First actual smart watch all their own and in terms of delivering on everything that they claim it can do. It actually does a pretty darn good job, especially regards to the fitness functionality with all those Fitbit features built right in now, although they did build a good smart watch and activity tracker, they also chose to put a lot of those good things in kind of an Interesting package and its a very good first try and it will work for some, but its not necessarily going to be for everyone. So in this video well be going over everything that the pixel watch has to offer in terms of Smartwatch features how it really fairs. Your battery life, and just like all my reviews, Ill be diving, pretty deep into the Health, Fitness and sports side of things just so, you can get a good idea if this device is going to be read for you and if the information, this video does help, You out at all dont be shy about hitting that like button down below. So in terms of the actual Hardware itself, Google chose a classic and subtle. Look for the pixel watch where its basically like this smooth little Pebble on your wrist, and I think it actually looks pretty darn good. It may not look like it at first glance, but its actually a very nice piece of Hardware from a build quality standpoint, where the display thats protected by Gorilla Glass, 5 Blends together really nicely into the stainless steel case and theres.

Also, nice little polished accents on the back of the watch as well as the rotating Crown. It just feels nice and solid without being overly heavy and its very much more on the premium end of things when it comes to the construction using the pixel watch is also a good experience with wear OS 3, where navigating around the device is fast and intuitive. With the touchscreen, along with the digital crown, that surf double duty for accessing all your apps, and you can also use it to scroll through long menus and then they also have a secondary button above the crown which can access recently used apps and in terms of Performance, everything is super fast and snappy, where you can fly through the interface and I notice little to no delay at all. The Smartwatch experience is also quite good here too, where they have nice alert, tones and haptic vibrations for both texts and calls. And then you can also answer calls from the watch itself using its built in microphone and speaker. If you have your phone in range or if you have an LTE version of the pixel watch and then in addition, it also has Google Assistant, as well as Google pay for contactless payments and overall, its a really well designed Smartwatch experience from that standpoint, where it Feels nice and Polished and since it does run, wear os3, you can download tons of different apps from the Google Play Store, including apps like Strava, as well as Spotify or offline music playback and also does have YouTube music already pre installed.

But one really important thing to note with the pixel watch, though, is that its only compatible with Android phones, so there isnt iPhone support like there is for the Fitbit sense, 2 or Versa. 4.. The display is also fantastic in the sense that its really bright, it has tons of contrast, and it looks great even outside, but of course it is on the small side. There is also somewhat of a large bezel surrounding display, though, but its only. If you look really closely so, Google has done a very good job of Designing the interface to hide the edge of the bezel, quite a bit where the interface basically Blends into it, like even the flashlight doesnt, have hard edges. But is that bezel actually a concern? Honestly, it really didnt bother me at all, I think its fine, and it was never something that actually stood out to me when I was using the watch over the last month or so so. The experience is great and all using the device, but the biggest issue is that it only comes in one size, its a rather small size, which absolutely will be great for all of you out there with smaller wrists, but for those of us with larger wrists. It may look a little bit out of place. They do include both a short watch band as well as a large watch band, and I ended up using the large watch band, which still has plenty of room to spare.

If you have wrists larger than mine, but even with my 185 millimeter circumference wrist, the 41 millimeter pixel watt doesnt quite fit the bill or the Des, and while were talking about the watch, straps theyre soft. They have a little bit stretch to them and theyre nice and comfortable. However, the mechanism for taking these watch straps on and off quite simply its a little bit weird, so I can actually get these on and off without any problem. After a few tries its not bad once you get the hang of it, but at the same time, this mechanism kind of doesnt make much sense. So they have this little button right here on the case to release the strap and then you need to rotate the strap to get it off cool. But if your fingers on this button, I think most of us would think that we need to rotate this trap away from the button. Since our finger is actually on the button nope, you actually have to rotate the straps towards your finger, which is kind of mind. Boggling I mean I get the idea and all – and I do very much like how it creates a seamless look where the watch strap just Blends right into the case. But it does also seem like somebody kind of accidentally flipped the sketch, but this is designed around in regards to the button placement, oh and then, by the way, getting the strap back on isnt super awesome either where you have to get just the right angle.

To get it to snap into place anyways for those of you who do have this first gen pixel watch or planning on getting one. I would have to guess that this watch strap design is going to get reworked in the future. So I think hard about those additional watch draft purchases as Im doubting that theyll continue on with a design – or at least they probably shouldnt, and then next lets talk about battery life. So they rate it right around 24 hours and Id say for the most part thats about right, where I was getting anywhere from like 20 to 26 hours out of it, depending on how many outdoor activities I attract its, certainly not the battery life that you can Get out of a more Sports Focus watch like a Garmin but its very much comparable to what you can get out of an Apple Watch. What surprised me, though, was the battery life for recording outdoor activities where it was using about six percent per hour, which means that you could, in theory, record up to about a 16 hour long outdoor activity, thats, not bad at all in terms of the sensors that It has for tracking all your health and activities. The pixel watch comes with a heart rate sensor. That Google says is supposed to be super accurate, more details on that here in just one bit, but it also can measure your blood oxygen saturation levels or spo2. It also has ECG it has built in GPS for tracking outdoor activities without having to bring your phone with you, and then it also has a bare Master altimeter.

Now. A big feature with the pixel watch, though, is that it has Fitbit functionality built right in so you can benefit from both these Smartwatch features of Ware os3, but it also has all the health and fitness tracking from Fitbit, and it truly is built right in and Not an afterthought where, even on the watch base theres little Widgets or complications where you can access all your Fitbit stats. Like your steps, your floors, climbed distance cover for the day, calories, burned active Zone minutes your exercise, streak for the week hourly activity, current heart rate, resting heart rate, as well as your sleep from the night before, and then you also have dedicated tiles too for Fitbit Stats and functions like exercise shortcuts your last workouts steps for the day, as well as your sleep stats, and then you can access even more details about all your health stats in the Fitbit, app and thats. Another important thing to note here too, is that youll have both the Fitbit app, where youre going to have all your health and activity data, but then youre also going to have the Google watch app. That manages the watch itself in terms of watch faces tiles and settings. The Fitbit app is great by the way in terms of How Its laid out where they do a good job in presenting all your data in a pretty easy and understand way. So, on top here, they have probably the most important stats like your active Zone minutes, which is basically how many minutes youve spent in higher heart rate zones during activities.

Your steps for the day floors climb distance covered throughout day, as well as calories, burned and then below that you can dive into your stress, scores your sleep scores, Readiness, scores, exercise, history and a bunch more now. There are some features, though, that do require a Fitbit premium: membership and thats, mainly your daily Readiness score longer term historical Health Data Beyond just one week, as well as some access to some additional workouts. The nice thing is, though, is that the pixel watch does come with six free months of Fitbit premium and then, after that it runs 10 bucks a month or you can get an entire year of Fitbit premium, for I think around 80 dollars. So a substantial discount, if you sign up for entire year, the question is, of course, do you really need Fitbit premium well, while the features that you get with Fitbit premium are nice and all honestly, the pixel watch still does a lot without it. So if youre, just looking for features such as tracking your steps, calories, workouts and sleep youve been able to just go without it and you still get all those great Smart Watch features. If you want your daily Readiness score, a more detailed breakdown of your sleep score, historical Health trends for 90 days versus one week, and some other features then sure go for it, but it could be worth giving a shot without Fitbit premium, just to see what their Experience is like before plunking down any money.

The one metric that I do find to be helpful, but I dont necessarily think is required. Is the Readiness score where it can provide you with an easy to understand number that represents how ready you are for a workout on a particular day, and this is based on your workout history, as well as your recovery, including factors like sleep, but even without that Readiness score the pixel watch actually still does provide quite a bit of information, even including your heart rate, variability or HRV, which can be a very good metric, indicating how well your bodys recovered and then in terms of what kinds of activities that you can track with. The pixel watch theres just a ton to choose from including gym based activities, outdoor activities like running and biking pool swimming theres, golf indoor, climbing and bouldering stand up, paddle boarding, skiing and snowboarding, really quite a bit to choose from and then for tracking outdoor activities. The pixel watch has built in GPS, so youll be able to go for a run or bike ride and track your speed and distance without having to bring your phone along with you, and this is both on the regular version, as well as the LTE version of The pixel watch and then in terms of how accurate it was for tracking all those outdoor activities, it does a really good job here, where the total distances were always very close to the other devices I was using as references like on this run.

It was nearly ident Technical and then heres another example of a longer road bike ride where, again, things were very close to the other devices, and I also wanted to point out that it did a good job in tracking the elevation gain of this ride too. With the barometric altimeter, we should also take a look at the finer detail of the GPS tracks, and these were pretty good here too. So this was that run that we saw earlier, and I have the pixel watch in Orange by the way and as you can see, it did a very good job lining up with the map, as well as the other devices and then for that road bike ride. Pretty good here too, but we do see that on some of these curves and Corners it sort of cut some of these corners and overshot a few of them here and there nothing crazy by any means, but just not quite as accurate as the other devices. But in the whole scheme of things, no big misses or anything like that and then for heart rate accuracy, heres, an indoor bike ride where I was doing some intervals and for the most part, a pretty good job out of the pixel Lodge. However, we do see some spots where the heart rate dipped a little bit like the start of these intervals here. But the good thing is is that it actually recovered and got back on track.

Theres a bit of shakiness right here. Doing this steady state section, but overall, a pretty good result for indoor cycling for running on the majority of this run. It was pretty good, but there were a handful of spots where read about high again, just like the indoor bike ride nothing drastically off, but we do see it wander a bit from time to time now for one of the hardest activities for a risk based optical Heart rate sensor to track accurately thats going to be weight, training, and this is where theres constant gripping under the dumbbells, as well as a lot of varying arm movement, that these kind of sensors just dont like, and we see that the pixel watch did have some Challenges here with those bicep curls at the beginning, but its actually pretty good for these tricep extensions here it did have a rather large Spike on these hammer curls, but then did a pretty good job with the high intensity intervals. At the end. So overall Id say that the pixel watch has a pretty decent heart rate sensor, where its not the most accurate out there, but its certainly usable and by the way, its much more accurate than the Fitbit sense too. So the Google pixel watch, although just coming in a one size and a somewhat small size of that it actually is a pretty capable smart watch and activity tracker. There are definitely some first gen quirks, such as the diminutive size.

The way the watch bands attach – and one also could argue, that the bezel is a little bit large and the battery life could be better. But if you have a smaller wrist and want the best Android Smartwatch out there, at least currently with some pretty good Fitness capabilities, this is certainly worth a look. But if youre gon na wait Im almost certain that the next gen is going to be even better – and I would guess probably bigger too – where they definitely need to have a larger size option for those with larger wrists anyhow, those are just my thoughts on the New Google pixel watch, but I also want to hear about what you think so definitely make sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section down below and on your way down there. If you found the information, this video useful. Do me a favor just quickly hit that like button and also subscribe to the channel for plenty more videos that are coming soon in the meantime have fun out there, and we will see you in the next video all right.