks google has used these devices in many ways to show How other manufacturers can make their own devices better? So that means that the google pixel watch will be the first wear os smartwatch that is truly open, full fledged and possibly with unique features that push the category forward.

Add in the fact that current wear os devices can work with apple iphones, ill bet, with a little bit of a lack in features, i think theres a great opportunity for google to close that divide. Think about this way. The fact that some other existing apps are sometimes released first or created better on ios before android, shows that google isnt opposed to making this cross platform support possible theyre already doing it already in other areas, with their services and even fitbit. So they just need to do that with wear os and theres. Definitely a potential route that i think could help. Google dominate the market which well talk about in a moment, but maybe thats what well see on the google pixel watch at the end of the day. Much like other services, wear os being available on either platform is a benefit to wear oss adoption it shouldnt matter what phone you use, whether its a samsung phone, an apple iphone or google pixel. So for those of you who have been following me for a while and are active in the this is texas, a discord server know that i really like to look for things in a more balanced and nuanced perspective. I really dislike extremes being a fanboy of anything or choosing a specific tribe and blindly following and improving anything that comes from that tribe. I often point out that there can be pros and cons to everything and to objectively look at everything you can to find the truth thats, why? I really love that ive been able to partner with seeker a new, independent and transparent search platform.

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This first smart watch made by google, so the skepticism is understandable. But let me present to you a potential scenario that helps start a trajectory that has the potential for significant market domination over time and when we mention trajectory, we also kind of have to keep in mind the difficulties of googles venture into a custom system on a Chip with a google pixel, 6 and tensor okay, here we go in many ways. Ive hinted at this throughout the whole video. Beyond a fully google smartwatch, the silver bullet for google is fitbit. Yes, fitbit, you see, i was having a conversation with a few different iphone users and the topic of smart watches came up and i asked why dont any of you have an apple watch and they all said that they didnt, like the rectangle design of the apple Watch they wanted a more traditional circle, design for smartwatch, so you know an app watch, isnt, really a good option for them on ios. On top of that, one of the guys i was talking about said that his wife and daughter both use and absolutely love their fitbits and wear them all the time. They have no desire to leave the fitbit ecosystem and theyd love to get a smartwatch, but they wont leave fitbit. So do you see where this is heading? You have three categories of people mentioned in this video. Those are already used android and what a real google version of a smartwatch iphone users that want a different kind of smartwatch and those that currently use fitbits and want a more robust, smartwatch experience.

But without leaving the fitbit ecosystem. The google pixel watch leveraging their fitbit ecosystem and establish devoted community of users in the package of a more traditional watch, form factor on a powerful smartwatch where os3 operating system with cross platform support could be insane. Do you realize how big of an opportunity that is it isnt, just a smart watch that only android users would buy but iphone users and in america theres a heck of a lot of those users thats a much greater total addressable market or potential customer base than Most people are really realizing the app watch. Doesnt even have this potential market opportunity, but its also important to be realistic. This is not going to be something where the pixel watch just dominates from the first version: no its like the google pixel 6 pro its just kind of setting up a trajectory so that over time it improves and actually gains a wider and wider market share. So i dont want you to think that this is going to be something overnight its going to take time, but they need to have a good start and foundation to actually reach a market dominance and that all starts with people buying it. And you know what happens when more people buy a product, especially a new one. The community and ecosystem is stronger and then the company invests in it and into further iterations of it and thats good for everyone. But google just needs to make sure that they dont screw it up.

So what would cause the google pixel watch to fail? Well lets talk about that from the foundational to the higher level point. First of all, terrible battery life would ruin the google pixel watch. That has been rumored to be a concern for other testers, so i really hope that they figure out before it releases. It also needs to perform well the processor that its using hasnt been confirmed, but it is possible that google will have their own custom chip in there which, if the google pixel 6, is any indicator, it isnt exactly the smoothest and easiest thing to do. The hardware needs to be of high quality, the curved screens on the renders look nice, but have me worried – and i have had some bad luck with curved screens. Wicked is a smartwatch if its easy for the screen to shatter, and if you really pay attention its kind of amazing, how much we accidentally bump parts of our bodies into things you know without realizing it. The pricing has to be competitive. If i had it my way, id price it at a mind, blowing good price like what weve been seeing with the google pixel series lately, and it must have fitbit on it and not fitbit light. No, like a full, fledged fitbit experience with all the fantastic monitoring features and the community. The community is crucial because competing against each other is easily the area that keeps people in the community and happier with their experience and then finally, they have to actually make it cross platform and they cant slack on it.

They have to go all the way to truly dominate the market, otherwise well itll, just end up being another smart watch for android users, but id love to know your thoughts about this, whether you think it could work and what else youd want or are worried about. With the google pixel watch, let me know in the comments and in the this is tech today, community discord chat server thanks for watching. This is tech.